only three chances left - to avoid the apocalypse

.. 1. China ...

  .. 2. Germany ...

    .. 3. Russia; and that's all

Subtitle: What, you want more??! THERE IS NO MORE, THERE CAN BE NO MORE!!

Sub-subtitle: "All options!"

Musing: The US? - *The* problem. It is the US who ever more openly dares threaten Iran with "All options!" - what the US means is a nukular attack. The UK? - once the problem, now the poodle - still erring, but almost exhausted. IL? - *The* world's worst criminal/rogue regime; it's IL driving most of the destruction, outwards from their illegitimate/stolen-land base.


Trigger article:

U.S. Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat
By Gareth Porter
April 26, 2010
  «Although administration officials have carefully refrained from drawing any direct connection between the new nuclear option and the Israeli threat, the NPR broadens the range of contingencies in which nuclear weapons might play a role so as to include an Iranian military response to an Israeli attack.
A war involving Iran that begins with an Israeli attack is the only plausible scenario that would fit the category of contingencies in the document.»

Comment 1: It should *never* be forgotten, that invading or attacking another country is the *ultimate* war crime. Yet the US & Zs casually discuss and threaten to do exactly that. Where is justice?

Comment 2: Utterly disgusting. The US&Zs have no *justifiable, ethical or legal* argument; Iran has the perfect right to be left in peace - and to develop 'atoms for electricity' if it so desires. Only primitive thugs (US&Zs) threaten violence. Violence, for the slow thinkers, is what some people do when they're unable to win the intellectual contest.

Comment 3: What the world needs is sufficient countervailing power; it is *illegal* to threaten any country, and it goes without saying, that it is *illegal* to steal any land belonging to another, let alone that belonging to a whole nation (the ELO/Os; erstwhile legal owner/occupiers, mostly in this case Palestinian.) It is the Zs who wish to expand their illegitimate IL 'project,' and through 'owning' the US Congress - plus the US so-called 'élite,' whose desire to steal (at least control of) the 'best bits' of the world's oil, that brings us to this threshold of disaster.

(Recall that while all of this is happening, *nothing* effective is being done to save us from the excess-CO2 climate-change catastrophe.)


1. China has the 'depth & breadth;' of all the world's peoples, they have the greatest numbers, and the longest traditions. They are the most likely to survive. Doing nothing effective, however, will make their survival that much harder.

2. Germany has the brains - if only they would use them! Their industry is par excellence;  depending on preference, MB, VW/Audi or Porsche are overwhelmingly the *best* cars on the road, and that's only one of many, many facets. Look for yourself.

3. Russia still has enough bombs, aka the ability to deter.


If the US/Zs are not stopped, they will drag the entire world down the gurgler with them. It is mainly the US, both (1) with its so-called 'élite' (aka crooks, aka psychopathic kleptocracy; but there's nothing élite about crime), and (2) its 'think-tanks' who've brought us here. Look at neoliberalism / globalisation / IMF / "Washington Consensus;" reduced taxes (mainly off the filthy-rich), reduced services, smaller government (for the people, but socialise the fat-cats' losses = $trio bail-outs, say); down-sizing, out-sourcing, casualisation, contracting, off-shoring, death of, or sell-out by the unions etc. - all ending with the current chaos; governments at all levels deeply indebted and failing, crumbling/unavailable services, plus the hapless sheople at almost every level, depressed incomes if at work; otherwise (10-20%) hopeless unemployment.


(Here, I direct a query to Merkel: How *dare* you betray your own people? There are at least three ways Merkel is going wrong, a) in domestic politics and allying with the FDP & their filthy neoliberal policies, b) in assisting the US illegal invasion/occupation of Afghanistan, and c) assisting the US economic warfare against Greece, the other PIIGS & eventually the EU thence to boomerang back upon Germany. Her behaviour must be compared to the Vichy-French.)


What the above three potential saviours *must* do, is to unite (call it the 3-way-save) and confront the US/Zs, using the *only* language the exceedingly primitive US/Zs understand, namely violence. Offer the US/Zs a deal, along the lines of the same one the US/Zs are trying to force down Iran's neck: reform, or the 3-way-save will A- and H-bomb the US/Zs with everything they have.

Of course there's a danger - as the mad dogs that the US/Zs are, they could actually proceed to act like mad dogs; it should be made *perfectly* clear however, that the *only* chance for the US/Zs is to see reason. IF they go, THEN they're gone and it really won't matter much, if they try to take the rest of the world with them; they'll still themselves be *gone*. Therefore twice, they should act to save themselves. But the 3rd, if they still wish to act like mad dogs, then the 3-way-save will have no option: do what *must* be done in response to mad dogs, i.e. kill them. Wipe them out: BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

Finally, see above, IF the potential 3-way-save does nothing THEN we're all gunna go down the gurgler - ergo, *someone* has to do the right thing, the only effective thing. Bring it on - soonest.


PS Threatening to nuke someone is not the cleverest - US/Zs take note. What's at stake is civilisation - but not merely, our long-term survival itself is also under extreme threat. There was once a thing called the Enlightenment. *That's* the way to go, time to forget/forego greed - and grow up.



[0] apocalypse n. 1 violent or destructive event. 2 (the Apocalypse) Revelation, the last book of the New Testament. 3 revelation, esp. about the end of the world. apocalyptic adj. [Greek apokalupto reveal] [POD]


conspiracy theories - TINA; democracy, lies

.. lies ...

  .. more lies ...

    .. filthy deceit[1,2]

Posit: IF lies THEN criminality


9/11 ... simply too convenient; we (now) know that the PNAC schemers were looking for a 'new Pearl Harbor' - and we (now) think that such 'convenient' coincidences most probably (99.999%) aren't.

9/11, though, did mark a great un-masking; on the day, on 1st view - actually, at the very latest on the 2nd, i.e. when the *2nd* tower fell, just as the 1st, oh so neatly collapsing into its own 'footprint,' I said: "That was not natural - just not possible." Later, a 3rd such unnatural occurrence: WTC7[5]. Of course, the idea of a conspiracy was (still is) so utterly outlandish, that all we did, all we could do at the time was say "Oh, well" - and felt v.unwell. But as time goes by, and the random reflections fester into darker suspicions - especially in the light of what followed (generally, rogue-regime blatant lawlessness) - then it becomes unavoidable: some agency prepared the three towers for 'controlled demolition.' There's a fashionable phrase floating around (Merkel the latest to deploy it, vis-à-vis Afghanistan): "There is no alternative" - TINA. (Thanks, but "No, thanks!" to Thatcherites[4])


Merkel looks pretty shocking to me; she's either physically sick - or sickened by what she's doing, which is trying to fool her electors that fighting a war in Afghanistan is somehow Germany's business. That's a job rejected by Schröder vis-à-vis Iraq, but one accepted by Howard - and now Rudd, vis-à-vis Afghanistan. Merkel's TINA is possibly more accurate than she intends - as this paragraph *proves*. In plain text, we the electors are allowed no alternative - we get war from both 'sides' - bipartisanship being anti-democratic.

After 9/11, the rot set in. Two rogue regimes, the US and its illegitimate sprog IL abandoned all pretence of being legal or moral. We will never forget Howard's leitmotif "All politicians lie!" Worse, we now see that neither 'side' of the predominately two-party system is on the people's side. Rewinding a bit, the economic rot had set in in Aus with (if not before) Hawke-Keating, to my recall it was they who introduced Aus to the neo-liberal bulls**t (one aspect: privatisation, aka flogging off the country's silver), processes now totally discredited but *still* being forced onto the hapless people, see Qld & NSW, both Labor. I cannot recall if Fraser/Howard implemented any neo-liberal economics, having been distinctly disinterested in the Libs at the time, aka 101% pissed-off; but it matters little who started it or when, the disaster is now fully (and bipartisanly) upon us.

It wasn't only the politicians who exposed themselves as non-representative, the MSM showed itself to be corrupt and venal, by not 'merely' conduiting the politician's lies, but actively augmenting same, with - sadly, traitorously, most publicly-financed broadcasters I'm familiar with included. Some *proof* of the MSM's culpability was classically provided by Judith Miller of the NYT, and theAge's T.Parkinson (amongst *many* others).

On the whole, the filthily illegal invasion of Iraq, morphed into the subsequent brutal occupation (as many as 1.3mio+ 'prematurely,' 'collaterally' dead), the one thing that typified the criminality best was the lies. It's the ineluctable proof of undeniably criminal intentions; after that we do not believe a single word - unless we can see conclusive proof. Even the supporters still call the US into Iraq 'project' a failure - because the US has yet to gain its (real) objective, namely seizing effective control, also = major $-portion of Iraq's oil.

IF lies THEN criminality; QED.


But that's not all; once the seeds of suspicion germinated, and the scales fell from our eyes, *everything* came under the microscope. Things once said in apparent jest, now turn out to be painfully accurate, i.e. "the mushroom club - kept in the dark & fed on BS." We are constantly fed a diet of lies, admittedly a well-coordinated narrative, but lies nevertheless. The very fact that it is well-coordinated goes a long way to proving my 'conspiracy' title. I call the web of lies the pushed-propaganda paradigm. Rewind to WW1 and see Bernays propagandising for Wilson. Bernays quite literally wrote a book, if not the book, on propaganda. Post WW1 he developed - morphed - propaganda into 'public relations,' to sell us things we may not have wanted, let alone needed. Again, but not only: propaganda is a, if not the, mainstay of our so-called 'democratic' politics.

Finally for this section, the biggest democratic BUT: a proper democracy requires at least these three; a) an aware, engaged and educated electorate, therefore b) full and free info-flows and then c) honest politicians who properly represent their electors. IMHO, *none* of these conditions currently apply (if they ever did).


Now, to the US & Z rogue regimes.

Both the US & IL claim to be democracies, with the US boasting that its interventions are a) to make the world safe for democracy, and b) to bring democracy to the benighted currently without.

Both regimes are living drastic lies - easily proven to be lies. As shown above, *none* of the Anglo/Judaic US, UK, Aus or IL are properly functioning democracies. Further, IL occupies land-not-theirs, land procured immorally via the UN, and illegally via wars, wars with IL's neighbours exclusively provoked by IL.

That IL is neither democratic nor legitimate is easy to prove; a) legitimacy: all UN 'law' (that I'm aware of) vis-à-vis Palestine insists that the rights of the mostly Palestinian ELO/Os (erstwhile legal owner/occupiers) were/are *not* to be injured nor abrogated by the establishment of IL - but since those rights are grievously violated, so IL is in breach of its covenant (no-one can claim legitimacy via some authority, and simultaneously violate the laws of that same authority; contradiction), then b) democracy: IF IL was a proper democracy THEN no ELO/O would ever have been dispossessed, let alone by murdering force. Further, the UN had no right to 'gift' any part of Palestine to the Zs, and the Z-claim of some 'g*d-promise' is simply risible.

Q: Why does not the entire world rise up in anger; to deplore the wretched Z-crimes, to condemn the criminal perpetrators and to call for immediate justice and restitution for the hapless, violently dispossessed ELO/Os? Are they all deaf, dumb & blind? Possibly the worst combined crime and injustice on the planet since the Nazis were defeated, and all say nothing?

It is trivially demonstrable that the US and IL wars are resource-wars, the US in Iraq, say, obviously for oil and IL for soil (& water) - collectively, murder for spoil.

After 9/11, the rogue regimes US and IL went more, and more openly psychopathic, no more dramatically illustrated than by their extra-judicial murdering - of *anyone* they care to nominate, now even including US citizens.

Intermezzo: All the above is drawn from publicly available materials; I have no other source. Also, I can't be everywhere, read everything, and there's the possible problem of self-selection, although by being aware of the latter, one seeks for a representative range of info/views. But a conspiracy[3] implies secrecy. So Q: Where to now? A: Conjecture - observe, think, create a balance of probabilities.


Conjecture: Recalling Occam's razor and Sherlock Holmes. Throughout my 'young' life, I depended, as good as exclusively, on a certain publicly-financed broadcaster for my democratic duty of self-informing. I got (was given) a false impression; that IL was a brave little David, being monstered by a vicious Arab (now Muslim) Goliath. Q: Why such a wickedly false impression? A: It was deliberately suggested to me (and of course all others) by the broadcaster 'pushing' lying propaganda. I trusted them and/but they misinformed me. In clear text, they take our taxes, then lie to us. Unforgivable, traitorous even; Q: Who gave them permission to lie? A: The government - who else? But the government is composed of those ostensibly representing us, we the people. Recall Gettysburg; of, by, for the people etc. - or any common-sense interpretation of democracy. We could paraphrase the Iranian-greens: "Where is our democracy??!"

Speaking of those hapless Iranians, we know (were specifically told) that the NED (and such) were budgeted $US400mio for (covert, what else?) subversion directed at Iran. We know that the US (mainly via the CIA) created Al-Qaeda, it's a sure bet that a) since the CIA got ~$US40bio p/a not so long ago, now getting more like ~$US60bio AND they run covert ops about as often as we have hot meals, THEN b) that's a definite place to look for conspiracies. While the CIA may not be the actual 'leaders,' they're certainly in on the plot.

Also, since it is the CIA's prime task to protect the US, one has to a) assume *massive* incompetence that the CIA failed to detect the 9/11 hijacks 'incoming' OR they, the CIA (and/or Mossad) b) knew all about it if not c) they were the actual perpetrators. *Note*: The hijackers, no matter who they were, or from where, being *incapable* of causing all three towers to collapse Oh, so neatly, cannot be, nor are they, the whole story. *Someone* pre-planted the demolition-charges, and the same or different someone pushed the button(s). Then, there were the dancing (Israeli) photographers...

Fazit: The ostensible Anglo/Judaic democracies of the US, UK, Aus & IL are not democracies in anything except name; they are all not merely un- but wholly anti-democratic. The antithesis of democracy may be fascism and/or tyrannical (who cares about what name); what *is* clear is that we just don't have properly functioning democracies. An alternative thesis, that democracy has been captured by special/vested interests doesn't really do it, although such lobbies (most villainous - AIPAC) are seen to exist. I present two distinct, mutually exclusive concepts; a) what I call 'birds of a feather,' otherwise coincidence, OR b) a conscious, coordinated conspiracy.

You, dear reader, may make up your own mind.


PS Anyone arguing *within* the ppp = pushed-propaganda paradigm, i.e. accepting the crooked assumptions, worse, trying to defend the indefensible crimes and/or criminals, i.e. the US & Zs in their mass-murdering resource-wars, is either a) pig-ignorant, aka as thick as two planks or b) themselves consciously criminal. Oh! Always, of course and as usual, IMHO.



[1] lie2 -n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. -v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive. [POD]

[2] deceit n. 1 deception, esp. by concealing the truth. 2 dishonest trick. [Latin capio take] [ibid.]

[3] conspiracy n. (pl. -ies) 1 secret plan to commit a crime; plot. 2 conspiring. [Latin: related to *conspire] [ibid.]

[4] There is no alternative
  «This is the mantra chanted by 'dries' during the prime ministerial reign of Margaret Thatcher, by which they demonstrated their belief that free-market capitalism was the only possible economic theory. It was said so often amongst them that it was shortened to TINA. The hard-right Thatcherites called themselves 'dries' to demonstrate their opposition to the 'wets', i.e. the One-Nation Tories whom Thatcher despised. Wet was the public school nickname for any boy who showed any sign of caring for his fellow beings.» 

[5] Someone even gave the game away; something like: "We're going to have to pull it." But Q: Is there any evidence? A: Well, as a 'normal' citizen, I don't have access to everything 'out there' - it's the government's job anyway. That they are totally failing to do this job is 101% obvious, and the theme to this piece is, after all, "IF lies THEN criminality." Here is a youtube; they use the words "We're going to have to bring it down," and "The building is about to blow up." More obviously, *before* WTC7 collapsed - *was* collapsed.

Q: Who has the greatest incentive to hide the truth, aka tell lies?

A: Those who do bad deeds.


the undeniable beginning of the end ... (EU, world)

 .. this exact (triple)moment - 13:13 local time; as 1st, the eml 'popped' into my in-tray and 2nd, my reaction on previewing it - ending with 3rd, glancing at the clock, marks the now undeniable beginning of the end for the EU:

(Sorry - but not too sorry, updated [1], [2] & [3].)

«Greece requests EU/IMF aid package activation
Posted April 23, 2010 21:00:00
Greek prime minister George Papandreou has asked for the activation of a EU/IMF aid package aimed at pulling the Euro zone member out of a debt crisis.
Tags: economic-trends, world-politics, greece»

Delivering Greece up to the IMF means that the "Washington Consensus" and associated filthy neo-liberal economics (see Perkins' "Economic Hit Man") - may now proceed to decimate the EU, starting with Greece, then through the rest of the PIIGS, and finally ending, of course, with Germany, after all the more -> less hopeless cases go. Actually, 'decimate' is too mild, try 'totally destroy.'

It's not as if the EU couldn't do it alone - of course they could. But calling in the IMF means *SAP* - if you don't know what it means then try this, perhaps:
  «Through conditionalities, Structural Adjustment Programs generally implement "free market" programs and policy. These programs include internal changes (notably privatization and deregulation) as well as external ones, especially the reduction of trade barriers. Countries which fail to enact these programs may be subject to severe fiscal discipline. Critics argue that financial threats to poor countries amount to blackmail; that poor nations have no choice but to comply.» 
[wiki/Structural adjustment]

I expect that Greece, as almost everywhere else, has already had its fill of the 'standard' neo-liberal processes - i.e. reduced taxes (mostly on - actually, again of course, *off* the rich), smaller government, privatise the utilities/state enterprises, in other words having had economic havoc wreaked upon them. One would think that there'd be no more to squeeze - but let's watch.

Merkel knows that this marks both her & the EU's sell-out to the US (all is now lost), but her reactions vis-à-vis Afghanistan these past weeks - and/but worse, vis-à-vis her own 'electors' - show us exactly whose side she's on - tip: not the people's. Ho-hum, and what else is new? - Only yet another traitor, another anti-democratic, justice-denying tyrant.

Neo-liberalism is seen to have failed, yet it is still being pursued. Q: Why? We see it currently active in both Qld & NSW - via Labor - shame! Supposedly, the people's friends! (What, exactly, is wrong with Labor?) - But neo-liberalism has always been thus, i.e. bipartisan. The people didn't choose neo-liberalism - but may have been, most likely were, seduced by "Lower Taxes!" (Still, oh so cynically, on offer.) Of course, "smaller government" meant/means fewer services and/or eventual higher prices (in *direct* contradiction to the promises) - but few *electors* thought about that - until too late. Not just BTW, bipartisan is anti-democratic.

The only question now to be asked is Q: Why? The fat-cats were already getting the lion's share, way back in the 70s. But it wasn't enough; they had to ruin the entire world to get a few miserable shekels more. Again, why? And worse, how did the really clever ones let this happen? It has been a slow-motion train-wreck (detested Ameri-speak - spit!) - happening right before our eyes, 35+ miserable years long. Again, where are the clever ones, those with a) functioning brains and b) good morals?


[1] Update, 16:51.

There's a funny thing happened here (recently, and more slow-motion); further, I don't recall seeing it written about - or at least not much by others, if at all. (Me? Unique? - Ve-e-ery unique - haw!)

I mentioned this to a mate - now looong and faaar away: "I don't understand it. They're deliberately (meanly, despicably) depressing our incomes - but they actually need us as customers, to buy their production - how's that gunna work?" (This thought is not new; H.Ford knew about it - ergo, his 'declared' policy was to pay a 'living wage.')

A contemporary 'counter' (to 'explain' lower 'home' country wages - *not* from my mate) - was one of the more wicked fallacies of globalisation, namely: "Well yes; people will get a lower % of 'the cake,' but because the cake is getting bigger, you'll actually get more - so shuddup!" (Not a word-for-word quote from any particular ideologue - but pretty damn-close to one I recall having had pitched against me.)

But, as almost everything else coming from the 'erring ideologists;' wrong, wrong, wrong!

Note carefully: On the whole, off-shored production goes/went to low-income workers who, by definition AND others' intent have little to no *surplus* income; ergo, they cannot buy much if any of what they produce. That the 'home' workers, now less- or un-employed also obviously have much less income (if any) - means that the aggregate market for goods is shrinking. Note also, it's not as if lower prices can sell more; without (surplus) income, people can't buy non-essentials at any price. The best a lot can do, is just not to starve. At a rough guess (based on observation, natch), this process is unstoppable - without stopping the wicked exploiters.

Fazit: Incomes are falling fast, and any *surplus* income faster (add in the GFC swindle = lost savings); on the one hand in the 'home' countries, and on the other in the 'sweat-shops' both, it is a tightening, downward-spiral. The only 'new' money is a) merely being 'printed,' and b) going almost exclusively to those already obscenely rich - who, being long so disgustingly over-sated, can't even approach buying the balance of production.

Q: Who will? A: No one; too few disposable $s.

As the cartoons used to end: "That's all, folks."


Finally, Q: "Please, Sir, may I have some more?" A: "No!"

There is no, there can no longer be, any MORE!  The fat-cats are now fighting only over 'market share' - of an ever diminishing 'pie.' (Not even to mention the horrid US & Zs murdering wars-for-spoil, resource-depletion, peak oil - or the excess-CO2 caused climate catastrophe.)

Q: How is any of this progress? A: Into gaol with the whole filthy lot!


[2] Update, 20:20.

Basically, just three(3) questions, what/who is behind this mass-idiocy, and why?

1. *WHY* are so many countries falling into deficit?

Is it a) too much spending (an *eternal* problem), or b) too little tax - thanks, but "No, thanks!" to the 'new' neo-liberalism?

2. *WHO* has so much money, that they can lend to all these countries?

Surely, a) it *CAN'T* be the US - they're more broke than anyone else? Or b) is it *nevertheless* the US, freely (and madly) 'printing' money? (Tip: Crooked Wall St. financier/gambler/crooks are separate from the otherwise broke-US. Also, the US 'Fed' is *not* a US govt. agent.)

What- and who-ever, all 'money' is now *fiat* - but not just; money is 'conjured' into existence, these days *literally* by a single computer-keystroke. Yet it *all* attracts interest; one way or another, interest that we the people are expected to pay. (Pass all costs on to the customer.)

3. To *WHOM* is this interest owed, and *WHY* should they get it?


[3] Update, 20:45.

Finally, as at any crime-scene, we have to ask: cui bono?

In plain text, who stands to benefit by bankrupting the EU? And also, a little in the background at the moment, who stands to benefit by bankrupting Iceland, Russia, lots of the old East-European states? And what's gong to happen, after all these countries actually are driven broke? Will the creditors move in, and re-possess the lot?

Again, exactly who stands to benefit?


the mightiest IF-THEN of all time

.. what IF ...

  .. all the guns ...

    .. simply stopped working?


THEN: All Z-Israelis would instantly have to take a looong walk - to whence they came (IF they'd be let back in...)

The Germans and the Japs would rule all technologies supreme, and together with the Chinks, they'd all produce - and sell - like mad. The Russkies could do what ever they like, drink as much vodka as they please - no-one would care, but they'd pay for it (in full; no credit needed) - by flogging off their gas (not much change - except for the removal of the vile US nucular oppression.) Iran wouldn't *NEED* a bomb (they're not building one anyway - the IAEA is working very hard, 'helping' them not to.)

The ME could free themselves from tyrants (predominantly US, Zs.)

Europe would bloom - except the UK (not in the EU/EURO anyway.)

The Muslims would be left to fight it out - or unite, definitely their better option.

South America could get on with development, instead of having to concentrate on defending themselves.

The US would crash to below 3rd world status so fast, that they wouldn't even see any passing stage on their way down...

Everyone - except possibly the US & Zs - could live happily ever after.

The (criminal!) US & Zs finally could - as they say - "Get a life!"

So let's start - the UN to silence all guns (and bombs, etc..)

THAT would be freedom (and democracy) in full flower.

Einstein letter

  «Prior to [14May'48], two Jewish terrorist groups were working to cleanse Palestine of its Arab inhabitants and its British occupiers. The more brutal of these groups was Lohamei Herut Yisrael (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) also known as the LEHI or the Stern Gang after its founder Avraham Stern.

Much of the financial support for these Jewish terrorists came from the United States. The Stern Gang received money collected under the more perfidious name, American Friends of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel. Mr. Shepard Rifkin was the executive director after the UN Partition of Palestine and prior to the creation of Israel in May 1948.

Against his better judgment Rifkin solicited Albert Einstein to help the Stern Gang raise American money for arms to drive out the Arabs and help create a Jewish state. On April 10th, the day after the infamous massacre of Arabs at Deir Yassin, Einstein replied calling the Stern Gang terrorists and misled criminals.»

Note keywords: Cleanse Palestine, ... brutal ... Jewish terrorists, ... perfidious ... American money for arms to drive out the Arabs, ... infamous massacre of Arabs, Einstein ... calling the Stern Gang terrorists and misled criminals.

Comment: Note that already, the deceiving "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel" was being deployed, trying to disguise the truth, namely gangs of filthy, murdering, terrorist & criminal invading aliens.

lie2 -n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. -v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive. [POD]

Q: Why does the world tolerate this incredible foulness?

A: Because such truths as related above are kept publicly suppressed, by the corrupt and venal MSM, including 'our' AusBC.


descent into darkness

.. literally happened ...

  .. near Smolensk (sadly) ...

    .. but worldwide since 6Aug'45 (deliberately)

Subtitle: Tempting fate; does karma exist?



Trigger article:

Plane Crash May Strain Poland’s Ties With Russia
Published: April 10, 2010
  «A top Russian military official said air traffic controllers at the Smolensk airport had several times ordered the crew of the plane not to land, warned that it was descending below the glide path and recommended it reroute to another airport.
“Nevertheless, the crew continued the descent,” said Lt. Gen. Aleksandr Alyoshin, the first deputy chief of the Russian Air Force Staff. “Unfortunately, the result was tragic.”»

Comment: It is not clear to me how the NYT came up with their headline - but at least since the Judith Miller fiasco, we don't trust the NYT anyway. So a Q: How does the aircrews' behaviour strain any ties? A: Wrong question, perhaps - this, however, has enormous (villainous!) potential:

  «He was a major supporter of plans for part of an American antiballistic missile defense system to be based in Poland, infuriating Russia. Although that proposal by President George W. Bush was scaled back by President Obama, Polish officials have said they still plan to host American surface-to-air missiles in northern Poland.
That plan is unlikely to be affected by the crash.»

Comment: The US missiles are a definite threat, not 'merely' aimed at Russia, but at world peace - the latter a concept seemingly unknown to the US regime.


Musing: The crash in which a good part of the ruling group of Poland died was a tragedy of unusual proportions - both because of the number of so-called 'VIPs' involved, but also because it was 'provoked' by a typical modern 'stunt.' This is not to say that the Katyn massacre was not itself a tragedy, or not the result of some horrendously vile act (of Stalin's? - or whoever's), but the problem I have with such 'stunts' is that we are supposed to be learning from history, but (and this time it's a massive BUT) - as we can plainly see, we're getting ever more war (instead of the expected less.) In plain text, such stunts are not producing. Q: Why not? A: Because those with the guns (US, Zs) simply won't stop.

More plain text (part rehash): Building ever more memorials to atrocities makes no sense in a time when ever more atrocities are actively being perpetrated, cf. the aggressive, illegal invasions by the Zs of Palestine ('47+), by the US of Afghanistan ('01+), Iraq ('03+), Pakistan on the way and Iran queued. Ever more brutality, ever more crime. Q: Why? A: Because a) they're evil and b) they can. ("Yes, we can!")

Fazit plain text, 1: The self-termed 'leaders of the free world' (US) and the self-termed 'smartest people in the world' (Zs) are both perpetrating murder for spoil (Zs for soil, US for oil) - and lying and propagandising in the (now vain) attempt at hiding their vicious crimes. IF one has nothing to hide THEN one needs tell no lies.

Sooo, Q: What do we see? A: More lies, more wars, more theft - and more memorials to war atrocities. Q: Coincidence? A: Hardly.

Fazit plain text, 2: A nation based on lies can be neither leaders nor smart - but criminal? Certainly.


[1] Update, 11:59am.

The Katyn massacre:
  «The reason for the massacre, according to historian Gerhard Weinberg, is that Stalin wanted to deprive a potential future Polish military of a large portion of its military talent ...
... in any case, Stalin could be certain that any revived Poland would be unfriendly. Under those circumstances, depriving it of a large proportion of its military and technical elite would make it weaker."»

Comment: Consider what has happened/is happening in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and revving up in Pakistan, namely widespread murdering of so-called 'collaterals,' targeted (illegal) assassinations, etc. by the Zs and US, the effect of which is to deprive each target country "of a large proportion of its military and technical elite," making the hapless victim countries weaker.

No further questions, your honour.


how to argue with a liar

.. 1st, find yourself ...

  .. any random I/J/Z-plex person ...

    .. then ask same to justify dispossessing ELO/Os[1]


In response to your challenge, the outburst of lies mixed with abuse which results will never cease, and you can argue yourself blue in the face - without making even the slightest apparent effect, either on the volume of the spiteful torrent or to the I/J/Z-plex person's outlook. As a bonus, you will probably be accused of anti-semitism (and possibly a peculiar form of libel, baby-eating, etc. - any I/J/Z-plex person daring to pose the above challenge in similar circumstances could expect to be labelled self-hating.)


Trigger article (long snip):

Major Jewish American Organizations Defend Israel's Humiliation of America
By James Petras
  «"The Government of Israel has insulted the Vice President of the United States, and spat in the face of the President ... they wiped the spit off their faces and smiled politely ... as the saying goes: when you spit in the face of a weakling, he pretends that it is raining" Uri Avnery Israeli Jewish journalist 13/3/2010.

"We (Israel) possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets ... most European capitals are targets of our air force ... the Palestinians should all be deported. Two years ago, only 7 or 8 per cent of Israelis were of the opinion that this would be the best solution, two months ago, (January 2010), it was 33 percent and now according to a Gallup poll, the figure is 44 percent". Martin Van Crevel Israeli, professor of military history at Hebrew University at Jerusalem and top adviser to the Israeli Armed Forces, March 2, 2010.


April 07, 2010

When Israel announced a major new Jews-only building project of 1600 homes in occupied East Jerusalem, it was not only "spitting in the face" of visiting Vice President Biden, it was demonstrating its power to humiliate America and Americans.


It has been proven beyond a doubt by the recent events, that the ZPC has the ultimate say with the Obama Administration, against the advice of top US military officials and against the basic interests of the American people. In plain English, we are a people colonized and directed by a small, extremist and militarist 'ally' which operates through domestic proxies, who, under any other circumstance, would be openly denounced as traitors.

Can the ZPC be defeated? They are the "most powerful lobby in Washington", to whom Presidents, Administration officials, Generals and Congress people must submit or risk having their careers ruined and being ousted from public office. Meanwhile, outside of the United States, the international community openly despises Israel as a brutal, racist colonial state, a war criminal and chronic violator of human rights and international law...»

Comment: The main thrust of the article is the Z-control of the US government, plus the propaganda forced onto the US, and so onto the world as a whole. It is a story of wicked depravity, complicit cowardice and the vilest treachery.

No person of decency can ever relax, whilst confronted by the Z-criminality; the US *could* begin acting as the leaders they claim to be - but 1st, they'd have to throw off their slimy, murderingly criminal, parasitic puppet-masters.

I suggest the following program:

0. Immediately stop all financing to, all arm supplies to & all trading with the Zs. Full stop; move to total BDS; Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

1. Introduce exclusively publicly-financed electoral campaigning.

2. Hence outlaw = make strictly forbidden, all political donations.

3. Make all political lobbying via publicly-printed submission only.

4. Start strictly enforcing *just* laws and that across the planet - after all, the US 'owns' the UN (in the same way the Zs currently 'own' the US Congress); the Zs have *NO* (neither moral, legal nor any 'g*d-given') claim - on any Palestinian land whatsoever; IF any Zs wish to live there THEN they must find willing buyers. In the interim, instantly return *ALL* illegitimately acquired aka stolen land to the rightful ELO/Os.

Fazit: The so-called 'state' of Israel is illegitimate. Time justice was not merely mentioned, but must now be done.



[1] ELO/O = erstwhile legal owner/occupier, usually Palestinian.


nothing to fear (US, Zs, nukes, lies)

.. for those ...

  .. who have ...

    .. nothing to hide?



This is almost *too* funny;

  .. trigger article:

Haaretz Threatened for Exposing Israeli Assassination Cover-Up
MP Calls for Paper's Closure Over Leak
by Jason Ditz, April 08, 2010
  «Anat KamKam is facing charges of “treason” for leaking copies of classified military documents to Uri Blau, a reporter for Haaretz who has often been critical of the Israeli military. Blau has written several stories over the past few years, mostly based around the Israeli military flouting orders about rules of engagement by the High Court, based on the documents. One of the articles involved an “arrest” mission that ended in the deaths of three Islamic Jihad members. Soldiers admitted in the classified data that they were ordered to kill, not arrest the three.» 
[antiwar/Jason Ditz]

(As usual, one should read the lot.)

Comment 1: The only reason to lie is to deceive;

Comment 2: Criminals try to hide their crimes with lies; secrecy is anti-democratic;

Comment 3: Recall that a properly functioning democracy requires at the very least a) an informed, engaged electorate, b) a comprehensive choice of *honest, competent* representative-candidates, and c) complete, free & fair info-flows.

(So much, then, for "The only democracy in the ME" - Haw! (Still waiting; Iraq - nope, Afgh - nope, ...))

We can see that not only the Js living there, but significant numbers of the J-diaspora support disgustingly criminal genocide and ethnic cleansing - the everyday fate forced on the hapless ELO/Os of Palestine by murdering force of (mainly) US arms, i.e. vile killing machines, international outlaws.

In addition, we can see that no government 'elected' there ever shied away from the criminal-Z purpose of expanding their illegal occupation into land never to be theirs.

Now this story, probably only the tip of an (extremely filthy!) iceberg; press censorship - to hide whatever truth. We already know about this, like the imprisoning and attempted silencing of the 'whistleblower' who exposed the Z's nucular bomb arsenal - capable of being targeted, so I read recently, onto all EU cities. Ooops! - Q: Why-the-hell would the Zs do that? A: Silly Q; to threaten, to intimidate, to blackmail, to coerce - what else!


This brings up another topic, our 'hero' Ramb-O's latest nucular posturing. Leaving aside START, which *might* reduce mutual costs, but will *never* reduce the threat to the world; a) who would *ever* believe the US for the *smallest* part of a pico-sec? - and b) the very idea of leaving Iran open to attack as an alleged 'non-player by the rules,' a 'rogue-state,' an 'NPT-violator' and/or 'proliferator' - would immediately put the Zs *front and centre* in the US' bomb-sights!

Sooo, Ramb-O-Bama: How about (A)bombing the Zs to the conference table, eh? I double-dare you! Nuke 'em! - Yair!


No further questions, your honour.


But nevertheless, a PS

It has been said, that Zs only understand violence - yet another reason (as if any more were needed) for Ramb-O to well and truly nuke 'em. The Zs have propagandised the world, *with* the corrupt and venal MSM's *active* assistance, for well over 61+ years now - but their lying 'cover' has been well and truly blown, since we escaped from the vile MSM 'news' monopoly. As part of the newly revealed truths, we can see Z-illegitimacy being annunciated far and wide - like here, for instance.

Note that the article includes: "Total boycott against a total occupation. Nothing less will do." That's part of BDS; boycott, divest & sanction. No sane, rational and *fair* person/entity should have anything to do with 'em.

One can, *must* go further: "Total condemnation - nothing less!" And not 'merely' nuke 'em, but Nuremberg all the so-called 'leaders' aka order-givers 1st. Oh, yeah; and return all the ELO/O's property that the Zs have stolen to those erstwhile, legal and original, mostly Palestinian owners, soonest.

[1] Update, 19:51.

This is *beyond* funny;

  .. derogatory article:

Netanyahu pulls out of nuclear summit
Posted April 9, 2010 08:27:00
  «He made the decision after learning that Egypt and Turkey intended to raise the issue of Israel's presumed nuclear arsenal at the conference, a senior government official said.» 

Comment: Just can't face the truth, eh?

(Can't face the truth = liar?)


time to get the hell out

.. of all countries ...

  .. not yours ...

    .. go home US/Zs!


Trigger article:

Watch the video!


The US has spread its vile tentacles across our once jewel-like planet. The Zs violently invaded and now brutally occupy vast tracts of Palestine. As the US in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, then all the other 'Stans, the invaders are creating trouble (cf. murder for spoil) on exactly the same scale and nature as outwards from Germany pre-'45.

It was just as illegal then as it is now (cf. Nuremberg hangings) - yet now the world tolerates the exact same war crimes from the US/Zs.


Where are the champions of justice and peace via truth?

UK? Aus? (Silly Q; guffaw!) Germany? France? No? Why not? Criminals, all.


an offensive offensive (christians attack atheism, decency - and we, the people)

subtitle: another way they're taking us back - to the dark ages

Consider demystify v. (-ies, -ied) remove the mystery from; clarify. demystification n. [POD]

Preamble: It's easy enough to *rule out* the existence of any (putative) g*d (except as a 'meme' in some (misled) brains):

0. mislead v. (past and past part. -led) cause to infer what is not true; deceive. misleading adj. [Old English] [ibid.]

1. god n. 1 a (in many religions) superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature, human fortunes, etc. [ibid.]

2. supernatural -adj. not attributable to, or explicable by, the laws of nature; magical; mystical. -n. (prec. by the) supernatural forces, effects, etc. supernaturally adv. [ibid.]

3. science n. 1 branch of knowledge involving systematized observation and experiment. 2 a knowledge so gained, or on a specific subject. b pursuit or principles of this. 3 skilful technique. [Latin scio know] [ibid.]

4. Consider cause and effect; the conservation laws - and contradiction.

5. belief n. 1 firm opinion; acceptance (that is my belief). 2 religious conviction (belief in the afterlife; has no belief). 3 (usu. foll. by in) trust or confidence. [related to *believe] [ibid.]

Argument: Believers admit that their 'g*d' is 'outside' the universe; indeed, one of the functions of their so-called 'g*d' is to have *created* the whole 'universe' show. (Q: What then, created the creator? A: Oh, 'superhuman/supernatural;' boot-strapped itself out of nothing... Hello? Looping...) According to our 'best' science, we can track all (well, most and more all the time) observable phenomena 'backwards' to elementary particles plus energy (heat, light, other radiation say), and no need has ever been found to invoke a single 'quantum' of (non-existent!) 'magic.' Put another way, we have so far found no gaps in any observed cause-and-effect chains - and also, the conservation laws are 'rock-solid' in that *no* exceptions have ever been found. But (and it's an unimaginably humongous 'BUT'), for any (putative) g*d to communicate its existence would require some influence (from 'outside') being detected - by some person ('inside'), people being undoubtedly part of our observed, material universe - some 'communication' crossing the universe 'boundary' - thus violating cause&effect and the conservation laws both. That forms an essential contradiction - the whole edifice falls, and therefore QED.

Believing is what (some) people do, when they have insufficient facts, and vis-à-vis some g*d there are *no* facts, and *none* even remotely possible... always and of course, IMHO! (But don't try to contradict me; try that on our whole science.)



So far, I've not discussed the potent 'hook' they use to catch and bind the believers, which is - ta ra! - the so-called, (*postulated* = *no evidence*), reward for belief = 'eternal life,' aka the 'EL-pact' with their (imagined!) g*d. What a foul and cynical swindle - and a 'damnation' of the weak-kneed believers, that they could actually *believe* such utter rot - that, in a stupidly pointless attempt to save their own wretched, (non-saveable!) necks. The hook is most effective on young minds *below* the 'Age of Reason' (i.e. before such young minds acquire their full functionality and importantly here, their properly functioning BS-detectors.) Scare them first with their own unavoidable death, then offer them the diabolical 'EL-pact' - once hooked, they're basically lost to reason on the g*d score. Oh, and not 'just' BTW; the corruption of a minor is a *serious* crime. Thus the people acquire their spiritual (cripple!) crutch. Given, as a +ve aside, there is the 'peace & love' aspect; there's little doubt that some/many believers are decent humans with functioning compassion - *but* and sadly, 'peace & love' is violated (totally, deliberately and *corruptly*) by the organised churches' 'leadership,' as in when they 'sanction' war, say, as they (corruptly!) did for Iraq - that is to say when churches sanctioned the illegal invasion of Iraq now morphed into a brutal occupation: murder in pursuit of spoil. (New! Murder for spoil ... soil ... oil ... IL.) Or when they otherwise exceed their brief, as reported below, they have attacked perfectly innocent non-believers = *non*-contaminated, *non*-crippled, aka mentally normal and healthy atheists.


Trigger article:

Christian leaders use Easter to attack atheism
Updated April 2, 2010 16:02:00
  «Religious leaders have used their Good Friday sermons to launch an attack on what they call a recent surge in atheism.» 

Comment 1: They could mind their own business. Oh, yeah; and what ever happened to "Easter = peace" etc.?

Comment 2: This also shows their so-called 'belief' can be a *very* dangerous disease.

 .. worse here, a:

Where do atheists come from?
03 March 2010 by Lois Lee and Stephen Bullivant
Magazine issue 2750
  «If religion comes naturally to us, why are so many people resistant to it?» 

Comment: The boot must surely be on the other foot: How can sooo many fall for sooo much rot? See my Intermezzo above.

 .. more worse here, b:

Time to accept that atheism, not god, is odd
03 March 2010
  «In fact, the more we learn about the "god instinct" and the refusal of religion to fade away under the onslaught of progress, the more the non-religious mindset looks like the odd man out.» 

Comment 1: A shocker. In fact, a *double* shocker; 1st that they'd select and publish their 'featured' article (2ndary front page headline), and then that they'd 'back it up' with their own editorial (gasp!) Although one gets the feeling that this NS-rag has been on the skids as good as forever, it's most likely that the new 'US owner/controller' who is (ir-)responsible for this bottom-of-the-barrel scraping.

Comment 2: Belief in some entity entirely lacking in any substantiation sounds - to me - like a mental deficiency if not outright a disease.

 .. definitely worst, here:

April 01, 2010 Issue
Third World War
The real showdown between Christians and Muslims isn’t in the Mideast
By Philip Jenkins
  «When we see interfaith battles in Africa or Asia, we are generally not witnessing activism by al-Qaeda militants directed from some secret terrorist mission control, but we do find movements driven by exactly the same grievances that motivate bin Laden’s associates - above all, we see the same central fear of Christian expansion. For Muslims, whether political dissidents or actual Islamists, the world is evidently engaged in a culture war, a war of faiths, and groups like al-Qaeda are only one small and sensationalized portion of that.» 

Comment(s): Yes, there's more than one sub-theme, also yes, nothing's simple; to approach a full understanding, one should read the lot (plus who knows how much more) - but - there's an underlying theme (mostly Christian religion but include Judaism) AND it doesn't look good. It goes to a perennial Q: Is it 'mere' coincidence (birds of a feather, say) - or a conscious (criminal) conspiracy? A: IMHO, there are few to no coincidences, and *especially* not when criminality is the most likely suspicion (cf. Occam's razor, S. Holmes).

Summary: Not only is religion, as Marx said, "the opiate of the masses," but it is now harnessed to both the US' quest for resources/hegemony, and the Z's quest for ever more mostly Palestinian ELO/Os' land. (ELO/O = erstwhile legal owner/occupant.)

Fazit 1: This whole 'kerfuffle' neglects what surely must be the largest 'Elephant in the room' possible, namely the application of 'modern' (psychological) science to PR, a cynical synonym for propaganda, aka brain-washing, aka dumbing the sheople down. The malicious manipulators pull on every available string, religion (cf. 'EL-pact') being one of the most potent.

Fazit 2: Recall that the Anglo/Judaic group (US, UK, Aus & Israel, all strongly pushing their religions) are involved in aggressive wars against Muslims, actually 'murdering for spoil,' including against the hapless, mainly Palestinian ELO/Os for their land, and against whatever rest (Muslims, Arabs; who cares, *they* (the 'exceptionals') covet many resources; "capitulate or be killed!") - for their oil, pipeline routes and other 'inputs' targeted for ripping-off - or 'merely' hegemony. To think that this is *not* a conspiracy beggars belief - err, Ooops! - 'Belief'... bad word, and here an antonym; better = beggars properly functioning intelligence.

Fazit 3: Thus, the four-way utterly offensive offensives, 1) religion vs. the sheople, 2) the US against the world, 3) the Zs against the hapless ELO/Os and 4) the previous three against all human decency.