AusBC and propaganda (again? No, still.)

.. sins of commission (aka reporting lies) ...

  .. sins of omission (*not* reporting the truth) ...

    .. traitorous; 'merely' undemocratic and/or outright criminal?

Preamble: What entity (other than an Israeli-based one, i.e. Mossad, say) - would have the means, motive, and opportunity to forge and *passably* alter Israeli dual-citizen residents' passports?


Trigger article:

'No help' for Australian caught up in Dubai hit
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker and wires
Updated February 27, 2010 10:14:00
  «An Australian woman whose identity was used in the assassination of a top Hamas official says the Federal Government has not yet offered her any help.» 

Comment; Q: Why should the Aus govt. 'help' this person? She has chosen to live in and amongst possibly the most criminal (both per capita and absolute) country and people in the world. Caveat emptor, I'd say. And the husband sounds like a real charmer:

  «Yesterday, the husband of Nicole McCabe lashed out at Australian reporters when he and his wife returned home to find a media pack waiting outside.
Mr Look told reporters to leave.
"If anyone asks to come in, I will kill you," he said.»

Comment: Very typical, of that 'sort?'

Prior article:

Mossad linked to Hamas chief's killing
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker and staff
Posted February 1, 2010 08:17:00
  «Israeli officials say a senior Hamas commander who was murdered in Dubai played a central role in smuggling weapons from Iran to Gaza.
They have refused to say, however, whether Israel was behind his death.»

Comment: Well, of course Israeli officials would deny it. But note something here: Barker seems never to miss an opportunity to malign Iran. As far as I know, there's little (if indeed *any*) evidence that Iran smuggles weapons to Gaza. And if they did as Israel continuously *alleges*, what of the US supplying Israel (the illegal aggressor), with vast amounts of fantastically advanced 'killing equipment?'

Next article:

Threat to arrest Netanyahu over murder of Hamas man
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker
Posted February 5, 2010 09:13:00

  «Israeli media are reporting Dubai's police chief as saying that the arrest warrant for Mr Netanyahu will be issued if Israeli intelligence is found to be to blame for the death.
He says in such circumstances the Israeli leader would have been the one who signed off on the assassination.
Israel has refused to comment.»

Comment: Well, of course they'd refuse to comment. But it's not 'just' Netanyahu who's responsible (actually of course, totally *irresponsible*), but every J on the planet who doesn't do their utmost to halt the filthy Z-depredations.

Censored article:

Baptism of fire in Gaza
Anne Barker reported this story on Sunday,
April 19, 2009 08:20:00
  «*EDITOR'S NOTE: On April 19, 2009, the ABC broadcast a first-hand account of a reporter’s experiences in Gaza after the recent hostilities. The ABC acknowledges that the report did not meet the ABC’s editorial standards in terms of balance and the story unduly favoured one perspective over another. The report has been removed from the program website.» 
[AusBC/Correspondents Report]

Comment; Q: One might wonder why?

Perhaps A; Because of this sort of snigger article:

  «An AIJAC complaint to the ABC has been upheld, resulting in a correction and apology from the national broadcaster. A complaint highlighted an incorrect statement by Middle East correspondent Anne Barker, filed April 25, about Israel's security barr...» 
[who cares where?]

Comment 1: The snigger article refers to more and different Z-depredations - but we can 'join some dots...'

Comment 2: Israel's security barrier is not just illegal (International law), it is also disgustingly immoral - as is Israel itself - i.e. illegal and disgustingly immoral.

Comment 3; Q: Why does the world tolerate the illegal and disgustingly immoral 'state' of Israel?


Fazit: Our democracy depends on a few crucial components, one of which being full and free information flows - the sheople simply cannot vote in any rational way if misinformed. Israel's criminality is arguably one of, if not *the* worst problem on the planet. Some people/entities may be deceived by Israeli propaganda, but the AusBC should *not* be amongst such deceived. IF Barker is deceived THEN she should be sacked - otherwise, she should start telling us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; namely that Israel is continually (61+years now) murdering Palestinians to steal ever more Palestinian land.


PS Anyone wishing to hear Barker's censored report could try this, <r-click> this URL and choose 'Save Target As...' to store it on your PC, then you may listen to it at your own leisure.

Comment: Going on the .mp3, Barker does not sound too bad at all - i.e. her content. Possible conclusion: when she does, she is *forced* to retail Israeli (and vis-à-vis Iran, US) lies.

Thanks, but "No, thanks!" to (corrupt & venal) Aunty.

Boo! Hiss!


PPS So-called 'extra-judicial' killing is nothing other than murder. The US and Israel now do such murdering as routine, 'justified' so they say by 9/11. BUT: There is no excuse for such crime, ever; and since 9/11 *must* have been partly if not wholly an 'inside job' (by 'agents' from the US or Zs or both), then one only now cynically enquires "Cui bono?"


two-faced partisan AusBC (again? - No, still)

.. two versions ...

  .. the *same* URL ...

    .. but: totally conflicting content


I've seen this happening over time (mostly saying nothing except grumbling to myself), but here is a nice, neat little proof of their utterly crass perfidy/partisanship:

Exhibit A:google search results
Exhibit B:3rd party (topix.com) content (AusBC 'original')
Exhibit C:'Current' AusBC content

Comment 1: The two extracts imply diametrically opposite meanings.

Comment 2: Even if we assume that the AusBC are merely 'stenographers' who quote their sources accurately, the indisputably selective editing here displayed *proves* that the AusBC manipulates the apparent meaning of what they 'report' and (worse!) are demonstrably partisan.

Comment 3: This amounts to nothing less than lying by the AusBC.

This prompts a few questions:

1. Why don't they strive for (honest!) accuracy?

2. Why do they favour one 'side,' most often the Liberals?

3. How dare they take our tax-$s under such wickedly false pretences?


PS 1: The AusBC has the choice as to what they broadcast; by choosing to report this, they encourage salacious interest and promote the alleged story, further muddying the waters. IF what someone does in the privacy their bedroom (or even in an office or car) is *none* of anyone else's business THEN leave the parties in peace. This also goes for Ms Chantelois; "Kiss and Tell" is not too ethical and especially not when for $s.

PS 2: The same propaganda techniques are employed here, i.e. the AusBC harping on 'what people say,' when that 'what' may be an unproven allegation. Typical of this is Barker's repetitions of scurrilous allegations vis-à-vis Iran.

PS 3: The AusBC propagandising by telling us, we the sheople lies corrupts our democracy.

Boo! Hiss!