What is happening in Syria, is a slow-motion, illegal, part-alien invasion, part-internal armed & murdering subversion, which is destroying the fabric of the country, as 1000s of innocent citizens are being killed, mostly by the attackers with some as 'collaterals' to legitimate govt. defensive operations. That the Syrian govt. resists this outrage is *correct*, as one of the prime tasks of govt.. That the US is involved, as 'accelerant' and supporter from before the start, is continuing its involvement - *proven* by Kerry’s boast, to ‘double aid’ to the ‘rebels’ - is not at all in doubt, but is touted by US-MSM plus sycophants. They admit that the CIA is supervising the import of arms and mercenaries through Turkey. Perhaps worse, the UN is involved - but *not* to stop the carnage; not effectively stopping the ‘rebel’ attacks means actually encouraging murder and the eventual US-planned rapine.

It’s not new; see Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, ... Vietnam, N.Korea, Palestine - the latter on-going, thanks, but “No, thanks!” to *all* Jews (except genuine resisters = totally ineffective), and all world regimes not screaming for a stop to Zionists’ ethnic cleansing of pre-UNGA181 Palestine by murdering, thieving, *genocidal* methods.

Obviously, in this current worst of all worlds, there can be no security - in Syria, and in your own neighbourhood soon enough - when the supposed ‘peace-police’ are corrupt.


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