lying fakes & charlatans = criminals
 rapine-plunderers are running amok
  these psychopaths are killing our planet

.. the UN does *not* safeguard peace ...

  .. the US is *no way* the police ...

    .. both are the total reverse

Thesis/Subtitle: It's not supposed to be like this, 99% of people are decent & honest; why do we get such psychopathic criminals as supposed 'leaders?'


Trigger article:

UN rights chief accuses Syria of 'indiscriminate attack'
Updated February 14, 2012 21:07:34
  «Navi Pillay, the UN's high commissioner for human rights, said the failure to pass a Security Council resolution condemning the Syrian government "appears to have emboldened the Syrian government to launch an all-out assault in an effort to crush dissent with overwhelming force".» 

Comment: In the absence of *substantiated* evidence, I suggest Pillay is a lying warmonger - just where we need scrupulous honesty and accuracy. The UN is worse than a failure, it's a factor actively contributing to failure.


Q1: Where are the decent & honest leaders?

Q2: Where are the decent & honest Syrian bloggers?

We keep being shown jerky, blurry videos, said to be 'off the internet,' so jerky & blurry that you can't really see what you're looking at - which is alleged crimes by the Syrian regime against its own people.

THAT means that content may be able to be sourced from within Syria - or does it?

Heard a similar report broadcast over another publicly-financed station alleging govt. troops - and yes, snipers - opening fire unannounced on innocent civilians, not even protesting, reflecting some of the same content in the above article.

It 'beggars belief' (recalling 'belief' is done in the *absence* of evidence.)

Indeed, such reports often include: "this report could not be confirmed."

No half-sane govt. would do this, yet it was alleged against Libya, now the 'same-old' against Syria. Always some 'shocker' like killing children, or 'premature babies' even - guaranteed to cause revulsion & anger = emotions = irrational responses. Scientifically designed by professional agitators = psychological propagandists = liars.

Whatever else these alleged 'dictators' may be, they *are* at least half-sane, time and actual results prove it: see how Libya *had* one of the highest HDIs in Africa. The people were, if not totally free, at least comparatively more than half-way to heaven (socialised medicine, education & house-subsidies; "Great Man-Made River," Gaddafi described it as the "Eighth Wonder of the World." He was not just more than half-sane, he was far more than half correct.)

In other words, the demonisation of Syria is deliberate and not even varied from the standard pattern, because all the corrupt & venal MSM transmit *and actively augment* the psychopathic criminals' lying propaganda.

Q3: Where is the pro-Syrian regime content?

A1: The pro-Syrian rebel content is fake, &/

A2: The pro-Syrian regime content is censored.


Fazit: The almost total lack of pro-Syrian regime content, especially amateur (like the rebels'), is the *proof* we're being lied to, by psychopathic criminals preparing to plunder yet another ME nation, yet another whose govt. dares to resist US globalised capital. If the criminal Wall St. banksters can't get in, the Pentagon murderers eventually will (see "Economic Hit Man"). More death, destruction & vicious rip-offs, in the name of enabling the mainly US fat-cat rich to make themselves ever more obscenely richer - by murdering theft, just like the Zs 63+yrs long in Palestine and no just end anywhere in sight.

See it all happening most evenings, usually and oh, so conveniently, on the publicly-financed 'news' on your very own TV.

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