.. nothing ...

  .. like ...

    .. priorities

Item: "Merkel will ihren Ministern empfehlen, der EM fernzubleiben."

Xlate: "Merkel wants to recommend to [her] ministers not to attend the European [football] Championships [in Ukraine]."

The problem: Tymoshenko may be being 'roughed-up' a bit in prison, or perhaps she's just faking it ("All politicians lie!")

Note 1: Tymoshenko may have once come to power in the Ukraine, thanks to the "Orange Revolution," reasonably suspected by many of being a US subversive, covert operation.

Note 2: Instead of helping former USSR components to 'recover' into prosperous, liberated 21st C. states, the US sent their carpet-baggers in armed with neoliberalism; the 'old East' are now almost exclusively looted, failed states.

Note 3: Many German banks follow the US 'examples.'

In any case, Merkel has her knickers in a twist over Tymoshenko.

BUT: Germany supports Israel (= IL), that illegitimate entity squatting on stolen land - land/property improperly alienated from 100s of 1000s of hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers (= ELO/Os), those who fled rather than be murdered by invading Zionist (= Zs) terrorists in aggressive, genocidal operations like Plan Dalet/Deir Yassin massacre, such-like continuing down to the current moment. (Note: Aggressive invasions = Nuremberg-class war crimes.) IL is an un-remedied crime-scene. Germany not just 'supports' IL-Zs but also supplies them with U-Boots - capable of carrying nukular-bombs, possibly to attack Iran.

(Note also that the US, another of Germany's 'chums' runs 'Gitmo,' tortures people (Abu Ghraib) and multi-murders for spoil - see Iraq, say; possibly many more than 2mio dead as direct results of US aggressive "Shockin' Whore" invasive attack.)

Merkel is getting ready to interfere in football, one of the German public's favourite diversions, calling for a boycott.

Q: Why not boycott US &/ Zs, Angela?

Msg to Mme M: Get a life!


from B, B & H
 via Charles Taylor
  to O, C & S - all same

.. some ...

  .. more equal ...

    .. than other - criminals


The vermin only teaze and pinch
 Their foes superior by 2.54cm.
 So, naturalists observe, a flea
 Has smaller fleas that on him prey;
 And these have smaller still to bite 'em,
 And so proceed ad infinitum.


The US started 'our troubles' latest on August 6 and 9, 1945, with the double war crime atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (No, the bombings were *not* needed, neither to end the war nor to save US soldiers' lives; Japan was finished anyway and the field-commanders on up knew it.)

The French were fighting = slaughtering natives in Vietnam before the US (later + Aus and some other SQSH-Os = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on) began its invasion with aid to France in 1950. Then came US 'advisors' followed by 'the full Monty' = bombing (HE, napalm, agent orange) and the My Lai Massacre etc. (Hostile forces crossing a border inbound = aggressive invasion, à la Nuremberg.)

UK teamed up with the US to overthrown (democratically elected) Mosaddegh in a coup d'état in Iran, 1953.

The US with more SQSH-Os invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after US+NATO smashed the FYR in 1999 ("... illegal 1999 US-led NATO bombing of Serbia - a NATO “out-of-area” deployment never approved by the UN Security Council.")

Starting in 2003 Bush, Blair & Howard (= B, B & H) 'led' more SQSH-Os in smashing Iraq with "Shockin' Whore" - back to the stone-age, then lynched Saddam via a kangaroo-court.

Recently, Obama, Cameron & Sarkozy (= O, C & S) as F+UK/NATO smashed Libya (brutally murdering Gaddafi) and are actively pursuing basically the same m.o. in Syria.


Trigger article:

Charles Taylor guilty of crimes against humanity
Posted April 26, 2012 21:09:34 | Updated April 27, 2012 09:49:30
  «Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor has been found guilty on 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.» 

Comment 1: Sure, Taylor may be a 'bad one,' could rank with Milosevic, Saddam & Gaddafi (= T, M, S & G). But these 'bastards' are essentially no worse than Bush, Blair & Howard or Obama, Cameron & Sarkozy - the essential difference is that the 'little tyrants' did not get along (= declined to submit to 'great-power' rapine) too-well with the 'leading tyrants.'

Comment 2: No villain-list is complete without Herzl, Balfour & Jabotinsky & Co (= H, B & J etc.) These 'gentlemen' plus far too many others to list (Golda Meir gets a 'double-gong' for $US50mio for arms, and the 'Samson-threat' = world's ultimate suicide-bombing blackmail), and the un-remedied crime-scene which is the illegitimate-entity Israel.

Altogether the 'Western' tyrants' illegal&immoral actions have led to massive casualties = literally multi-millions slaughtered, plus almost an entire country (Palestine) stolen from its hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers (= ELO/Os).

So the 'leading tyrants' smash the 'little tyrants' and many truly innocent 'collaterals' are murdered as the left-living are ripped-off.


The general argument = 'that the US fights for freedom and democracy' = utter&total bullshit; their own citizens are being driven into the dust as are others in the 'Western' economic sphere, notably the EU with its idiotic austerity, but also most of the former USSR. Then there's the "Economic Hit Man" = IMF-SAPed 3rd world (Aus voluntarily self-SAPs). In addition to murder-for-spoil wars, banksters + erring-ideologists (economists, psychologists + others) are to blame for militarism+neoliberalism all wrapped in lying propaganda relayed and *actively assisted* by the corrupt&venal MSM (incl. big bits of the AusBC), enabling the riches-transfer from us, we the people to the rapacious, mostly already obscenely rich <1%. (See Susan George, say, problem clearly seen by 1999. Q: So why do govts still pursue neoliberalism? A: Corrupt representatives.)

Note: When electors are lied to, and we are, on a truly staggering scale, then no election can be called 'free&fair,' and any resulting 'elected' representatives have no mandate. No mandate = no valid laws, no mandate = no valid taxation & no mandate = no right to enter into (aggressive, murder-for-spoil) wars.


Fazit: What we are getting is *not* truth&justice.



.. two-state is unjust = Palestinians dispossessed ...

  .. one state = Jews into minority ...

    .. so, *no* state

Thesis/Subtitle: Solomon-type justice; cut the baby in half?

Historical fact: Zionists (=Zs, mostly self-claimed Jews, many of Ashkenazi = European origin) set out to acquire a 'homeland' in Palestine, 'by hook or by crook' = to buy if possible else to steal by violence = ethnic-cleansing by genocidal methods, i.e. Plan Dalet/Deir Yassin massacre & such like, continued down to the current moment. Having killed hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers (= ELO/Os) to dispossess them, the Israeli-Zs (= IL-Zs) now live a life of continuous crime which they try to disguise with their non-viable excuses = 'explanation' = hasbarah = lies.

As long as IL has no 'clear title' to the land/property the Zs 'improperly alienated' = stole, they can neither have peace nor honour - and must live in disgraceful illegitimacy.

IF the IL-Zs won't give the land/property back (UNGA194, "right of return" + pay a fine) OR pay for it in a free&fair exchange (acceptable recompense + reparations) THEN they stay illegitimate AND have to keep their aggressive, alien-invasion = illegal war going.


Nobody (in their right mind) likes liars, even less lying criminals, and lying murderers-to-steal come last on any honourable list.

The world has an *undeniable* responsibility to remedy the Z-crimes.

Lacking effective action by our so-called 'leaders' to remedy the Z-crimes, peace&justice-seeking citizens have every right to all legal means of redress = BDS campaigns etc. are not just reasonable but required.

The Palestinians have an *inalienable* right to their Z-stolen land/property = it must be returned to them, to keep or to sell as the Palestinians freely determine.

The IL-Zs have an *undeniable* responsibility to legitimise themselves.

The IL-Zs do *not* have the option to continue in crime.

1. Declare mandate-Palestine as a world-heritage reserve,

2. Disarm all 'combatants,' turning them back into 'people like us.'

3. Return what property that can be returned, have the perpetrators pay acceptable restitution/reparation for what cannot.

4. Have the perpetrators say a sincere "Sorry!"

5. All proceed together in a just peace.


 check profit&loss

.. no criminals ...

  .. to walk ...

    .. free


Thesis/Subtitle: Benefiting from the proceeds of crime is also a crime. Whereas lying per se is 'only' an offence against decency&honesty, lying is a prerequisite to = partner in crime, and all who lie in support of a crime make themselves as equally guilty as the perpetrators, by the accessory-mechanism.

Corollary: Society seeks to deter crime by the threat of punishment (prevention being preferred to cure); prosecutes actual crimes in order to punish, then recompenses victims (including returning any stolen property) - so why does Israel remain not prosecuted, unpunished and its victims not recompensed? Similarly with the US, as it rampages across the world, plundering resources (accent on oil), each rogue-regime worse than the other.


Trigger article 1:

The Palestinians: The Forgotten People
By William James Martin
22 April, 2012
  «It is impossible to understand the present Palestinian/Israeli conflict without understanding the past, in particular, the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe, who are not Semitic people, but indigenous to Eastern Europe.
In 1900, there were no Ashkenazi Jews living in Palestine; essentially none, that is, but a few, small mostly temporary Russian Jewish settlers, not totally unusual for various cults in the Holy Land at that time. Theodore Herzl, frequently designated ‘The Father of Modern Zionism', because of the publication of his book, The Jewish State, in 1896, and because of this founding of the World Zionist Congress, a year later stated in 1897:
“[We shall] spirit the penniless population across the frontier by denying it employment. Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.”
Thus the concept of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians was introduced.»

Comment: In case it's slipped your attention, that's *exactly* what's happened = ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionists using genocidal methods (deliberate extermination of a people or nation), continuing and expanding right down to 'the current moment.'


IF someone dispossessed THEN seek restitution,

IF someone aggrieved THEN seek recompense,

IF someone infringes THEN seek justice,

IF someone injured THEN seek redress,

IF someone killed THEN seek revenge,

 - Wilful murderers should themselves be put to death; tumbrels.

Comment: I am a seeker of truth&justice, and not *normally* vengeful. BUT: Killing someone (in non-strict self-defence[*]) may be regarded as the *ultimate* crime, since the victim thereby loses *everything*, including the totality of his/her future - for which there can be no possible restitution, let alone recompense.

[*] Consider the burglary/home-invasion analogy; the perpetrators have neither the 'right to exist' (as murdering-to-steal perpetrators, only as charged then convicted felons), nor have they any 'right to defend' improperly alienated property. Specifically, burglar/home-invaders have no rights to resist their arrestors, so where are the SWAT-teams?

Trigger article 2:

Truth, lies and Afghanistan
How military leaders have let us down
  «...Tell The Truth
When it comes to deciding what matters are worth plunging our nation into war and which are not, our senior leaders owe it to the nation and to the uniformed members to be candid — graphically, if necessary — in telling them what’s at stake and how expensive potential success is likely to be. U.S. citizens and their elected representatives can decide if the risk to blood and treasure is worth it.»

Comment 1: Davis is concerned with the military lying to the politicians, and admits that his classified report has more of the same but far worse. Recall my contention that 'secrecy is an enemy of democracy,' then ponder that in Aus, we have even *less* openness vis-à-vis the military, politicians & war etc..

Comment 2: Read the lot to appreciate just how many and vicious are the lies, *by* our so-called leaders, relayed *and augmented* by the corrupt&venal MSM (incl. big bits of the AusBC).

Comment 3: Lies are deployed to deceive, and as previously pointed out, are prerequisites to crime. The crimes of the US+Z rogue-regimes are 'murders-for-spoil' on a truly massive and shocking scale. It was the UN raison d'être to prevent war - yet the UN *assists* the US+Z's criminal carnage, at least from UNGA181 then allowing Israel to persist in its criminality, recently not preventing the US' invasive = aggressive attacks on Afghanistan & Iraq, through UNSC1973 = rapine of Libya, lining up on Syria with Iran next - why?

Comment 4: No worthwhile project requires a single lie, yet we are inundated with them. Ergo, the US+Z rogue-regimes' lie-supported projects are *not* worthwhile. (Bet you already knew that, eh?)

Let the tumbrels roll.


Fazit: In our representative democracy model, we the people are (supposedly) sovereign, and elect 'leaders' tasked with implementing the will of the majority whilst respecting all minorities. This process simply *cannot* function correctly if the people are lied-to = deceived, as we clearly are. Further, the so-called 'leaders' are not just telling us little-white- or noble-lies, since what they are trying to hide are vicious crimes, QED. Once again, let the tumbrels roll!


IF a vote is forged
 THEN why not
  a sackful?

.. easy-peasy ...

  .. forge 5% for Le Pen ...

    .. then 'hop' the lot to Sarko

Thesis/Subtitle: Democracy ain't what it's made out to be; can the people ever be trusted to vote the way our (tyrannical) rulers might like us to? Tip: Unlikely, if we're being lied to - which is pretty-well all the time ("All politicians lie!") Or perhaps that's why; they try to lie us into a trap. Lies are deployed to deceive; after enough lies it would be no surprise if we the people hardly know Arthur from Martha.

  [update, 14:41]


Trigger article:

Sarkozy's hopes fade with first-round loss
By Europe correspondent Philip Williams, wires
Posted April 23, 2012 05:53:55 | Updated April 23, 2012 11:50:12
  «Socialist candidate Francois Hollande defeats Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round of France's presidential elections, but the big shock is a strong showing for far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.
Topics:world-politics, france» 

Comment: Le Pen got more votes than anyone bargained for, "the big shock" may be a CIA set-up; read on ...


Sarkozy is America's friend - so much so, that he 'jumped the gun' on the US/F+UK/NATO rapine = plunder by murdering-theft of Libya. But opinion polls indicate that Sarko l’Americain may lose.

Q: What's the poor CIA to do?

A: Try rigging the election.

We'll see. Marine Le Pen is set to recommend that her supporters stay home, next round. Some 'leakage' is to be expected, but how much would be 'plausibly deniable?


^ Update, 14:41: PS There are reasons = evidence, to back up my ~5% claim:

Evidence article 1:

French election frontrunners trade jibes on economy
Nicolas Sarkozy says only he has the experience to protect France but François Hollande blames him for financial woes
15.05 BST on Friday 20 April 2012. It was last modified at 00.09 BST on Saturday 21 April 2012.
  «• Abstentionism could be a factor. A poll for Le Parisien by BVA (Brulé Ville et Associés) warned it could be 24%, far higher than for the last presidential election.» 

Comment; Q: Are private polling companies to be trusted? (Tip: Their main if not only 'duty' is to make their (already fat-cat) shareholders richer.) But such is all we ever get.

Evidence article 2:

France votes as Sarkozy faces defeat after one term
Millions of French voters turned out Sunday for the first round of a presidential poll that is expected to see the left oust Nicolas Sarkozy after only one turbulent term in office.
Sapa-AFP 2012-04-22 12:20:07
  «An average of the last eight polls released ahead of the end of first round campaign at midnight on Friday showed Hollande winning the first round with an average of 28 percent support, against 26.4 percent for Sarkozy. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen was third with an average of 15.75 percent, followed by Communist-backed Jean-Luc Melenchon of the Left Front with 13.75 percent and centrist Francois Bayrou with 10.1 percent.» 

Comment: Note that S & H scored about as predicted, but Le Pen is said to be up by some ~5%...

Evidence article 3:

22 April 2012 Last updated at 16:12 GMT
High turnout in French presidential election
  «Officials said 70% of people had voted by late afternoon - only slightly down from the exceptional results recorded in the last poll in 2007.» 

Comment 1: 2007 was already regarded as 'exceptional,' now it's up around ~80% - even *more* exceptional, considering : "What's noticeable is the lack of enthusiasm for either of the main candidates." [bbc, ibid.].

Comment 2: 80% is 5% more than the estimated 75%, and Le Pen is up by ~5%.

Comment 3: Adds up? Plenty of 'space' for a ~5% fudge-factor = ballot-box stuffing = electoral fraud - eh?

(Tip: For murderers-for-spoil (latest F+UK/NATO in Libya, say, ballot-box stuffing would be naught but a peccadillo.))



the I/J/Z-plex
  threatens us all

.. it's ...

  .. a bit ...

    .. ordinary
[update, 15:51, [m-u]@17:51]

The very fact that Israel (= IL) exists at all proves that 'international law' is an unjust farce, and claiming that 'UNGA resolutions are not legally binding' is some (lying) hasbarah which illustrates both the blatant dishonesty and breathless hypocrisy of the Zionists (= Zs) at a single stroke, since a) they claim that UNGA181[1] gave the 'green-light' for IL's establishment (UNGAs = good), but then having promised to abide by UNGA181 and UNGA194 in order to be recognised in UNGA273, b) IL proceeds to defy all three and more (UNGAs = bad). In addition, IL ignores the UN at its whim[5], and when ignoring is not enough, calls on IL's 'wicked godfather' = the US to veto in the UNSC. UNSC242's preamble refers to the "inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war," yet the Z-trolls continue to claim that IL won territory by war, showing the Z-trolls' own particular brand of ignorance plus more dishonesty and hypocrisy, looping. One may combine IL, Jews (= Js) and Zs to form the I/J/Z-plex; the continued lies, cheating, theft and murder in and around IL reflects on the I/J/Z-plex as a group *and* on every individual in that group (excepting only those who resist the crimes/corruption to the maximum of their individual abilities), on the principle that things can only ever change for the better when some effective majority decides on reform.

Wikipedia ("the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit") is self-admittedly corrupt - since they depend on 'what someone said' (= publications they themselves deem 'authoritative') vs. the actual facts which may differ, and is therefore useless on exactly the topics where it matters most, here calling the 'conflict' in Palestine pre- and post- '47/48 (= continuing) a 'civil war,' when on one side were (& still are) the defending ELO/Os (= erstwhile legal owner/occupiers) and on the other, attacking side were the mostly newly-arrived Zs (often 'illegal' immigrants), making the 'conflict' an aggressive invasion = Nuremberg-class crime. The proof of (pre-meditated; see Jabotinsky) aggression being seen latest with Plan Dalet (Deir Yassin massacre + similar down through the years, right to the present moment.)

Consider 'A fair exchange is no robbery;' it is *obvious* that IL has *no* right to *any* Palestinian land/property, *excepting* the tiny amount that the Zs managed to purchase *before* the Zs went rogue and started to steal land/property by murdering force.

At any crime-scene, one examines 'means, motive, and opportunity,' modus operandi (= m.o.) plus 'cui bono?' The Z-motive was formalised latest by Herzl in 1897 (1st Zionist Congress), the m.o. developed by Jabotinsky[2] in 1923 ("Iron Wall"), the means partly provided by Meir ($US50mio for arms), the opportunity = cynical exploitation of WW2 ('holocaust') and as for cui bono? - we can all see, not 'just' the Zs but the whole I/J/Z-plex *and* the US rogue-regime, in its 'interference' in the ME to steal oil (more exactly, to rip-off the economic rent there-from, plus control (= hegemony) to 'challenge' Russia & China, say.)

[m-u] Returning to the aggressive-invasion crime-scene, it most resembles a burglary/home-invasion, whereby the correct response is to send in SWAT-teams to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice = try then imprison them, after which the crime-scene is returned to the legitimate owner/occupiers (see UNGA194, "right of return") = all stolen land/property to revest - or acceptable recompense/reparations, plus a sincere "Sorry!" - my proposed, as uniquely possible, *just* peace-plan. The UN never had any right to even suggest the ejection of rightful ELO/Os, and wrongs (= ghastly crimes) must be remedied. The area concerned could be declared a (demilitarised, A-weapon-free) non-state world-heritage reserve, a 'mecca' for all interested parties. That would be a peace to 'believe' in – (belief being what many do in the absence of, or even contrary to - evidence. Haw.) [end m-u]

Amongst other things, force is the resort of the 'mentally-challenged' (= handicapped if not outright psychopathic); lose the argument, kill the opponent? Hardly legal, let alone moral - and so the rogue Zs(+US) ignore/manipulate 'international law' to suit themselves.

Fazit: The absolute key is the status of Palestinian land/property[3]; it has been improperly alienated[4] (= stolen) by people-not-from-there (= invading Zionists), and the I/J/Z-plex loudly shouts lies (= hasbarah) in an attempt to conceal the cheating (manipulation of the UN) and theft by murdering force. This reflects *badly* on every non-objecting I/J/Z-plex member = most Js.

To dispel any remaining doubts, try looking here. That makes them the ultimate suicide-bomber/blackmailers.

Some proof - of Samson, or some analogue; google (without the {}): {Israel "would be prepared to take the region and even the whole world down with it" golda meir} [Meir to Hart, '71]

Her response (About 335 results, time of writing): "Golda replied, “Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying.“"

Extending the threat (About 28,700 results): "We possess several hundred atomic warheads ... Most European capitals are targets for our air force." [Creveld to Hirst, '03]


PS Note that only just law may earn respect - and that there can never be peace without justice.



[1] UNGA181 contains "The mandatory Power shall use its best endeavours to ensure that an area situated in the territory of the Jewish State, including a seaport and hinterland adequate to provide facilities for a substantial immigration, shall be evacuated at the earliest possible date ..."

Comment: This clearly specifies 'ethnic cleansing' = illegal/immoral, and invalidates UNGA181 as a whole; the dispossession was subsequently carried out via the genocidal terrorism of the invading Zs, see Plan Dalet/Deir Yassin etc..

[2] Jabotinsky [my comments]: “No native population would stomach the intrusion of another nation into their territory. So the gloves have to be off [= rogue; if nothing else, this implies no respecting of law]. Unremitting force is viewed as the only answer to Arab objections to Zionist control of the territory.” [= perpetual war - just what we can observe.]

[3] Property (or owndom) is any physical or intangible entity that is owned by a person or jointly by a group of people or a legal entity like a corporation.[citation needed] Depending on the nature of the property, an owner of property has the right to consume, sell, rent, mortgage, transfer, exchange or destroy it, or to exclude others from doing these things.

[4] Alienation, in property law, is the capacity for a piece of property or a property right to be sold or otherwise transferred from one party to another. Although property is generally deemed to be alienable, it may be subject to restraints on alienation.
Aboriginal title is one example of inalienability (save to The Crown) in common law jurisdictions.

Note: "Save to The Crown" illustrates our 'sovereign problem' whereby 'regimes' (and their militaries) declare themselves different to 'us, we the people.' Following 'just law,' only laws/actions desired and properly acceded to by we the *sovereign* voters can have legitimacy/force; WHEN "All politicians lie!" (most seem to) THEN they are deceiving the electorate AND thus lose any remit.

No remit -> no law -> no taxation & NO MORE WAR!

[5] Update, 15:51; PPS ... It's utterly *stupefying*, how *bad* = immoral, criminal, the Zs were and are, shamefully *not* prevented from being; an extract (long) from a recent article (thnx):

Ron Paul’s Position on Israel is a Betrayal of His Values
by Jeremy R. Hammond
April 14, 2012
  «... The truth is that following the Zionists’ unilateral declaration of the existence of the state of Israel in May 1948, [key ->] an act prejudicial to the rights of the majority inhabitants and for which there was absolutely no legal basis [<- key], Palestine was ethnically cleansed. More than 700,000 Arab Palestinians were expelled or fled from their homes, never allowed to return. The Zionist forces captured Jerusalem, and when an armistice was finally reached in 1949, Israel controlled the west and Jordan the east of the city.

In 1967, Israel invaded and occupied the West Bank and claimed to annex East Jerusalem. Subsequently, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 242, which emphasized “the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war”, emphasized that member states have a commitment to abide by the U.N. Charter, and called for the “Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied” during the June 1967 war.

In May 1968, the Security Council passed resolution 252, which declared Israel’s annexation of Jerusalem “invalid” and called upon Israel “to rescind all such measures already taken and to desist forthwith from taking any further action which tends to change the status of Jerusalem”.

In July 1969, the Security Council passed resolution 267, noting that Israel had since “taken further measures tending to change the status of the City of Jerusalem”. It reaffirmed “the established principle that acquisition of territory by military conquest is inadmissible” and deplored Israel’s further violations of U.N. resolutions, censured “in the strongest terms all measures taken to change the status of the City of Jerusalem”, and confirmed “that all legislative and administrative measures and actions taken by Israel which purport to alter the status of Jerusalem, including expropriation of land and properties thereon, are invalid and cannot change that status”, and urgently called on Israel to rescind the measures taken to annex Jerusalem.

Security Council 271 of September 1969 again reaffirmed the principle of the inadmissibility under international law of the acquisition of territory by war, describing Jerusalem as being under “military occupation” by Israel and condemning Israel’s continued violation of previous resolutions.

Resolution 298 of September 1971 again reaffirmed the principle, deplored Israel’s continued violation of U.N. resolutions, and confirmed that Israel’s attempts to annex Jerusalem “are totally invalid”.

Resolution 446 of March 1979 affirmed “once more that the Fourth Geneva Convention ... is applicable to the Arab territories occupied by Israel, including Jerusalem“, determined “that the policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity” (emphasis added).

Resolution 452 of July 1979 again deplored Israel’s continued violation of Security Council resolutions and again emphasized that Israel’s annexation of Jerusalem “has no legal validity and constitutes a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention”. It again also noted that Jerusalem is included in “the occupied Arab territories”.

Resolution 465 of March 1980 again condemned Israel’s settlement policy, which violates the Fourth Geneva Convention and U.N. Security Council resolutions, and again reaffirmed that Israel’s annexation attempts “have no legal validity” and constitutes “a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention”.

Resolution 471 of June 1980 once again reaffirmed the applicability of the Fourth Geneva Convention “to the Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem“, and once again called upon Israel to end its illegal occupation of those territories, including Jerusalem.

Resolution 476 of June 1980 again deplored Israel’s continued violation of international law and reaffirmed “the overriding necessity to end the prolonged occupation of Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem”, and reaffirmed Israel’s annexation measures “have no legal validity and constitute a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention” and were “null and void”.

Resolution 478 of August 1980 again censured Israel’s continued violation of international law and again reaffirmed that its annexation attempts were “null and void”.

Resolutions 592 of December 1986, 605 of December 1987, 607 of January 1988, 636 of July 1989, 694 of May 1991, 726 of January 1992, 799 of December 1992 all again reaffirmed the applicability of the Fourth Geneva Convention to occupied Arab territory, including Jerusalem.

In July 2004, the International Court of Justice issued an advisory opinion on the legal consequences of Israel’s decision to build a wall in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, which concluded that “all these territories (including East Jerusalem) remain occupied territories and that Israel has continued to have the status of occupying Power”, that the construction of the wall in those territories is “illegal”, and that Israel’s settlements in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, similarly “have been established in breach of international law.”


One must keep in mind that of the candidates, Ron Paul is also the only one who has said he would cut off all foreign aid, including the $3 billion plus given annually to Israel. This is not trivial, given the fact that
[key ->] without U.S. support, Israel’s criminal policies against the Palestinians could not continue [<- key] 

Comment: What I said.



secrecy = hiding facts =
 lying by com- & o-mission
  - deceit damages democracy

.. ignorance ...

  .. is *no* ...

    .. excuse

Thesis/Subtitle: Pay strict attention to what they do, suspect everything that they say. 'They' are the tyrants who rule over us; deceit not only damages democracy, it disables it. When democracy is disabled, the 'representatives' lose their remit & all ruler-actions & their imposed-laws lose all legitimacy.

Corollary: IF criminals did not lie (by omission or commission) THEN they would convict themselves; lies[1] are deployed to deceive and no honourable person nor legitimate project needs any part of such deceit[2], ERGO lies are the necessary & sufficient 'entry-point' to criminal intentions and any resulting criminal actions.
[update 120417, 11:21]


Trigger article:

Is it worth it? Former commander wrestles with Afghan war
By Geoff Thompson
Updated April 16, 2012 11:38:48
  «And he [Cantwell] has told Four Corners that at its heart, Australia's presence in Afghanistan is about supporting the ANZUS defence treaty with the United States.
"At the level of the soldier and their families, you have to say, is it worth it? I as a commander asked myself that question many times, and I really, really struggle with it," he said.
"The only way I can see through this, so that I can sleep at night, is to differentiate, to say it's not worth it for the lives that you lose.
"You could never look at any soldier, sailor or airman and say 'Your life's forfeit for some political purpose'. That's just unacceptable.
"But at the highest level of strategy, and in the dirty ugly world of international relationships, where it's you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, that those lives become less important, and taking that longer term view, that hard-nosed, realpolitik view, that politicians do, and must, it's worth it.
"But not at the human level."»

Comment 1: Note the keywords:

'The hard-nosed, realpolitik view vs. the human level - it's worth it.'

Objection: We the people live "at the human level." 'Realpolitik' concerns itself with criminal rip-offs & other inhumanities - why/how else could it possibly differ from "at the human level?"

Here's another "worth it:" ½mio dead Iraqi children, thanks, but "No, thanks!" - to Mme Albright. Deaths attributed to US actions and aftermath in Iraq alone since 1991 could well exceed ~3mio, with a further ~2mio internally displaced & ~2mio outright fled since 2003. So much for 'responsibility to protect.'

Update 120417, 11:21;

Comment 1a: There is a world of evil 'hiding' behind the term 'realpolitik', and Cantwell tells us outright lies with his "where it's you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours," since realpolitik has as its basis sheer, bloody-minded thuggery - on a breath-takingly criminal scale = millions of innocent people murdered for spoil. One of the ghastly z-trolls infecting forums wrote that no-one is 'chosen' as 'leader' unless the chosen is known to be prepared to 'pull the trigger' = order murders. Q: How would this troll know? More importantly, Q: Who would do this choosing, and how would any such assurance be obtained? A: "Get a briefing (from the CIA/Mossad/ASIO)?" Q: Who are the true tyrants pulling the strings of the 'public' tyrants = our visible (corrupt, traitorous) politicians? All good questions - buried behind vile, immoral, democracy-defiling secrecy; looping.

Proof of the criminal thuggery is everywhere, from the dual war crimes at Hiroshima and Nagasaki through the imposition of Israel on the hapless Palestinians (burglary/home-invasion analogy), right down to the recent rapine = plundering of Libya, current attacks on Syria = all un-remedied crime-sites. All, also (at least since UNGA181 = 29Nov'47), proof of UN corruption. Where are the decent people, those who might exercise effective countervailing power on the side of truth & justice?


Comment 2: Almost if not all aggressive action in the ME harks back to resources = murdering to steal oil (mainly US but also F+UK), then land/property (the US' illegitimate sprog = IL = Zs), plus US/Z hegemony, whereby the US/Zs try to impose their grubby, greedy, rip-off = criminal will on others (not full list; 1897+ Palestine-area, 1947+ Palestine-area outwards, 1953 Iran, 1991 Iraq, 2001 Afghanistan, 2003 Iraq again, 2011 Libya, currently Syria, next Iran again, perhaps Pakistan and eventually Russia & China). Nothing else makes any sense; the 'bombing/killing to free/save/democratize' nonsense is just that.

Comment 3: IF the UN 'worked as designed' THEN no alliances would be needed, since war would have been eliminated - the UN's original remit. BUT: The UN has been corrupted, latest with UNGA181 - see below. For further proof if needed, see the UN currently working hand-in-glove with the murdering-to-steal US/F+UK/NATO/Zs. Disgustingly criminal, the whole lot.



Is it worth it? - I ask you.

Case#1: Consider the cops. Back in the anti-Vietnam war rallies, *some* cops behaved viciously - attacking 'their own people;' an *alleged* infringement for which Muammar Gaddafi was attacked by US/F+UK/NATO and eventually murdered, and Libya reduced to a smouldering, sewage running in the street, dark = destroyed electricity system, buildings demolished ruin à la Iraq. But also somewhere around about 'back then,' English bobbies patrolled the streets armed with little more than a smile and a whistle. Look now, at our cops = militarised pigs - for that's what they are, both in Aus & elsewhere. Q: Why do we need militarised pigs as cops? A: Feared (more than actual) terrorism. Not coincidentally, the alien, often illegal immigrant = invading Zionists are said to have 'invented' modern terrorism, which the US then passed on to al-Qaeda in order to inflict maximum pain on the Soviets in Afghanistan 1979-1989. Now 'Arab/Islamic' terrorism has 'gone viral' and threatens us all (mainly Anglo/Judaics, but EU and others too) in our 'homelands' (each of US, Aus + IL occupies land improperly alienated from the local ELO/Os = hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers). The major difference is that not hundreds but only ~65 years ago, IL was 'gifted' Palestinian land by UNGA181: "... to ensure that an area situated in the territory of the Jewish State, including a seaport and hinterland adequate to provide facilities for a substantial immigration, shall be evacuated at the earliest possible date ..." Note that "shall be evacuated" = ethnic cleansing (subsequently carried out by Zionist terrorists in incidents like the Deir Yassin massacre - outrages never since stopped = ongoing, vile crimes.) Note also Jabotinsky [my comments]: “No native population would stomach the intrusion of another nation into their territory. So the gloves have to be off [= rogue; if nothing else, this implies no respecting of law]. Unremitting force is viewed as the only answer to Arab objections to Zionist control of the territory.” [= perpetual war]

Comment: By rights, the Zs have *NO* rights in Palestine; no 'right to exist' (individuals sure, but Israel not) and even less 'right to defend;' here consider the 'burglary/home-invasion' analogy; correct response is to send in SWAT teams, arrest then imprison the perpetrators & return the crime-site to the hapless ELO/Os = erstwhile legal owner/occupiers (all stolen land/property to revest).

Case#2: Consider the economic sphere. To cut a looong story short, the acceleration of the rich getting ever more obscenely richer, at our, we the people's cost (= getting relatively poorer), has been enabled by our very own 'representatives' = ruthless, tyrannical rulers' introduction of all things 'neoliberal.' Representatives are *supposed* to implement the will of the majority, protecting minorities. Yet our rulers a) lie to us, b) abuse us ("A mob!") and c) as well as neoliberalize the place, send 'our boys' off to (murdering to steal) war on another country's whim (see trigger article).

Case#3: Consider the 'climate problem' = xs-CO2-c4; decoded = excess CO2 caused climate-change catastrophe - *no* government anywhere is taking effective action to drag atmospheric CO2 concentrations down to a safe (~300ppm) level. This latter crime by rulers may end life as we would prefer to live it upon our once jewel-like planet, turning our comfortable-life supporting ecosphere into a raging nightmare where 'business as usual' just can't be.


Fazit: Not good enough (massive understatement.)



[1] lie2  -n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. -v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English][POD]

[2] deceit  n. 1 deception, esp. by concealing the truth. 2 dishonest trick. [Latin capio take] [ibid.]


life spirals down
 death of decency
  'not my job, man!'

Thesis/Subtitle: Our once jewel-like planet is being plundered by criminals and poisoned by pollution, including xs-CO2-c4; decoded = excess CO2 caused climate-change catastrophe, but it's all 'business as usual' = rich getting richer and the rest being neoliberalised into serfdom and austeritied into poverty - why?


Well brought-up children learn not to lie, and certainly no cheating, theft or murder.

Even better brought-up children learn to share their toys, and not to touch things-not-theirs. Often heard in kindergarten: "Do not hit!"

Thus children are socialised and educated beyond what parents have been able to do (TV or electronics as baby-sitters); to point the children at 'polite society' = minimal aggression against their fellows (but more importantly, no aggro towards their 'betters'), oriented towards 'useful' employment (but see rich->richer below), and possibly lured into 'defence' forces, to 'serve the nation.'

So what goes wrong?

The US bombs and/or invades at the drop of a hat = murder for spoil. They cheat the world with their reserve-currency, deficits & printing = conjuring otherwise worthless fiat currency out of thin air on their computer keyboards - needed by others to buy oil (which is burnt, requiring non-US people to 'earn' ever more otherwise worthless US$s by making 'stuff' which is sold to US consumers; looping.)

The alien/invading Zs have stolen an entire country (erstwhile Palestine) at the point of guns, bombs etc. = Nuremberg-class offences by Zs & US both.

The military, charged with 'defence' actually performs the murdering-to-thieve = rapine, enabling plunder.

The (corrupt&venal) MSM conduits and *actively assists* lying propaganda; no war may be fought in the face of public disapproval, so consent (or perhaps better: Resigned acceptance) is 'manufactured' via PR campaigns, see 'lying' again (looping).

Unis, once home to intellectuals, are now partly/wholly 'privatised' = forced to 'make their own way' both by charging students and by professors&Co having to produce to order, hence neoliberal = voodoo economics, psychologists who tailor torture programs and design the manipulative propaganda ("Viagra-taking govt. paid African (= black-skinned) mercenaries raping school-girls in Libya!" - Lying propaganda *designed* to evoke emotions, switching off rational thought & invoking outrage amongst the gullible, ppp-dd'd electorate.)

Terminology: The pushed-propaganda paradigm applied to the electorate produces dumbed-down voters = ppp-dd'd.

The sheople vegetate at home watching their wide-flat TVs and often eating take-away pizza (bread&circusses); effectively frittering their lives away on trivial sport and worse, on psychologically damaging 'movies' etc. (vast amounts of violence, meanness & outright idiocy) - interspersed with 'news' that distorts if not deliberately lies about events (govt. snipers on roof-tops, say = impossible for any govt., certainly for one under threat of US-aggression (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran; all with more or less oil, all 'threats' to the illegitimate Israel squatting on improperly alienated = stolen land/property)).

No surprise, but the rich get ever filthily richer = <1% obscenely fat-cat 'movers&shakers' = true (string-pulling) rulers who control our 'representatives' = destroying democracy (assuming such ever worked properly; perhaps, even most likely never - the people can't be trusted to vote in some ruler-desired way, don't you know?)


This is 'life spiralling down;' we, the people's higher aspirations and ideals colliding with the vicious crimes of our so-called 'betters,' we have to work ever harder for ever less (= so-called 'productivity gains') while 'they' get ever richer & more extravagant = just can't spend their ill-gotten, rip-off gains, they're raking-off so much.

In addition, our democracy is destroyed, i.e. it's made a total sham; with (crooked = non-) representation, the 'leaders' make themselves into tyrants and taxation without proper representation becomes utter and outright theft. Proof is 1) the ppp-dd'd cannot make informed votes, 2) no representative can effectively implement the will of the majority because 'party-platforms' make that mathematically impossible (and the candidates don't care about that anyway - they do what they want to do = by definition non-representative), and 3) the reps sell-out to the string-pullers anyway (by far the worst and that by a long-chalk, the Z-lobby.) Then there's bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic support for US-wars, neoliberalism, war-on-drugs, say. Proof: Bipartisan = *no* choice for the voter; no choice = dead democracy.

This all leads to the 'death of decency;' on any bell-curve one has extremes around the average, here the dumbed-down on one side, the cleverer ones on the other. One can imagine the ppp-dd'd giving up then saying:

  .. "Not my job, man!"

But what of the cleverer ones? Are they all crooks? Not me, and I thought I'd find some 'friends' to form an effective opposition = countervailing movement - to imprison the crooks and save our planet - but no-one shows up. Why not?