google problems ...

  .. give me the s**ts ...

    .. so much for 'free speech'


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When Richard Tonkin dropped his ugly, hateful t**d on our doorstep, some of us were gobsmacked, others outraged - some a bit of both and then more.

But something funny came out of it (no, not funny "Ha, ha" but funny peculiar); one could say that I became outraged all over again. (Yeah, and looping again - as usual.)

If one were to google the exact last 12 words (double-quoted) of 'good' old Tonker's s**ty little comment, one would get, as well as 'not much,' a rude message via and courtesy of google - obviously at the instigation the ADL (see bottom of the google-linked message). Well, well; imagine that! Long story short - google (like where Tonks 'works') is into pro-Z censorship!


Time to switch search-engines, I think.


  1. (This comment also posted at Webdiary not so Libre)

    I tend to agree with David G; Webdiary has had its day and I would suggest that the best bet would be for those that find it just too frustrating to deal with the likes of the fraudsters and liars Messrs Ramsey, Curran, Morrella, Pahoff, et al, to just withdraw from commenting there. This would then leave them high and dry with no one to argue with. Since they are incapable of constructive debate and use Webdiary simply as an anti-left pro-Zionist propaganda platform, Webdiary, since there would then be no one there to aim their propaganda at, would simply close up shop.

    There is, of course, a certain irony in that happening inasmuch that it was the right-wing that threatened to withdraw from Webdiary in the first place which caused most of the left to leave anyway. Once all of the left are gone from Webdiary then there’s nothing left for the Fraudsters and Liars to play with.

    Personally I think Webdiary-Libre is a brilliant idea. Who cares what the likes of Reynolds, Tonkin and the others think. The important thing is to get the message out and debate issues that really matter without the distractions of having to go over and over the same old garbage that the right-wing continually regurgitated.

    Webdiary is dead! Long live Webdiary-Libre!

  2. it's like banging one's head against brickwork ...

      .. it feels good when you stop ...

        .. g'day Damian


    What I find excruciating, is to 'see' some so-called progressives continuing to feed known lying trolls, allowing the propagandists to appear to be 'debating' - but in reality just pouring forth ever more of their filth.

    My suggestion: 1) identify troll/lies, 2) say so loudly, then 3) move on.-

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  3. Quite so IDH; expose the liars and trolls then quickly move on to far more important ideas. Maybe leave their garbage up for a day or two just to show other readers what sort of stuff these people come with in order distract from proper debate - then delete.