s**t, c**p & corruption (lies and propaganda)

.. was a popular expression ...

  .. oh, so long ago now, in what ...

    .. quite literally were - the 'good old days'


The 'good old days,' that is, *before* the realisation dawned on me (but only due to diligent digging into the recent past ('45+), provoked by a few filthy, criminal villains active in the 'here and now') - just how deeply our world has been and still is drowning in:

Ta ra! - Shit, crap & corruption!

The shit and crap are the lies and propaganda (when separate) that they drown is in, and the corruption is in the 'news services' who a) conduit the foul BS and b) (worse!) actively augment it.

I should not need to give examples (always assuming an informed readership), but just to be 'more safe & less sorry:'

1. The illegal (mainly US plus UK poodle & Aus dag) invasion of Iraq, now morphed into a brutal occupation: Murder for oil. They just don't stop; Afghanistan was 1st to have its sand rearranged - and drenched in overwhelmingly natives' blood - and after the 7-year Iraq 'excursion,' they're *still* killing in Afghanistan & Iraq, now extending to 'AfPak.'

The main lies: "Saddam has WMD!" "We will disarm him!"

2. All ditto by Zs in Palestine (47+) including more natives' blood: murder for Lebensraum. Note that the Zs came from far and near: *All* the Zs already had some place to live; it makes the Zs indisputably Nuremberg-class invaders.

The main lies: "Some g*d promised it to us!" "David vs. Goliath!"

Both these and many more grave crimes against humanity have been 'hidden' behind a screen of lies and propaganda - or were largely hidden (there have been good people who have seen behind the deceptions - but those good people have always been kept marginalised) - I write 'hidden' in quotes because such extreme and hideaous crimes can neither be truly hidden nor obscured for too long - but nevertheless, the smoke-and-lie screen was/is pushed through and *actively by* the MSM - main-stream media, including to our great shame and absolute outrage, 'our' AusBC.

Boo! Hiss!


Lies and propaganda; what good are they? Think: a) most sheople are totally dumbed-down (it can hardly be much of an achievement: To fool deliberately weakened sheople - I mean no disrespect but simply note the facts), then b) even if properly informed, the sheople have no effective choice (no matter who we vote for, we get *bipartisan* warmongers), then c) what ever it is that the sheople might want, they'll as good as never get it - because our so-called representatives do *not* represent us, we the sheople, so much as 'the big end of town' – whenever that big end of town wants something different - they get it - to our, we the sheople's, cost. Bah!

The warmongers will have their murder-for-spoil wars; we can't stop them, nor ever so slightly hinder them even. With high- going higher unemployment, the cannon-fodder queues will only get longer - so why lie to us? It just makes the murderers look *vastly worse*. It's as if they have guilty consciences? Just how utterly bizarre is that?


PS It has come to my attention (again!) that a certain search-engine (SE) is 'available,' shall we say, to manipulation. Specifically here, selective and targeted non-indexing and cache-clearing. Grim; it means:

a) The SE simply *cannot* be trusted, and of course,

b) The SE is in the Z's pocket and probably others' and

c) (worst!) when one does a search, one can never know if the results are 'the best,' i.e. optimal. On critical themes (Zs again? No, still. Grrr!) - one can almost guarantee not.

Another boo! Hiss!

This SE is a 'public service,' even if totally privatised. As such, it should deliver:

"The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

Tested - and found defective.

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