the murder of the social contract
 the forced end of the Enlightenment
  neanderthal rulers = troglodytic tyrants

.. just one lie ...

  .. kills all credibility ...

    .. only one lie? - squillions!

Thesis/Subtitle; Q: Newton's 3rd law = no action without an equal & opposite reaction - so where is the effective opposition?

A: Apparently none available in our so-called 'democratic system' = DIY is a *must*.

Musing 1: Always, the complications. Nothing - or very little - is truly simple, even so-called 'elementary' particle/entities (photons, electrons, protons etc.) act in complex ways - but any system can be broken down into ever smaller aggregates, with accompanying behavioural simplification - until of course, some Heisenberg-indeterminacy or Gödel-incompleteness limit is reached. It doesn't mean that our problems are insoluble - where there's a will, there's usually a way (in general = try harder, hardest).


Trigger article:

Schoolchildren rampage over holiday cut rumour
Posted October 01, 2011 05:58:42
  «Several hundred French schoolchildren went on the rampage after false rumours spread that president Nicolas Sarkozy's government wanted to take away a large slice of their school holidays.
The UNL however "warned the government not to touch summer holidays at all" and said in a statement it wanted to protest austerity measures that amounted to "a catastrophic new term" in 2011.»

Comment 1: A 'good' one; shows us that some children are not so stupid that they can't see a 'current danger' (bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic so-called 'leaders' neoliberalising our social contract to death), that 'austerity measures' are the newest tool to be deployed against us, we the people, and that the student body feels so under attack that they are running an organised campaign in opposition - itself showing a perceived lack of effective 'representation.'

Comment 2: Note the language, "false rumours" [rumour = "general talk, assertion, or hearsay of doubtful accuracy" [POD]]. In fact, the 'rumours' are most likely true; they are *fully* compatible with the Sarkozy&Co's (erring!) neoliberal ideology, and it's really just a matter of time before such policies are indeed implemented - unless someone stops the neoliberal-juggernaut [Hindi Jagannath, = lord of the world [ibid.]]

Musing 2; Q: What is it with the so-called 'wo/man in the street,' that they apparently accept the continual degradation in societal morals - demonstrated by the West's = 'our' murdering wars for spoil and the continual degradation in societal conditions - demonstrated by 'our' corrupt governments' continual destruction of the social contract?

A: Apparently, it's like the 'frog in the (ever-warming) saucepan of water,' the average wo/man in the street seems too 'desensitized' to notice (= dumbed-down; prime-suspect TV-infotainment as psychologist-manipulated 'PR' = brain-washing) - except for a few small groups like the little Froggies in my citation, good for their still accurately functioning perceptions.

Fazit: There's only one way I can see out of this, and that's widespread, organised and effective revolution, starting with we, the few who can see, then recruiting the masses. Otherwise, total disaster will be forced upon us - by our bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic rulers, as described in my headline - troglodytic tyrants.

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