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{@mojo: agreed; @lori heatherton: There is no chance to impeach Obama, since the US Congress, as most other 'western' politicians, are in the plot together; any differentiation is as good as cosmetic only. In general, the western democracies are *not* under we the people's control (if they ever were).

At least three basic prerequisites for functional democracy are 1) a fully & fairly informed, involved electorate, 2) a wide range of *honest* candidates, and 3) when elected, representatives who work *for* we the people's interests (as opposed to against us; for proof of the latter see neoliberalism transferring massive wealth from the people to the <1%). All three prerequisites are marked by their almost total absence; the people doze before their wide-flat TVs absorbing propaganda (oblivious to almost all outside interests, even in their own lives), the MSM + even PFBCs (= publicly-financed broadcasters, like the AusBC) relay and *actively assist* the propaganda = the lies all real debate is being smothered by, and the politicians are either purchased-puppets (by corporations, lobbyists including foreign 5th columnists) and/or simply evil = psychopaths. One proof are the illegal wars; changes in government 'flavours' in US, UK & Aus have the wars still being imposed on the hapless (resource-owning) countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Syria with Iran next and even attacks upon Russia, China presumed to be 'on the table.') Bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic, since it offers the voter *zero* choice.

Since the politicians are corrupt, so too are the laws they make (including the UN); for proof see the aggressive alien invasion underway in Palestine since Herzl (motive) and Jabotinsky (methodology), Meir who raised $50mio in US for arms (means) and UNGA181 (opportunity). Hasbara claims 'spoils of war' (they neglect their own aggression), and Israel has no legal title to the land it squats upon - proof = ask them for the title-deeds obtained by free and fair sales-events - there were, still are and can be none-such. The UN, US, UK & Aus (plus D(!!?) and other quislings) support the Nuremberg-class Z-crimes = no law and order = no hope - except for some effective countervailing force; where is it, where is the (assumed) large majority of peace = truth & justice seeking people, and why don't they speak up?}


Usually, moderators work 'incognito, in silence' - much like thieves in the night, and don't give reasons; one's comment simply fails to appear, with nothing to show that it was ever submitted at all. Asking such 'moderator-types' to explain is 99% pointless; you, dear reader may guess as to why my input has been suppressed. Could it be:

1. My implication, that the 'leadership' of the US (as is that of many of its SQSHsO *and* the UN), is criminal?

2. My implication, that Western democracies are 'disabled' = sham, and we the people are effectively powerless?

3. My implication, that the MSM + PFBCs continually tell us lies = are effectively criminals for violating their responsibility to us, we the people?

4. My implication, that the Zionist regime illegally occupying Palestine always was and still is criminal, namely mass-murderers for spoil, here soil?

Q: Are not *true* points 1-4 now common knowledge?


Fazit: I do not like censorship - of my attempts at truth-telling.



[1] deceive  v. (-ving) 1 make (a person) believe what is false; purposely mislead. 2 be unfaithful to, esp. sexually. 3 use deceit.  deceive oneself persist in a mistaken belief.  deceiver n. [POD]

[2] lie2  -n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. -v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English] [ibid.]


ELO/Os = hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers

I/J/Z-plex; illegitimate IL squats on genocidally ethnically-cleansed = improperly alienated, mainly Palestinian ELO/Os' land/property = IL is an un-remedied crime-scene and *all* I/J/Z-plex (except any actively opposing) are guilty; sole remedy = reparations = revest where possible, adequate = acceptable recompense where not + *sincere* apology

M/I/C/$4a†-plex = military, industrial, Congress (US-speak for parliament); $ = banksters, 4 = 4th estate = MSM+PFBCs, 'a' = academia incl. think-tanks, † = the churches.

MSM = mainstream media (print and broadcast), aka 'corrupt&venal'

neoliberalism = 'economic rationalism,' 'supply-side,' (wicked) privatisations, 'small govt.' = minimised to no égalité etc. + globalisation = wage arbitration etc. = <1% rips off 99%+

PFBCs = publicly-financed broadcasters, like the AusBC

ppp-dd'd = pushed propaganda paradigm dumbed-down

PRopaganda = PR + propaganda, usual qualifier: 'lying'

SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on

the Enlightenment well summarised by liberté, égalité, fraternité

US-MMH = Media (aka press, radio + TV), Madison Ave., Hollywood

US&/Zs = the US of A and/or Zionists; sometimes indistinguishable

XS-CO2-CCC = excess CO2 climate-change catastrophe

Zionism (latest post-Jabotinsky, '23) = permanent war

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