I can't complain
 nobody listens

.. but not only ...

  .. does nobody listen ...

    .. nobody ever improves anything

Thesis/Subtitle: The so-called 'world leadership' are not 'merely' corrupt & incompetent - they are viciously criminal, why is this *allowed*?

Musing: Each day goes by, little different from the preceding. No problem seems to change unless it gets worse; consider the themes of the day ... year ... century: Most important, excess-CO2 climate-change catastrophe, then war, economy, politics and so on down to family-life, health & education, jobs etc.. (another 'merely;' like basic survival issues.)


1. Climate/survival. Google: climate conference durban 2011

About 6,460,000 results

Hit #1:

Divergent views signal tough climate talks ahead
  «US chief delegate Jonathan Pershing said the United States, which shunned Kyoto as unfair, would accept legally binding emissions limits in the future as long as all major emitters took on equal legal obligations.
Opposition in Congress, which includes outspoken climate skeptics and a Republican majority generally considered climate-unfriendly, has prompted a widespread belief that US negotiators are foot-dragging on emissions issues. ...»

Comment: Instead of pursuing the only possible effective strategy - sharply *reduce* digging coal, sharply *reduce* pumping oil, then keep reducing the fossil-carbon burn until CO2 drops *below* a safe level, they haggle over details, all shouting "You first!" - But hardly anyone acts, so far nobody effectively, as is *proven* by the following:

Trigger article 1:

Scientists sound alarm over Southern Ocean warming
By Bronwyn Herbert
Updated November 29, 2011 14:20:38
  «He says satellite measurements show the Southern Ocean has been warming by about 0.2 degrees Celsius per decade.
"One of the impacts of a warming ocean may be that the ice that flows off Antarctica into the ocean may melt more rapidly," he said. ...»

Comment: Idiotic 'climate sceptics' shout "Prove it!" - Melting Southern ice proof enough? Perhaps not, so:

Trigger article 2:

Arctic sea ice is melting at its fastest pace in almost 40 years
  «Arctic sea ice has melted to a level not recorded since satellite observations started in 1972 – and almost certainly not experienced for at least 8,000 years, say polar scientists.
Last year (2010) tied with 2005 as the warmest year on record.»

Comment: That's both north & south ice; perhaps no amount of proof will ever be enough for some sceptics, but that should not stop properly clever, *real* leaders - from saving our once jewel-like planet's comfortable life-sustaining ecosphere.


2. War/murder for spoil. Google: Syrian forces murder, torture and rape

About 1,300,000 results

Hit #3:

Syrian army murdering, torturing, raping: UN
By North America correspondent Jane Cowan, wires
Updated November 29, 2011 13:53:42
  «The UN commission of inquiry interviewed more than 200 victims, witnesses and defectors.
It concluded Syrian military and security forces had committed crimes including murder, torture and rape. ...»

Comment 1: Further down in the story, this: « ... and grant access to media, aid workers and human rights monitors.»

So, to a Q: IF they are demanding access, THEN they don't have it (or don't have enough), so how can they «... interview more than 200 victims, witnesses ...?» Throughout this whole 'Syrian saga,' reports have repeated that reports cannot be verified - looping, on *no* information. Which itself strongly suggests that the UN is believing something (here, the worst about Syria) - in the absence of evidence. Or simply lying outright.

Comment 2: Not just the AusBC which is corrupt & venal, but most of the (mainly 'Western') MSM as well; they retail lies but not only, they embellish = assist the lying, criminal perpetrators, here the aggressors preparing to strike Syria.

Comment 3: Other stories mention snipers - as did the stories about Libya, and children being killed. Snipers are by definition hidden; how to the reporters presume to prove their allegations? In clear text, how would anyone know that snipers were active? If children are in the demos - unlikely, even less likely to be targeted by government forces, why are children there at all? (Possible A: To flash V-for-victory signs for the Hollywood camera teams.) What of parental responsibility?

Comment 4: Stories of snipers, rape etc. are *most likely* to be nothing but lying propaganda, because of the revulsion the stories are designed to invoke. Good one, AusBC.

Comment 5: Here, of course, I'm not blaming Syria, but the gathering murder-for-spoil vultures about to add to this (post 9/11) list: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and after Syria is destroyed, Iran next. All ME, all Muslim/Arab, all oil-owners and/or in some way 'enemies' of Israel, that illegitimate and murdering land/property thief foist upon the world by the I/J/Z-plex, with 'great' power support = UK + US, 'allowed' via the corrupted UN - and apparently tolerated when not sycophantically supported by the majority - of so-called *leaders* (as distinct from we, the people.)


3. Economy/erring ideology. Google: obama US help EU but no money

About 46,300,000 results

Hit #1:

Obama offers EU support, but no money
(Nov. 28)

  «Wary of Europe's deepening debt crisis, President Barack Obama said Monday the United States stands ready to do its part to help the continent, even as the White House ruled out any financial contributions from U.S. taxpayers. ...» 

Comment 1: How can the US help, without moving some $s? Cheering? - "C'mon!" - Yeah, that would just about do it.

Comment 2: The fact that the EU has a crisis, and even more, the fact that the world got the GFC thrust upon it/us, means that the economic theories they 'adhere' to are nothing other than *bloody rubbish*.

Comment 3: That the economic theories they 'adhere' to are *rubbish* has been long known (to this observer); we can see how neoliberalism, 'economic rationalism,' globalisation; all together = race to the bottom for workers, wages & conditions has worked - see immediately prior comment 2 - yet I hear no so-called 'leader' deny neoliberalism, only ever doing 'more of the (neoliberal) same' = known disaster. Why? Are they all sooo stupid?


4. Life, the universe and everything.

Dear reader, by now you might have seen my point; the penny might have dropped. I could go on, but I'm assuming you don't have all day to read an ever-longer litany of woes. Either your family-life, health & education, jobs etc. are all under control or not, and let us not get 'hung up' on individual stories, but look to a bigger picture. Which is grim, and exactly my point.


Fazit; long story short: Our so-called 'leaders' are not 'stand-alone,' they have advisors, whole government departments, university faculties, private think-tanks etc., all churning out, one might expect, the best possible advice.

Ignoring what they say, in favour of inspecting what they actually do, one may see that what they, our so-called 'leaders' are producing are utter disasters, as good as everywhere we look.

Recalling 'the best possible advice,' and think of the computing GIGO = garbage-in, garbage-out, it can only mean that the orders to the advisors are specifically to create the criminal-chaos we see resulting.

Dear reader, you may now make your own conclusion to this, my sad tale.


the leaky bucket vs.
 the magic pudding
- somebody is lying

.. we, the people are immersed in a lie-cloud ...

  .. namely, the pushed-propaganda paradigm ...

    .. forcibly dumbed-down - but what about the liars?

Thesis: OWS blames the 1% (= ultra-rich) for the troubles inflicted on the 99% (= we, the people).

Me: I blame a wider group, namely the M/I/C/4a-plex[1]; of course, these are mainly 'front' organisations for the actual beneficiaries, the aforesaid (possibly fewer than) 1% = the obscenely rich - who, oddly enough, just can't get enough (here $s), so they drive the M/I/C/4a-plex to make the mostly already rich *ever richer*, partly by ripping us (we, the people) off but not only; they rip much of rest of the world off as well (like any/all resource-owner/producers, especially oil, or in the criminally tragic case of stolen = invader-Z improperly-alienated Palestine, soil). And if the resource-owner/producers don't immediately capitulate/surrender their patrimony, then in goes the US (or Z) military (see Perkins' "Economic Hit Man").


I don't need to prove my above assertions; all any fair person needs to do is a) open their eyes and b) *look* - all obvious (once the 'normal,' usually TV-propagated 'ppp/dd conditioning' is bypassed/abandoned).

Also obvious, is that US-style capitalism (no other style currently permitted) - seems to *need* rip-offs and criminal violence up to and including mass-murder for spoil (prototyped in pre-'48 Palestine (Plan Dalet, Deir Yassin massacre, etc.), all the 63+ years to today passing illegal invasions of Iraq, latest Libya and Iran next?) - in order just to struggle along. Surely, if they didn't need it, they wouldn't do it? (Risking Nuremberg-class punishment, say.) Looks like they do it, not 'merely' because they can, but because they *want* to. To save our world, the 1% + M/I/C/4a-plex cannot be allowed to so continue.


So, what's about 'the leaky bucket vs. the magic pudding?'

Well, that's another thing the 'new economics' seems to need - permanent growth, i.e. a 'magic pudding.'

Seems to need - but doesn't exist, because of the 'leaky bucket' twice; once since we have a finite planet ("Limits to Growth," 1972), and 2nd because of 'leakage' = 2nd law of thermodynamics = everything wears out, full-stop. Part of the leakage & 2nd law combined is pollution; IF we poison the planet THEN we all stand to die sooner, if carried too far then the human race itself may be endangered. CO2 is a pollutant, it is going / has gone into excess, the Arctic ice is melting; no coincidences, please.


One glaring, outright & deliberate lie[2] is all one needs to derail the 1%-wagon, and 'needs - but doesn't exist' is such a grievous lie exposed, twice. Of course, there are many other lies, outrageous on their face, like “increasing productivity by reducing workers' wages & conditions is good for you!” Shame, also twice, a) that they push such lies, then b) that such lies are apparently 'accepted' (then recall 'ppp dd' = pushed-propaganda paradigm dumbed-down.)

Another glaring, outright & deliberate lie is that 'the market knows best,' and so it goes. *All* these pernicious neoliberal lies are culminating in economic collapse almost everywhere, to which the currently preferred 'fix' is austerity - which will only drive the collapses further, faster.

Previously mentioned, and cannot be ignored, is the excess-CO2 climate-catastrophe cliff, which the 1% + M/I/C/4a-plex are driving the world over - aka down the tor-let.


Only a few of the lies we are immersed in have been mentioned, but the lying, on important topics, is practically seamless (indeed, the lies form a coordinated, 'narrative' guided - but nevertheless false - tapestry). Since we are lied to, we cannot make rational electoral decisions (possible exception: Choose your preferred liar.) Since the so-called 'representatives' once elected proceed to abuse our interests, any so-called 'democracy' we may be offered is a total sham. So we, the people have no effective input, are allowed none.

Long story short: The rulers are stuffing the world up.

Q: Where is the countervailing force, the truly smart people who could stop the vicious, lying & criminal 1% + M/I/C/4a-plex killing our once jewel-like planet, dragging *all* of us down with it?



[1] M/I/C/4a-plex = Military-Industrial (as per Eisenhower), then Congress (US for parliaments), the 4th Estate = corrupt & venal (including lying) MSM and 'a' = whatever parts of academia wanted by the 1% and prepared to sell-out - which seems to be lots, starting with economics (neoliberalism, 'economic rationalism,' globalisation; all together = race to the bottom for workers, wages & conditions) and psychology (more lying = scientifically designed propaganda).

[2] lie2  - n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives.  - v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English] [POD]

you don't know what you've got
 ‘Til it's gone -
  google's lying cache

.. one thing I condemn ...

  .. *more* than censorship ...

    .. is deliberately damaged data

Thesis/Subtitle: Lying is a crime; it's the entry crime enabling progress to cheating, theft & murder.


Q: Why do crims rob banks?

A: It's where the money is.

Similarly, crims cannot have (successful) lives of crime without lying about it - for to admit to a crime is (normally) a one-way ticket straight to gaol (*un*-normal = if the cops are corrupt pigs and/or the laws are rigged. Hmmm, think about corrupt cops & rigged laws for a few secs. Our so-called 'leadership' has a lot to answer for - only just laws may earn respect; only cops on our, we the people's side can properly support just laws.)

Point: IF google sabotages its own cache THEN it means that the cache/index is not correct; that means a google search is *not* guaranteed to return correct results - which is a crime against truth.

I have proof of such errors, i.e. that the cache -> index is not correct.

Note: *One* data/cache/index fault = error puts *all* into question;

 - one cannot know what is *missing* from any search.

  .. you don't know what you've got ‘Til it's gone...


if US democracy has any
 meaning at all, then it's this:
  ABO; means Anyone But Obama

.. IF reps play up ...

  .. THEN no option but ...

    .. de-elect (Note: *after* the damage is done!)

Thesis/Subtitle: One must *never* reward such malfeasance.


Trigger article:

Obama’s Pepper Spraying Cops
November 22, 2011
Dave Lindorff
  «The Obama presidency has been one of the greatest disasters for progressives in modern history, as a man who ran for office promising change and a new respect for the Constitution, almost immediately picked up where his predecessor had left off, escalating the country’s illegal wars, enlarging the share of the nation’s wealth going to the Pentagon and to the secret intelligence services, shoveling money to the biggest banks, endorsing the torture abuses at Guantanamo and at the many CIA black-sites around the world, authorizing the summary execution of American citizens abroad, and ignoring the looming catastrophe of global climate change.» 

Comment: Agreed without the 'almost;' Obama's villainy began even before his 'reign' started by his refusal to condemn the then-current Z-atrocity, being the slaughter of ~1400 Palestinians, mostly civilian, in the 08/9 illegal, full-on military attack on the (open-air prison) Gaza.

For the entire world, Obama's been a one-way, *bad* trip.

He should not be allowed to stay, full stop.

euthanasia of the rentiers

Keywords: Out-sourcing, off-shoring, down-sizing, lean- & mean-ing.

Had the already rich fat-cats not been sooo greedy, they might have got away with it.

Starting with Thatcher and Reagan, neoliberalism = globalism, economic rationalism, voodoo economics, whatever you like to call it, but 'the system' was successively changed, with the current chaos as the result, with the 1% ripping-off the 99% and governments going broke = forced into austerity incl. privatisations plus toll-booths being forced onto the commons almost everywhere. What the WB/IMF = "Economic Hit Men" forced onto the 3rd world, what US "Shock'n Whore" brought to Iraq and now Libya, is now being forced onto the 1st world by the US-regime, WB/IMF & the EU, to the benefit of Wall St & other private banks and the mostly already obscenely rich fat-cat shareholders who stand behind them.

Now every questionable practice, and that includes every little neoliberal thing, needs to be closely examined.

The direction is not now and probably never was sustainable - due to extremism of the neoliberal program. It's only common sense, that if taxes are cut, mainly to benefit the rich, that wages and conditions are reduced, jobs shipped overseas and expenditures = 'benefits' for the very less well-off are reduced if not eliminated, then happiness/contentment stands to be reduced in parallel. Yet those reductions were exactly what were and still are being forced upon the 99%. The only 'excuses' offered (that I'm aware of) were that 'a smaller share of a larger pie may in fact itself be larger' and 'a rising-tide lifts all boats.' Didn't happen; some baubles (= wide/flat TVs, say) got 'cheaper' - largely because of sweat-shop labour & ignored externalities (like pollution = destroying habitat, but only "not in our (immediate) backyard.")

Productivity is one thing, but anything which causes a shift of wealth from the people to the already rich fat-cats is - basically - wrong, because egalitarian implies at least sharing, and that fairly. (The extension after 'at least' is transfers to the needy - i.e. would you let someone bleed to death for lack of cash, or would you staunch the bleeding 'for free' = community cost?)

Consider cost-plus vs. the rip-off that economic-rent is.

The cost of digging Iraqi oil up is estimated at ~$1,- but crude oil is traded at between $91 (Texas) and $121 (Tapis) and 'no,' I can't explain the vast difference. But $91 to $121 - $1 = $90 to $120 'profit' = resource- = economic-rent. Q: Who does this 'profit' belong to, a) the resource owners (we the people) or b) the miners? Why? (Note that "because that's capitalism" is not a good answer, because equity[1](= the 'justice' aspect) must be part of any acceptable answer. Because we the people = 99% are civilised.)

As for Iraqi oil, so Aus coal & iron-ore etc.. Hence the attempt at an MRRT by Labor, now successful but at a too-low % & coverage.

Some of the problems are lies[2] (venal MSM incl. big bits of the AusBC), vested interests (the miners and their fat-cat shareholders) and outright corruption (so-called 'representatives' who sell us, we the people, out.)

Another (big, bigger, BIGGEST) problem is that the greedy neoliberals do not stop with self-enrichment, they - because they also just happen to control the world - are driving us off an environmental cliff = down the excess-CO2 climate-catastrophe tubes = down the tor-let.

Recall that "Foxes do not soil their own nests."

Which makes foxes smarter than the 1%.

Solution? Please refer to my headline.


PS Kindly note, that we the people are *not* to blame.

A principal tenet of democracy theory is "You get the government you deserve." Oh, really?

This is wrong in at least three ways; 1) dumbed-down electors (lying MSM), 2) dumb choice of candidates (bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic), then 3) even dumber representatives - who sell us out to vested interests = lobby-ocracy.

It means that 'the system' is broken; just as we didn't vote our way in, having been falsely informed(bad), given false choices(worse) then being betrayed(worst) - so we can't vote our way out (even if now better = internet informed), hence an OWS-type methodology, perhaps.

Economic theory has effectively become a monoculture of erring ideologists - thanks to Friedman-Hayek&Co and corrupt 1% patronage, see here for more on the vile & criminal M/I/C/4a-plex = corrupt & undemocratic tyrannical plutocracy. After the rentiers, then rest of the guilty. Warm up the tumbrels.



[1] equity  n. (pl. -ies) 1 fairness. 2 principles of justice used to correct or supplement the law. 3 a value of the shares issued by a company. b (in pl.) stocks and shares not bearing fixed interest. [Latin aequitas: related to *equal] [POD]

[2] lie2  -n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. -v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive. give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English] [ibid.]


position vacant - applications called for

The US/Zs attack at leisure. No one is safe.

Iraq and Libya had high HDIs, now both bombed back to the stone-age.

At the same time, the world is going down the tubes (fig. being flushed down the tor-let), by excess and still climbing atmospheric CO2 concentration.

Most 'Western' nations, plus other psychotic sycophants, not only do not resist, they collaborate. (i.e. Rasmussen/DK, Gillard/Aus, say - but why Merkel/D? Is she / are they sooo stupid?)

Democracy is a 'non-starter' (= doesn't work, not allowed to work) - so don't blame us, we the sheople.

What's needed is a countervailing *force* (recall 'pen mightier than sword') - to turn our ecosphere's outlook around = save the planet ...

 .. and not just BTW, restore sanity & justice to the world, starting with honouring the hapless Palestinians 'right of return' = all Zionists, dependants & descendants *out* & back to whence they came.

Bonus available for an elegant, more for a quick, *effective* result.

Envisaged solution to include gaol/tumbrels/gallows for all irresponsible lying / cheating / thieving / murdering perpetrators & accessories, also apologists & pro-war trolls.


you know it's wrong
 by the unjust results;
  all known in advance

.. coincidences ...

  .. could happen; ...

    .. this is conspiracy

Key quote: "Bad news, boys."

'Conspiracy[1]' theories:

Elvis is still alive ... and living somewhere in exile.

UFOs, ETs, area 51, alien abductions & flying saucers.

The CIA was intimately involved in the JFK assassination.

The invasions of Iraq & Libya were murders for spoil.

The world is 'run' by mostly Jewish bankers.

9/11 was an 'inside' (CIA/Mossad) job.

Some deity promised it to us[3]!

Disclosure: My aim is best described as IDWT = I Don't Want Trouble, not for myself personally, not for my family & friends, nor for truth, peace & justice seekers any/everywhere. But I *do* want trouble (including with 'extreme prejudice') for dickheads everywhere who rip-off their neighbours and otherwise indulge in unjust and/or cruel, often criminal behaviours.

Preamble: The absolute worst of the worst dickheads are those who are *failing* to prevent the excess-CO2 climate-change catastrophe.

The 2nd worst of the worst dickheads are those who murder for spoil, primarily the US & Z rogue-regimes, plus those who are *failing* to prevent the thieving carnage.

The 3rd worst of the worst dickheads are those who are *reversing* previous progress towards 'the Enlightenment.'

Thesis: That all these dickheads are in the one 'boat' named so-called 'leaders,' and that they are involved in a conscious conspiracy against us, we the people.


Discussion: I don't care a fig for Elvis or ETs, except to note that a) such conspiracy theories are obviously nutty, and b) the nuttiness is pushed onto *all* conspiracy theories, as a way of dismissing both any substance and the theorists themselves - not quite fair and in fact viciously fallacious, especially when a 'conspiracy theory' offers a better explanation than the 'official line' does. I.e. the *three* 9/11 towers did *not* fall due to jet-fuel fires alone (if to fires at all); the three towers had 'help' of some explosive kind, planted by agents unknown (but see five dancing Israelis jumping for joy in Liberty State Park) - either totally missed (= inconceivably criminal incompetence) or actively assisted by the CIA or such, say. See my "9/11 as test of 'belief'." That *someone* knew is supported by the far too many odd coincidences (recall "We don't do coincidences"); like none of the four allegedly hijacked planes 'squawked' the appropriate hijack codes, NORAD was effectively 'stood down,' the incredible accuracy of the flying, etc. - and WTC7. IF anyone knew THEN the CIA, in addition (to Cheney, say) or (less likely) alone.

I don't care to discuss the JFK assassination, except for two observations, 1) the CIA operates covertly; secrecy is an enemy of democracy (not IF but WHEN misused), a covert agency is the *obvious* place for a 'secret government' = crooked conspiracy and 2) the sometimes alarming inaccuracy & incompleteness of the 'official explanation' leaving room for massive suspicion = conspiracy theories (now looping, but applies to 9/11 'in spades.')

That the invasions of Iraq & Libya were murders for spoil should not be seriously in doubt; even if oil is not the whole story, we know that the US legislature is 'owned' by the Zionists (who hated Saddam [About 1,230,000 results] & Gaddafi [About 6,870,000 results]), and then there's US hegemony. Back to oil, sure they (US+) could just buy it, but they always want the lot = control (to deny China, say) and max-$s = economic rent. Then Greenspan told us.

If the world is run by mostly Jewish bankers is a bit moot, both on the Jewish (hoist with their own Zionist petard[3]) and the running; what we can see is the world going ever deeper into debt to the banks, who are now strangling whole countries almost everywhere (currently working on the PIIGS), be the stranglers WB, IMF, EU or Goldman Sachs&Co = Wall St.. Concomitant with strangling is the grabbing of wealth from the 99% = us, we the people for the benefit of the already obscenely rich 1%, ergo OWS.

Call it neoliberalism, globalisation, economic rationalism or whatever, the most notable aspect is the near-simultaneous application almost everywhere, bipartisanly = un- & anti-democratically, and the lack of any definitive argument let alone countervailing theory. All too simply done; promise tax-cuts to the voters then cut taxes mostly off the rich, allow social-service 'benefits' to bankrupt the governments, then rip the people off via privatisations AND slashing benefits. The 'austerity' being demanded will drive the spiral ever lower.

One thing on the political/financial system should be observed above all: It is *not* operating in we the people's interests, again ergo OWS.

Proof: By the nature of conspiracies (= secret criminal plan), proof is a bit hard to come by, especially when lacking sufficient leaks/whistle blowers, say. [Imagine a CIA defector, and how long s/he might 'last.'] So we turn to less direct methods, here circumstantial evidence; Q: Who is visibly doing what to whom, and then ask cui bono?

A: Possibly for some, a surprise answer; look carefully at national broadcasters = publicly-financed, like 'our' AusBC. The lies[2] have to reach us somehow, and it is no surprise at all that Murdoch's theAus has been lying to us for longer than I can recall (with a noteworthy early episode being the 100+ day attack on Whitlam & his govt..) That 'private enterprise' may lie in pursuit of profit is a 'given;' it is one of the holiest of capitalist 'principles.' But 'our' AusBC was (repeat *was*, still *is*) expected to be different; as publicly-financed, I expected the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. Wrong, both my naïveté & their modus operandi. In a nutshell, 'our' AusBC lies to us, deliberately (they are so-called 'professionals' = many Uni graduates, after all - and to our cost. Point: They should know lie from fact, it's their *job*). The proof of AusBC's perfidy is their biased = lying, pro-Zionist reporting. Shocker. They should not lie at all, yet they lie to support a foreign, criminal project. But then thinking; Q: Why, how come? A: The AusBC's *specific* task is to propagandise = lie to us, with bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic support. Nothing else fits.

IF one can accept that, THEN all the other pieces start falling into place. It means that Lib/Lab are proven to collude, for if not then at government change-over, the AusBC would be slaughtered for supporting l'ancien régime. (In fact the AusBC seems to prefer Liberal, an utter outrage against 'balance' - and Q: You wonder why Labor tolerates it? A: Because Lib, Lab + AusBC all lie together in the same - conspiracy. This is not a loop, it's an observable fact.) Similarly from country to country, the leaders of the minnows collude/cave in to their 'masters,' the US & Z rogue-regimes. The only question becomes how freely they cave vs. the degree of coercion. That coercion exists is clear; look no further than the Zionist 'possession' of the US legislature. Watching the pro-Israel grovelling is truly sickening.

The charges are serious (= deliberately disadvantaging us, we the 99%), and as the dirty deeds include mass-murdering for spoil (Iraq, Libya, Iran next?) - so should the penalties be; warm up the tumbrels.


PS Q: How wide is the conspiracy? A: Recall Eisenhower's warning about the Military-Industrial complex. Now that the politicians = so-called 'leaders' are in, now that the publicly-financed broadcasters are in, a further addition is academics (they brew up and/or do not challenge 'voodoo economics' = neoliberalism, others brew up psychological manipulations = pushed-propaganda paradigm), we get military, industrial, Congress (US for parliament), 4th estate = corrupt & venal MSM incl. national broadcasters and finally academics, all together the vile & criminal M/I/C/4a-plex. Oh yeah, add in the militarised cops = pigs.



[1] conspiracy  n. (pl. -ies) 1 secret plan to commit a crime; plot. 2 conspiring. [Latin: related to *conspire] [POD]

[2] lie2  -n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. -v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English] [ibid.]

[3] This one is not so much a conspiracy as a risible, lying gambit. Its interest lies in deploying an imaginary being (as a feeble 'excuse') to a real-world, criminal circumstance, namely the premeditated theft of an entire country by aggressive, armed invading aliens (= Zionists) from the hapless, mostly Palestinian erstwhile legal owner/occupiers = ELO/Os. This Zionist outrage has the potential to bring shame and dishonour to every Jew on the planet, only those who do their utmost (and succeed) in restoring justice to the Palestinians, including proper compensation and the revesting of all improperly alienated land/property or more and acceptable compensation, may hope to escape such shame and dishonour.


no choice
 = no chance;
  effective action required

.. business as usual = current trends to continue ...

  .. ever more war & CO2 = catastrophe ...

    .. that all OK with you?

Subtitle: None should doubt the seriousness of the problems facing us, nor the apparent and total inability of our so-called 'leaders' = usurping puppet/tyrants to even recognise the problem, let alone moving to save our once jewel-like planet's comfortable life-supporting ecosphere.
[update, 19Nov'11]

Disclosure: My aim is best described as IDWT = I Don't Want Trouble, not for myself personally, not for my family & friends, nor for truth, peace & justice seekers any/everywhere. But I *do* want trouble (including with 'extreme prejudice') for liars, cheats, thieves & murderers = US-regime, Israeli-regime (aka Z-ray-hell), plus all SQSH-Os = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on and their filthy accessories, apologists and propagandistic = lying, criminal internet trolls. Also *professional* liars, aka the corrupt & venal MSM, including big bits of the AusBC.


Trigger article 1:

November 17, 2011
The Good Old Days – They Were Simpler
Menu for Today’s Tricky Planet: Use Your Head
by Gabriel Kolko
  «The first and most important consideration is that the world’s status quo is heading toward disasters - political and military, ecological, and economic. Violence both between and within countries and ethnic groups is more and more common. A handful of dominant nations - the United States being the preeminent - control the world’s future to a large degree, ... » 

Comment: The US *rogue* regime, plus its illegitimate side-kick Israel dominate the world via lies and coercion = ultimately physical violence. They dominate not to lead but to rip-off, hence their ultimate modus operandi: Murder for spoil. That is not the pinnacle of human intelligence but its nadir.

Trigger article 2:

Desktop “Militants” And Public Intellectuals
By James Petras
17 November, 2011
  «In the context of the rise of neo-liberal ideology and policies, many progressive writers argue about the “decline of the public sphere”. This argument overlooks the fact that the “public sphere” has increased its role in society, economy and politics on behalf of capital, especially financial capital and foreign investors. The “public sphere”, specifically the state is much more intrusive in civil society as a repressive force, particularly as neo-liberal policies increase inequalities. ...» 

Comment 1: Almost the worst 4-letter word on the planet: "Neoliberalism." If ever there was an erring ideology, this is it. Neoliberalism may not be our only problem, but it certainly is a key contributor, along with lies, cheating and theft, ending with murder for spoil.

Comment 2; a Q: How did we get neoliberalism? A: Bipartisanly.


1. The UK; started by Thatcher, continued by Blair.

2. The US; started by Reagan, continued by Clinton.

3. In Aus; started by Hawke/Keating, continued by Howard.

But: Bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic (no choice, see?)


Then: It's the same with support for the US, Israel, wars in general and fossil-fuel burning in particular. We the voters cannot choose a way out, for both Lib/Lab give us essentially the same bipartisan result; choosing Green or some lesser 3rd party is to retreat to the margins.

More: Our so-called 'democracy' is sham; a) lied-to voters (we are) cannot make informed choices, b) as above; bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic = no meaningful choice of candidates, and c) when elected, our so-called 'representatives' more often than not work against our, we the people's interests.

With no action, all we'll get is more of the same = catastrophe.

With no choice we have no chance - unless we the people ourselves begin and complete the effective actions required to save our planet. Perhaps OWS is trying to show us a way; man the barricades, prepare the tumbrels.


Update, 19Nov'11; PS Whereas the prime threat to humans' continued existence on roughly the current scale (~7bio+) is the excess-CO2 caused climate catastrophe, the biggest moral threat comes from the rogue regimes of the US and Israel.

Trigger article 1:

UN passes fresh Iran nuclear resolution
Posted November 19, 2011 07:27:42
  «That in turn is likely to disappoint Israel, which has not ruled out military action against its arch-foe if diplomatic means fail to stop a nuclear program which the Jewish state sees as an existential threat. ... » 

Comment 1: Israel may have 200-300 nuclear weapons, the US is known to have 1000s (like 5,113, say). Both are in breach of UN laws; if anyone is under nuclear-threat it is the entire non-US/Z world. Consider the statement from Obama: 'All Options on the Table' Over Alleged Iran Plot (or even if Iran looks sideways, one assumes). It is a crime to threaten - aggressive war the worst.

Comment 2: Consider the intemperate language: arch-foe. It is not, never has been, that Iran is threatening anyone; exactly the opposite - as Israel [and/or the US] "has not ruled out military action" *proves* (over and over again). 1st the UK (starting when they began to switch their navy from coal to oil fuel), then the US and now Israel (plus a few other immoral externals like France) are the ME-aggressors.

Comment 3: Like Nuremberg-class war crimes ("To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole"), this 'story' from the AusBC contains within itself accumulated evil by the bucket-full.

1. In the 1st instance, Israel has no right to exist - since it sits on land violently stolen from the mainly Palestinian erstwhile legal owner/occupiers (ELO/Os), and similarly has no right to defend such improperly alienated land/property. The immoral, illegal Z-project should have been terminated - by the UN - no later than Plan Dalet including the Deir Yassin massacre, etc. outrages showed the world what filthy, murdering criminal thieves the invading Zionists were (and still are). Israel cannot be de-legitimised, since it was from the very beginning an outlaw-construct, i.e. never legitimate (= immoral) - the UN had/has no valid authority to allow the violent dispossession of almost an entire country. The 'creation' of Israel was nothing other than a slow-motion war of aggression = Nuremberg-class war crime.

1a. The incredibly biased, pro-Israel reporting by the AusBC - over all the years that I can recall - provides absolute *proof* that the AusBC is itself another rogue.

2. In the 2nd instance, there is no proof of Iran's intent, and even if there were, so what? Iran is already under heavy surveillance (while no one is allowed so much as a peep into Dimona - but many thanks, Vanunu.) Given the asymmetry (many 1000s to 1), Iran could never do a "1st use" - but it could retaliate, such nuclear-gaming was and still is behind the MAD-doctrine. In a nutshell, having just one nuke would effectively prevent a US/Z attack - must be a 100% +ve, yes?

2a. More language: "Last week's IAEA report presented a stash of intelligence ..." - both the US and Z-ray-hell are known to 'invent' = lie; see 'reports' about 'stolen (Iranian) laptops,' say. Use of "stash," even if merely 'stenographed' by the AusBC shows its unprofessionalism.

3. That the UN can so act *proves* (over and over again) that the UN is itself corrupt. From 1948, allowing the horrible travesty that is Israel, from not stopping the aggressive, "Shock'n Whore" attack on Iraq 2003, then 2011 = now allowing the US/NATO(F+UK) rape of Libya, the UN shows itself as part of the problem - exactly the opposite of its stated purpose. When someone says one thing and does another, that's the exact definition of "Liar!"

4. "The IAEA's 35-nation board passed a resolution with a clear majority ..." illustrates how democracy is perverted, by US/Z coercion of the SQSH-Os = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on. These people, so-called 'diplomats' are much better briefed (one would think) than I can ever be, yet they collude with the world's worst rogues against a hapless picked-upon oil-owner = Iran, just because the US can't bring Iran 'to heel' (why should it?) - and Israel continuously quivers in its illegitimate boots - because Israel knows it's 100% in the wrong, and deserves one day to be brought to justice. Best, soonest.


Trigger article 2:

Arctic sea ice is melting at its fastest pace in almost 40 years
John Vidal, environment editor
guardian.co.uk, Sunday 11 September 2011 22.20 BST
  «Arctic sea ice has melted to a level not recorded since satellite observations started in 1972 – and almost certainly not experienced for at least 8,000 years, say polar scientists. ... » 

Comment: As long as there remains just a bit of ice in the Esky, the beer can remain cool. The Arctic ice is going, soon to be gone.


Fazit: The world is warming dangerously, most probably catastrophically - due to a) human action = burning ever-more fossil-carbon, but more importantly b) due to a total lack of effective action from our so-called 'leaders,' who prefer to play at war = murder for spoil, than work on our behalf to save the planet. Time they, as all other criminals, were brought to justice. Best, soonest.