in order to avoid unintentional offence -
 a few Qs:

(mini-Miranda: all responses will be recorded - but not passed on);

Do you wish to remain anonymous? (y/n)

If 'n,' real name? (in header to any comment.)

1(+). Are you awed by the approaching perfection of 'the Enlightenment,' as typified by "Liberté, égalité, fraternité, etc." (nowhere that I know of actually on current 'democratic' offer) OR

1(-). Are you blinded by a weird, irrational belief in some phantasmal, conjured 'deity(ies)?'

[phantasmal -> phantom -n. 1 ghost, apparition, spectre. 2 mental illusion. -attrib. adj. illusory. [Greek phantasma][POD]]

2(h-). Are you a tyrannical capitalist, ripping sheople off at every turn, an administrative/managerial lackey of such, oppressing any/all associates/employee/serfs, OR

2(h+). Are you a 'salt of the Earth' worker, without whom we'd have no flush-torlets, sealed roads or airports for the fat-cats to land their obscenely profligate executive-jets upon?

[profligate -adj. 1 recklessly extravagant. 2 licentious, dissolute. -n. profligate person. profligacy n. profligately adv. [Latin profligo ruin] [POD]] - also applicable to ever-more fossil-carbon burning causing an ever-less avoidable climate-change catastrophe.

3. Do you support a) 'red in tooth&claw' economic Darwinism, ruthlessly exploiting all resources viciously to exhaustion, OR b) considered sustainability with progressive taxes supporting universal-human-rights utilities (water, sewage etc.) & critical services, i.e. Medicare (aka socialised medicine), elec., roads & other communications? Note that this is not a 'political' question, since (3a) has almost universal 'bipartisan' support; kindly note that bipartisan = un- and anti-democratic, since it offers the electorate *zero* choice.

4. Pro- OR anti-peace, i.e. what of the current Anglo/Judaic (US+Z) illegal, invasive murder-for-spoil attacks morphing to brutal occupations in the ME?

5. Pro- OR anti-justice vis-à-vis hapless mainly Arab/Muslim ELO/Os (Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis...), say?

6. Pro- OR anti-truth? (*Nothing* worthwhile needs the attempted 'camouflage' of deceit.)

IF I survive the above asking, THEN we can probably chat...

(And as for me (if any doubt remains), I'm looking/agitating for 'the Enlightened' fair & just solution.)


2nd round: Most significant -ves since '65 = US&Z (continuing) depredations, democracy failure, corrupt & venal MSM/TV (propaganda/lies).

Intermediate: Fall-of-the-wall was not an unrelieved good; a) nice for so-called 'freedom' but sad that b) the commies failed, sadder still that c) 'the East' gave themselves up to capitalism (carpet-baggers plus neoliberalism), which then oh, so cynically stripped them bare. But Q: Did they learn? A: By their voting (still more for 'Westernisation'); so far not - more MSM info-failure.

What (if anything) has improved (significantly)? IMHO: 1) Medibank -> Medicare (but under continuous attack), 2) PCs/Internet and 3) (marginally) mobiles. Disclosure: I blog for truth and justice and I iPod (mostly skiing), but I do not smart-phone (only as far as qwerty), nor do I tweet or facebook(?) and I barely ever 'do' TV (video etc.) except for some 'news' (+ F1.)


Musing: I find it uncanny, that a) the electorate breaks about 50:50 on most Qs, even stranger that b) the 50:50 break can be quite different, depending on the actual Q. Implication: At the best after the above questionnaire, I could get along comfortably with perhaps *half* the target audience, at v.worst as low as a 1/64th!

Not so BTW: The *differing* 50:50 splits constitute *ultimate proof* that no two-party system can 'satisfy' an electorate; *only* (fair, fully-informed & de-dumbed-down) referendums ever could.


Fazit: I counsel enlightened altruism; see side-panel 'musing; morals.'


blacker than the filthiest black
 [Ahmadinejad & 9/11; US&Z murder-for-spoil]

.. *all* who do not ...

  .. resist, make themselves ...

    .. accessories, and therefore as guilty as *sin*

Subtitle: *Total* leadership failure - both perpetrators and 'bystanders'

The big Q: Are they *sooo* stupid, or *deliberately* (murderingly!) malevolent?


Trigger article:

US fury over Ahmadinejad's 9/11 tirade
Updated September 24, 2010 08:06:00
  «Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has told the United Nations that most people believe the US government was responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001.» 

Comment 1: Note AusBC's language; the Oh, so negative and prejudicial 'tirade.' Another report: "Ahmadinejad's latest provocation." Q: Is this fair and unbiased reporting?

Comment 2: IMHO, the *only* explanation that fits the 9/11-facts is that all three - not 'just' the two hit by aeroplanes, but *three* towers were pre-loaded with explosives and pre-wired for controlled demolition.

*Proof*: One only needs to look carefully at a few videos. Worth putting in a bit time & effort to 'refresh' your recall, you can get some here, note especially 'NTowerExploding'.

Comment 3: Now, we can see what we can see, and that fully nine years down the track. What then, of the so-called 'intelligence' agencies? Surely *they* are smarter than I am; IF I can be convinced, THEN what of them? IF the intel agencies can see what we can, AND they 'fearlessly advise' their political masters, THEN what do our so-called 'leaders' know, and since when?

Review my above 'big Q.'

Comment 4: The same goes for the (corrupt & venal) MSM, including publicly-financed broadcasters like 'our' AusBC, whose actual *job* it is to unvestigate then report: What do they know, and when did they know it? Yet the fantasy lie-cloud continues to be pushed, misinforming any/all who wistfully 'trust' our news *gate-keepers*.

Comment 5; Q: Why the UN walk-out? A: Cowards, liars and *reality-deniers*, Aus 'representatives' amongst them - to our enduring great shame.

Comment 6: Recall that it was *after* 9/11 provided the 'excuse' that the US (& Zs) went *totally* berserk with their murder-to-steal attacks on hapless, innocent ELO/Os, some of those ELO/Os (Palestinians) possessing coveted land, some (Iraqis) oil and some (Afghanis) 'merely' pipeline routes and opium-producing potential.

For here a last Q: Just how 'convenient' was 9/11? A: IMHO, it was absolutely *no* coincidence.


At the time of writing this:

(google:) News for Ahmadinejad sept 23 2010 un
  «Ahmadinejad tells UN most blame US gov't for 9/11 - 6 hours ago
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the 65th United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York, September 23, 2010. ...
Reuters - 3451 related articles»

Refining the search to: Ahmadinejad sept 23 2010 UN Zionism "anti-Semitic" abhorrent delusional vile conspiracy


  About 8,050 results (0.10 secs) 

Comment: There was a time-lag between the searches (me composing); see the story-count exploding from 3451 through 8,050 as refined, and who knows what number by now...


Considering 'conspiracy theories':

1. The 'official' one: that a few cave-based Muslim / Arab / Al-Qaeda militant / extremist / insurgents planned and executed what must be judged as *the* most complex terrorist attack targeted at the world's greatest nukular power - and not only got away with the plan's execution essentially un-detected (the US did *nothing* effective to even hinder the operation), but the subsequent jet-fuel fires (diesel at WTC7) caused the into-the-footprint collapse of not two but three modern steel & concrete tower-buildings, one of which, WTC7, was not even struck, all in 'perfect' imitation of controlled-demolition, vs.

2. Ahmadinejad's report of theories he mentioned in the UN:

  «... One theory of what happened on that day, he said, was "the US government orchestrated the attack in order to save the Zionist regime in the Middle East".
... the president said there was evidence that the US government had at least supported the attacks, including passports in the rubble of the Twin Towers ...»

Summary (my paraphrasing):

1. The 'official' *all-and-only* terrorist success, however improbable & *Muslim/Arab* as a gratuitous bonus.

2. The US *regime* (CIA, possibly/probably with Mossad) 'orchestrated the attack.'

3. The US *regime* 'had at least supported the attacks.'

As at any crime scene, one has to ask who had the means, motive, and opportunity, and of course: Cui bono? Hijacking the airplanes may have been a relatively simple task - and the fantastic flying demonstrated could have been done by the planes' navi-system / auto-pilots - a snap, *if correctly programmed*. Some of the hijackers were alleged to have 'trained' in US flight-schools, where they were derided for their poor to non-existent piloting skills - of single-prop Cessna types.

I've said it before; IF the towers were pre-prepared (IMHO the only viable collapse-theory) THEN the hijackers were merely (paid/unpaid) assistants on a schedule, aka globalised, neo-liberally out-sourced sub-contractors.

Recall the astounding speed with which the 19 were identified - could it be that they were on someone's *pre-existing* list? And of the 19 dear-departed, some 7 or so are reported to be still around somewhere, living what must be assumed to be 'lives after death?' There you go, X-ian hopefuls: Proof at last!

Comment: Sooner or later, we'll get some applicable facts. Some *actual* conspiracist will spill the beans, even if (undoubtedly) under the threat of death for doing so. Imagine the fame!

Simply human nature to eventually blab. Why are we (still) waiting?


elementary, my [no so expensive] Watson!
 [the troubles foist upon us]

.. exposing ...

  .. the big lie ...

    .. for what it is = propaganda


Intent: To save our once jewel-like planet; mostly one-liners:

Preamble: Truth can only be brutal to those who cannot handle it[1].

"As a practitioner of ahimsa [= total non-violence], Gandhi swore to speak the truth and advocated that others do the same." Also see Swadeshi = local.

Feynman wrote: “For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.”

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool. So you have to be very careful about that. After you’ve not fooled yourself, it’s easy not to fool other(s) ...”

For absolutes like 'no' or 'all' assume qualifier *almost*; always some 'technical' exception(s).


0. Cut CO2 *back* below 300ppm - or exeunt our life-as-we-like-it supporting ecosphere - possibly terminally.

1. We live in a forced lie-cloud = pushed-propaganda paradigm via corrupt/venal MSM + AusBC conduit; proof = Z- & US-regime's (false!) 'narratives' uncritically passed-on (often augmented!) to us ad nauseam, following Bernays' morphing of (lying!) propaganda into PR. Prime example: Barker's (brainless! Endless!) regurgitation of "the West suspects Iran ..."

1a. (For intending parents, unqualified) *never* lie to your children (loss of trust = irreparable trauma).

1b. Most religions are mostly lies (worst of all, ever = the Oh, so super-cynical life-after-death lie); to so corrupt utterly defenceless minds is the gravest possible child abuse. Possibly the 2nd-most egregious abuse of religion per se (after the referred-to child abuse) is priests 'blessing' about-to-murder troops (aka pig-higorant US&/Z 'grunts').

1c. TV is *bad* for *all*; propaganda (unfiltered) & *no*, it's *not* just a movie! The 'news' is slanted; whatever 'the West' does is OK (see casualties caused by the illegal invasion of Iraq, say) - but if some 'militant' should fire a home-made penny-rocket at Israel - Well! Then there's the 'entertainment;' all possible perversions (mature-age audience only - Ha!), typically lies, hate, infidelity and 'ticking-bomb' type scenarios. As incontrovertible proof, ask yourself: "How do the sheople get dumbed-down anyway?" A: All across the nation, most TVs run day & night. Altogether: "Der - they didn't think!" How else does Israel get away with illegal invasion, brutal occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing and illegal settlements all stealing Palestinian ELO/Os' homeland[2], except that the slanted news gives the criminal Israelis a 'soft run?'

2. US & Z wars from/incl. '45 dual A-bomb war crimes & '47+ illegal invasions / subsequent brutal occupations, right down to today are mass-murdering-for-spoil (proof of premeditation = Jabotinsky, Kennan et al.). *No* project that attempts to 'hide' behind even a single lie can ever be worthwhile - the US/Z wars are *replete* with (filthy!) lies - worst possible example, hasbara. The Zs *deliberately, continuously* lie, futilely trying to obscure their attempted criminal theft of land-never-to-be-theirs.

2a. 9/11 was a pre-prepared false-flag black-op demolition; any Muslim/Al-Q component was a) instigated / incited / fomented / subverted / co-opted / coerced / corrupted (probably all of these & more) by CIA/Mossad & b) the faux-muslim 'hijackers' were on a pre-arranged schedule. Someone knew it was coming; proof = 5 filming, *dancing* Zs in Liberty State Park - not to mention collapse videos, note especially 'NTowerExploding'. It *must* be CIA, for no foreign power could operate inside the US without them knowing, and it *must* be Mossad, following cui bono. *Only* the combination of those two had the means, motive, and opportunity - and both, an utter lack of any human decency. A "New Pearl Harbor" indeed, *precisely* to the Z-neoCon-cabal's PNAC prescription.

3. Washington consensus / neo-liberal (voodoo!) economics / globalisation = deceiving / thieving rip-offs (and see "Hit Man" and IMF *forced* SAPs).

3a. 'Life-critical' aka required services *must* be delivered at intended minimum-cost, and *most* importantly in an egalitarian fashion - basic human rights so demand. *Anything* 'for profit' *obviously* contains an 'extra = surplus' component - namely profit, most dangerously so with medicine - as the US experience explicitly demonstrates; possibly the most expensive, yet one of the worst performers. I mean, how bleedingly obvious is it, yet how blatantly, immorally denied? Excepting (still) 'free air,' there's water, sewage, roads & rail, elec. & 'phone, most of which were, under "Enlightenment" principles, delivered by the state at (close to) basic cost, all now more or less 'privatised' - to our, we the sheople's enduring cost. 'They,' the exploiters, don't even realise that we the sheople are now nearing if not already at the extreme profit-extraction limit (see US mass-unemployment & housing-boom collapse).

3b. As part of 'neo-liberalism,' the rich have been 'untaxed,' compared to a just and progressive taxation policy (adding injury to insult, taxes have been *increased* on lower income groups, i.e. Howard's *regressive* GST - but essentially 'bipartisan,' see below). At the same time, as govt. revenues have been *deliberately* reduced ('low/no deficit' mantra) - something 'had to give,' namely benefits & services. No one should ever expect a 'free lunch,' but IF (when) benefits/services are cut THEN someone's life-style is being reduced at the same time. Ever since at least Fraser's "razor gang" of Lynch, Howard, et al. attempt to cut public services, so-called govt. 'waste' has been rigorously pursued. Are such razor-gangs having measurable effect? 35 years long? Think about it...

3c. Resource-exploitation should be approaching 100% super-profit taxed, as should *all* economic rents (Keynes suggested euthanasia of the rent-seekers, one assumes figuratively - but you never can tell...)

4. Our so-called democracy is "of, by, for"-inoperative - any lie destroys it (misinformed may *not* properly decide), little/no real choice of candidate (each of Lib/Lab worse than the other), few/no honest reps (they preferentially rep. the 'big end of town'), ++.

4a. The Lib/Lab pug-ugly twins should be gaoled for misleading & mal-representation (i.e. bipartisan neo-liberalism = *not* in we, the people's interests.)

4b. Bipartisan is un- & anti-democratic; it offers the electorate *no* choice. Absolutely critical when it come to (resource!) wars and mass-slaughter-for-profit, and forcing upon us an economics system which has *demonstratively* further enriched the already obscenely rich fat-cats. And now, having 'pumped' vast sums into - primarily - the banks which *caused* the GFC, they embark on 'austerity' - aimed squarely at cutting benefits & services. Q: Cui bono here? A: Obscenely rich fat-cats don't need govt. services - it's why they exhort "starve & strangle" government.


Fazit: Our so-called 'leaders,' be they political, economic or 'spiritual' [sic] are (almost!) without exception leading us astray, we're being 'aimed' at - to be flushed - down the gurgler.

Q: Just how clever is that?


Reprise; let me say that, another way:

title: the big (ugly!) picture

theme: lies, rip-offs; murdering, thieving wars-for-spoil

1) militarisation

2) neoliberalism/privatisation

3) globalisation (= exploit the weakest)

4) ecosphere-destruction (resource-rapine; excess-CO2)

These are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; not so much a race-to-the-bottom as a lemming-like lurch down the gurgler.

Proof 1: The 63yr & continuing vicious, genocidal attacks on and ethnic cleansing of the hapless ELO/Os of Palestine.

Proof 2: The deliberate, criminal sacking-ruin of Iraq - It's the oil, stupid! (Perhaps 1.3mio+ dead, 2mio internally displaced plus 2mio more fully-fled.)

Proof 3: Hell-fire in Afghanistan & Pakistan; see 'carpet of gold/bombs' - now murdering violence wall to wall; mercilessly slaughtering the near-stone-age native peasants = more hapless ELO/Os.

Proof 4: The dire sheople-conditions in the US; possibly *worst* medical system - neoliberalism being 'aped' across the world (why??!) - 43.6mio US citizens in 'official' poverty, just under 51mio without health insurance, practically the whole country bankrupt (excepting the extreme fat-cat 'top' low-digit%; they're merely *morally* bankrupt).

Proof 5: Dire circumstances elsewhere; Africa say. Certainly anywhere the US covets resources.


Q: Which blighted 'geniuses' are bringing us the above disasters?

A: You know who they are; the ones with the most guns. Violence is the resort of the IQ-challenged!

Biggest Q of all: I can see all this coming, perhaps you too - so why can't 'they,' the smartest-of-the-smart so-called 'leaders?'

A: Beats me. But no one, not even 'they,' will avoid the inevitable consequences of failure to go totally sustainable.

Of course, it doesn't have to be like this; we could/should return to the Enlightenment-track (Liberté, égalité, fraternité, etc.); object: peace, sharing and sustainability - save the planet! Euthanase the rentiers! First, share survival and then any left-over prosperity fairly with us, we the sheople - before it's too late.

It's never too late to effectively combat injustices; confront and properly deal with the criminal perpetrators - think Nuremberg.



[1] "In The Face Of This Truth"
By Robert Jensen
20 September, 2010
  «This talk, in polite company, leads to being labeled hysterical, Chicken Little, apocalyptic. No matter that you are calm, aren’t predicting the sky falling, and have made no reference to rapture. Pointing out that we live in unsustainable systems, that unsustainable systems can’t be sustained [repetition for the slower ones], and that no person or institution with power in the dominant culture is talking about this - well, that’s obviously crazy.
But to many of us, these insights simply seem honest. To be fully alive today is to live with anguish, not for one’s own condition in the world but for the condition of the world, for a world that is in collapse. What to do when such honesty is unwelcome?»


[2] ELO/Os = erstwhile legal owner/occupiers. All innocent civilians are to be protected and their property is to be inalienable; i.e. no (trumped-up!) war may be used as an 'excuse' to plunder. US- & Z-regimes stand so indicted.