the numbers 'game;'
  9/11 = 1939 + 1984, and
   'staying the course' to catastrophe

drafting - under review

Obama: «... the one thing I didn't lose sleep over was the possibility of taking bin Laden out. Justice was done. And I think that anyone who would question that the perpetrator of mass murder on American soil didn't deserve what he got needs to have their head examined.»

1. "taking bin Laden out[*]" was murder (intentional unlawful killing of a human being by another [POD]); alternates = extrajudicial killing, assassination, summary execution = lynching of an uncharged (and unarmed) *suspect*.

*[mini update, 18:19]

2. "Justice was done" is wrong; justice = warrant obtained, arrested, charged, tried before an impartial jury who may convict and only then sentenced. The US attacked in the middle of the pitch-black moonless night, dropping out of the sky in stealth helicopters, guns blazing, blowing holes in walls, kicking down doors to shoot five people dead, only one of whom may have been armed, and he plus also alleged 'crossfire' killed female companion in an entirely separate building. Two bodies were then flown 1000+km and dumped into the Arabian Sea.

3. "the perpetrator of mass murder on American soil" is wrong; the FBI admitted there was no 'presentable' evidence - if any at all, IMHO *none* - involving ObL. Whereas *some sort* of aircraft crashed, ObL&Co could *not* have pre-loaded *3* WTC towers with high-explosives + coordinated detonating systems (unless they had permission, say).

4. "needs to have their head examined" is the standard threat and warning: Any who dissent from the US-regime's 'narrative' are branded conspiracists & are ignored and isolated; all pro-wars put coffee-beans into their ears, not listening!

Means, motive, and opportunity [are] the three aspects of a crime needed to convince a jury of guilt in a criminal proceeding; look at where the US/Zs attack. It is 1939, and new 'Polands' are being created; Palestine (from '47/8 continuously to today; Lebensraum = soil), Libya (1986 bombing, oil), Iraq (1991, oil), Afghanistan (2001, pipeline routes), Iraq (2003, oil), Libya (2011 bombing, oil) and ever more likely, Iran (oil) next?

All pro-wars put coffee-beans into their ears, not listening!

The coming catastrophe is that caused by excess-CO2 pollution; growing all the while, unhindered as the criminal US/Z (plus cowardly quisling accomplices UK, F & Aus et al.) regimes play their killing/thieving war 'games' = alien invading murderers for spoil = AIMs4S.

The propaganda campaign is pure 1984, conduited and *actively assisted* by the corrupt & venal MSM, including taxpayer-financed broadcasters like the AusBC.

AusBC censorship of fair comment *proves* that they're in it up to their quivering bottom-lips. [see AusBC unleashed censored inputs]

The 9/11 false-flag black- & psy-op *swindle* = 1939 + 1984 = doomsday, coming to our once jewel-like, life-supporting ecosphere, soonest.

All those who do not resist are almost as equally guilty as the perpetrators, all having no one to blame but themselves.


Mini update, 18:19; PS We do *not* know, who or even *if* anyone was "taken out" in the Abbottabad 'heroic action.' Given that the whole ObL saga was/is based on 9/11, itself of extremely dubious provenance - means that I think the plane-hijacks/crashes was a LIHOP at max, and that the WTC demolitions themselves was a deliberate false-flag, black- & psy-op, so too could the Abbottabad spectacular have been. When we factor in form (plus the faked or true Whitehouse confusion, probably deliberate lies to mislead), it *must* be that Abbottabad was another false-flag, black- & psy-op = stunt. Then recall the Raymond Davis incident.

What *was* killed off = ended, was ObL as an active stage-prop - but that wont spoil their 'fun.'

The 'heroic action' will be trumpeted ad nauseam, as will the putative extra-legal assassination - to show the world *exactly* what villainy they can 'get away with.' It's called rubbing our noses in it, aka gloating.

The US/Z rogue-regimes will continue their murdering to steal.

Ho hum.


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