prima facie count-rigging
 and blatant pro-Lib AusBC bias

.. gobsmacking! ...

  .. right in the middle ...

    .. of the tightest election ever:

The AEC coolly says: "eight seats have now been temporarily removed from the count."


Trigger article:

Coalition snatches vote lead from Labor
By Sarah Collerton
Updated August 30, 2010 23:25:00
  «Julia Gillard had been using Labor's two-party preferred lead as a reason why the independents should back her party to form a minority government.
But that argument may have disintegrated, with the latest election figures showing the Coalition now holds a lead of more than 1900 votes on a two-party preferred basis.
A recalculation means eight seats have now been temporarily removed from the count.»

Comment 1: Impossible! The AEC needs reminding: One wo/man, one vote, and *all* go into the count. Nothing else makes sense, what the bloody hell are they playing at?

Comment 2: An outright lie! It is only possible to write ".. the Coalition now holds a lead" since the published figures have been fiddled; if the true figures were to be used, the statement is simply *untrue*. As such, this amounts to a lie from the AusBC. Not so BTW, the 'rolling count' at the bottom of each election-coverage article has never included the Greens seat in the ALP count, although that Green has indicated he is 'on board' with Labor. On the other hand, the new 'independent' National from WA is always included by the AusBC in the coalition tally, although that National has formally declared he does *not* wish to be included in the coalition. This is *more* evidence (adding to the veritable landslide) towards AusBC pro-Lib bias. Alleging pro-Lab bias simply doesn't pass the 'giggle test' - for reasonably intelligent observers; it's a filthy pro-Lib misleading propaganda ploy.

2nd article:

Vote count strips Labor's legitimacy: Bishop
By Sarah Collerton
Updated August 31, 2010 01:28:00
  «"It's hard to see what moral authority or legitimacy Julia Gillard can now claim."
Ms Bishop says the Coalition is now significantly ahead on Labor on "all counts".
"The primary vote, the two-party preferred, ...»

Comment 3: No. The "the two-party preferred" count - as now 'fiddled' - has absolutely *no* legitimacy.

Comment 4: Any fool can see that following (3), Ms Bishop is utterly incautious at best and possibly an outright liar for using 'fiddled' figures. She must know of the fiddle. She would rule us; do we really want such rulers?

Comment 5: Note the headline-language deployed by the AusBC: "snatches vote lead" & "strips Labor's legitimacy". Depraved and more; factually wrong. It's the AEC who's doing the counting, all the rest of us are witnesses and *no one* can *snatch* anything. As for 'legitimacy,' Howard ruled for a session based on a minority of the count - did he acknowledge that as illegitimate? The AusBC are supposed to be unbiased reporters, paid for by our (we the sheople's) taxes.

Latest article:

Labor back in front as election lead see-saws
Updated August 31, 2010 12:17:00
  «But this morning Greens leader Bob Brown says the figure is meaningless because eight seats have been taken out of the equation.
"If you look at the whole of Australia and you treat every seat equally, when you do that Labor's ahead and is likely to keep that lead right the way through to the finishing pole," he said.
Writing in his ABC blog this morning, Mr Green said the AEC's current count was incomplete without all 150 seats included.»

Comment 6: Some sanity; better be effective.


Fazit: What is this, Repug-style vote manipulation? Heads must roll - at both the AEC & the AusBC.

  Where is my vote??! 

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