Pleb: You call'n me stoopid?
 Me: Err, ... since you ask, yes.
  Pleb: I'll rip ya bloody arms off!

.. once bitten ...

  .. twice shy - ...

    .. inoperative

Thesis/Subtitle: A properly functioning democracy *requires* an honestly and fully informed electorate = the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Corollary: Lying propaganda is a crime against democracy.


Try this shocker:

Insinuation as War Propaganda
By Anthony Gregory
February 25, 2012 "Independent Institute"
  «In 2002 and early 2003, the Bush administration made its case for war with Iraq. There were assertions given about Saddam’s maintenance of weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda. What was never said explicitly, however, was that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11. Yet by late 2003, seventy percent of polled Americans thought Saddam Hussein was personally behind 9/11. Bush’s Republican voters were especially convinced of this.
Fast forward a decade to the current day. Seventy-one percent of Americans - almost exactly the percentage that thought Saddam was behind 9/11 - think that Iran has nuclear weapons. It’s a small sample, but it is consistent with polls over the last couple years, each one showing a majority believing Iran already has nukes, and almost nine out of ten Americans sure that Iran is seeking them.»

Comment 1: One assumes the 90% 'is seeking' includes the 75% 'already has' But semantic quibbles apart, it illustrates one of my maxims: Believing is mostly done in the absence of evidence.

Comment 2: They (the irresponsible politicians) may not have directly mentioned an al-Qaeda/Saddam connection, but they contributed to the panic being generated with all sorts of lies (like mushroom-clouds, mobile bio-labs & people-shredders), and there were plenty of patsies in the (corrupt & venal) MSM (including publicly-financed broadcasters) who did such mentioning = lying propagandising.

Try this google: west fear iran nuclear weapon "Anne Barker" site:abc.net.au

Result at time if writing: About 215 results (see screen-image below.)

Comment: All the reporting I read/see/hear (can't be everywhere), including several publicly-financed broadcasters, are sending basically the same material (sourced from AFP, Reuters, wherever) = singing from the same song-sheet. Problem is, it all contains the same lies[1] - why?

A: Because the MSM (including publicly-financed broadcasters) are *all* corrupt&venal = criminal.

Fazit 1: Deception destroys democracy - but not only.

BTW: The US president, pentagon & CIA have all recently done a volte-face on Iran's nuclear program, now all saying Iran does not intend to, let alone is building, an A-bomb. Point of interest is: "Will Anne Barker now shut up about it?" Even more pointed is will Israel stop their lies about it? Another BTW, Anne Barker lives in Israel. Surprise! World's biggest source of the darkest & bloodiest lies, liars & land-thieves.

Musing: Lying is the 'entry-point' to crime, defined here as harming others = cheating, stealing and murder. Criminals must lie - otherwise they'd convict themselves. For truth&justice seekers (as 'normal' people), harming others is self-evidently wrong - yet the world is dominated by harm; cheating = neoliberalism + banksters, stealing and murder = war for spoil, what primarily US+Zs do (Zs stealing Palestinian soil, US stealing (control over + economic rent) any- and every-one's oil+).

Once bitten, twice shy - seems inoperative, why?

After 9/11 (accept 'inside job' or prove otherwise = explain free-fall demolitions = impossible, ask Sherlock Holmes), we got illegal invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, free-fire for drones in Pakistan and lately the ghastly rape of Libya by US, F+UK/NATO, Syria under US-supported infiltration/attack & "all options" continuously and still threatened for Iran.

Aside: What's about the headline Pleb? By definition, IQ-scores form an 'ideal distribution' with the 50% mark in the middle = 50% are smarter, 50% less smart. But everyone votes, so the lower scorers, here my plebs, could very well do with a bit of assistance. But they are not well-encouraged to do well at school (they are required as industrial- if not cannon-fodder = not to be too clever), but far worse (for both them and all of us), the entire electorate is immersed in lying propaganda (see Anne Barker's A-bombs above.) In a nutshell, the plebs are kicked whilst down = a very un-Aussie thing to do, despicable even! Puts our democracy at threat, if not outright demolishes it. Listening, Ms Barker?

An important Q: Why do the people not wake up to both their own mistreatment and our so-called leaders' murdering wars?

A: Because a) they're not too smart? (But see preceding on IQ, looping), b) they're too lazy (or at least busy with other things), but in any case c) they're continuously propagandised by, among others, Anne Barker from 'our' AusBC - retailing *and actively assisting* filthy lies.

A *VERY BIG* Q: Why does most of the world leadership not condemn in the strongest terms, this Nuremberg/4th Reich/illegal/immoral slaughter-to-steal?

IMHO, the only possible A: They (non-condemning world so-called 'leaders') are all (criminal) psychopaths.

Fazit 2: These psychopaths must be stopped before they completely ruin our future.



[1] lie2  -n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. -v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English][POD]


notes on a morning's reading
 (from lies to war; vicious crimes)

repetitious? often; not too much new and too much bad

publicly funded broadcasters

1. tell us lies

2. now have ads = neoliberalism

3. means not just time wasting but criminal traitors

SBS battling falling ad revenue
Updated February 15, 2012 06:52:24

Comment: public services = for us, by us.

Democracy (of, by, for the people etc) requires an informed electorate; to misinform is an highest-order crime against democracy.

BHP to lose millions in week-long strike
The World Today
By Annie Guest and staff
Posted February 15, 2012 07:55:22 | Updated February 15, 2012 15:22:47

Comment: mostly only delayed, not lost AND ~83% $s go o/s.

Equity demands that the people get their fair share; super-profits (over costs + reasonable profit) are *not* fair and must be recovered by being properly taxed and administered.

Gaza's only power plant runs out of fuel
Posted February 15, 2012 08:34:45

Comment: mainly due to Israeli (war) crimes against humanity.

Note the hypocrisy; violence by US/Zs condoned, by others condemned.

In Aus' case, publicly funded broadcasters = AusBC + SBS, over my lifetime, the AusBC has favoured Israel to such an extent that it amounts to lying (commission, omission) = misinforming = criminal treachery.


be reasonable

absolute arguments

fair and sustainable?

never say never (say ~95%)

nothing for nothing = is the price worth it?

both war and economics ignore vital externalities

Clean coal 'unviable for two decades'
By Michael Atkin, ABC News Online Investigative Unit
Posted February 15, 2012 10:06:03 | Updated February 15, 2012 15:35:26

Comment: means xsCO2cc will not even be slowed, let alone reversed.

workers' grievances vs. shareholders' demands

enlightened covenants

capital vs. labour

people vs. rulers

fair go, ya mug!

refer Fordism

cooperation trumps confrontation

reason vs. force

reason should always win; 'a convincing argument'

when reason doesn't convince, then violence?

wars Palestine to Syria - Q: Who wins?

A: *Not* the attacked ELO/Os.

mass-murdering for spoil

might is *not* right

war = criminal


We the people need a better 'deal' soonest.


lying fakes & charlatans = criminals
 rapine-plunderers are running amok
  these psychopaths are killing our planet

.. the UN does *not* safeguard peace ...

  .. the US is *no way* the police ...

    .. both are the total reverse

Thesis/Subtitle: It's not supposed to be like this, 99% of people are decent & honest; why do we get such psychopathic criminals as supposed 'leaders?'


Trigger article:

UN rights chief accuses Syria of 'indiscriminate attack'
Updated February 14, 2012 21:07:34
  «Navi Pillay, the UN's high commissioner for human rights, said the failure to pass a Security Council resolution condemning the Syrian government "appears to have emboldened the Syrian government to launch an all-out assault in an effort to crush dissent with overwhelming force".» 

Comment: In the absence of *substantiated* evidence, I suggest Pillay is a lying warmonger - just where we need scrupulous honesty and accuracy. The UN is worse than a failure, it's a factor actively contributing to failure.


Q1: Where are the decent & honest leaders?

Q2: Where are the decent & honest Syrian bloggers?

We keep being shown jerky, blurry videos, said to be 'off the internet,' so jerky & blurry that you can't really see what you're looking at - which is alleged crimes by the Syrian regime against its own people.

THAT means that content may be able to be sourced from within Syria - or does it?

Heard a similar report broadcast over another publicly-financed station alleging govt. troops - and yes, snipers - opening fire unannounced on innocent civilians, not even protesting, reflecting some of the same content in the above article.

It 'beggars belief' (recalling 'belief' is done in the *absence* of evidence.)

Indeed, such reports often include: "this report could not be confirmed."

No half-sane govt. would do this, yet it was alleged against Libya, now the 'same-old' against Syria. Always some 'shocker' like killing children, or 'premature babies' even - guaranteed to cause revulsion & anger = emotions = irrational responses. Scientifically designed by professional agitators = psychological propagandists = liars.

Whatever else these alleged 'dictators' may be, they *are* at least half-sane, time and actual results prove it: see how Libya *had* one of the highest HDIs in Africa. The people were, if not totally free, at least comparatively more than half-way to heaven (socialised medicine, education & house-subsidies; "Great Man-Made River," Gaddafi described it as the "Eighth Wonder of the World." He was not just more than half-sane, he was far more than half correct.)

In other words, the demonisation of Syria is deliberate and not even varied from the standard pattern, because all the corrupt & venal MSM transmit *and actively augment* the psychopathic criminals' lying propaganda.

Q3: Where is the pro-Syrian regime content?

A1: The pro-Syrian rebel content is fake, &/

A2: The pro-Syrian regime content is censored.


Fazit: The almost total lack of pro-Syrian regime content, especially amateur (like the rebels'), is the *proof* we're being lied to, by psychopathic criminals preparing to plunder yet another ME nation, yet another whose govt. dares to resist US globalised capital. If the criminal Wall St. banksters can't get in, the Pentagon murderers eventually will (see "Economic Hit Man"). More death, destruction & vicious rip-offs, in the name of enabling the mainly US fat-cat rich to make themselves ever more obscenely richer - by murdering theft, just like the Zs 63+yrs long in Palestine and no just end anywhere in sight.

See it all happening most evenings, usually and oh, so conveniently, on the publicly-financed 'news' on your very own TV.