denying the denial (AusBC)

 .. the AusBC retails the worst lies ...

   .. whilst disguising disgusting crimes ...

     .. traitors - and thieves of public tax money


Preamble: Some may ask, Q: "Why do I keep listening to the AusBC?"

A: One *may*, in order to keep up with the current state of unreality as portrayed via and actively by the AusBC. Whether one *should* do that is a possible subsequent question.


Reminder: Pay attention to Lakoffian framing! In particular, the following two stories are used (abused!) by the AusBC to continue their own campaign of propagandising us, we the sheople. The biggest question of all (with respect to the AusBC), is Q: "How dare they so depravedly abuse their writ[1]?"


There are two stories I noticed this morning on the AusBC/justin:

1. Ahmadinejad slammed over Holocaust denial: report

2. More mass graves found in southern Iraq

As one can see from the 1st item-title, this is yet another loop through the *allegation* of Holocaust denial, an allegation IMHO *not* supported by what Ahmadinejad has ever said; which is (my paraphrase), that whatever the details of the so-called Holocaust *directed towards Jews* are (which, note, does *not* deny any detail at all), that Holocaust has nothing to do with the actuality of Israel murdering Palestinians in order to steal Palestinian land.

And from the 2nd item-title, this is yet another loop through the demonisation of Saddam. Another note, I do not myself deny that Saddam was an utter tyrant, nor do I necessarily like whatever Ahmadinejad might say. On the one hand, Saddam was a bastard but at the time of the Anfal, Saddam was very definitely *their* bastard, where 'their' was the US regime of the time. As for Ahmadinejad on the other hand, like anyone else on the planet, he should be accorded the normal allowance - of free speech. In that story, the AusBC goes on to remind us that Iran may be secretly planning to build an A-bomb. Which, even if true - in itself hotly disputed, could only ever be 'deployed' by Iran as a defence against being attacked by Israel and/or the US. In fact, an Iranian bomb would not be deployed at all, see the effective deterrence of the N.Korean device(s).

Once more around another loop; it is not anti-Semitic to criticise the criminal behaviour of the Israeli regime, we do not hate any particular Jewish people, but we very definitely deplore those crimes and we absolutely abhor the ghastly immorality displayed; lastly we hold *all* Jewish people totally responsible for not stopping those awful, murdering-to-steal Israeli regime crimes.


Fazit: The stories continue two of the many and varied propaganda ploys directed by the AusBC at their very own 'customers,' namely we, the sheople. Boo! Hiss!


PS But (and it's *whopper* but): we, those of us with eyes to see, know exactly who the biggest liars are. Take Howard, and his 'people-shredders;' not only no shredders, but not one single WMD. Take Costello, and 'best financial manager;' Howard/Costello halved the CGT, the 'last stone' laid in enabling Aus house prices to more than double. On the 'IF ... THEN' principle, the AusBC should mention at least one (one? - hundreds!) - of drastic failings of each of Howard and/or Costello - just as they do when discussing Ahmadinejad or Saddam. Especially, when the AusBC reports on Iraq, the AusBC should remind the sheople that the invasion was as illegal then, as the brutal occupation is now - and that illegality is to be continued indefinitely by Obama; and when Israel is mentioned, that Israel is in violation of perhaps 100s of UN resolutions, and that Israel is performing a 61+ year-long genocide against the rightful owners of most if not all of Israel, namely against the hapless Palestinians.

Most emphatically, the Nazi Holocaust *then* can neither justify nor excuse the Holocaust *now* being inflicted by Israel on Palestinians.


[1] writ1 n. form of written command to act or not act in some way. [Old English: related to *write] [POD]


PPS One of at least three required democratic prerequisites, namely free and full info flow via and by the AusBC, is obviously failing. That in itself is enough to cripple our democracy, for lacking full and accurate info, the voters cannot make reasoned - or reasonable - decisions. On a slightly separate track, what of Lakoffian framing; consider this 'snip:'

  «Iranian presidential hopeful Mehdi Karroubi has criticised hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust saying it served Israeli interests, a newspaper reported.» 
It seems to me that Karroubi has himself 'served Israeli interests' by his statements, although no exact quote has been given us by the AusBC, so we are most probably *not* seeing 'the whole story' - all we can see is a report of a report; what we *need* are checkable quotes.

Then, do I help 'the enemy' too, by drawing attention to the AusBC depravities? I try my best not to, but always stand ready to be 'improved' upon. It is not just what one says but how one says it; if the so-called 'professionals' in the AusBC wished to fix the problem, they could eliminate all lies, be they direct, tacit or by innuendo, from all their broadcasts. That would be correctly carrying out their writ. How about it, Aunty?


  1. Argghh! Worst thing is that we're not only 'customers', we are the 'shareholders' as well.

  2. the R-word, the D-word; the SSS-ploy and the U-word

     .. R = recession ...

       .. D = deficit ...

         .. U = unemployment


    I listened to AusBC/RN this morning, specifically AM. They had 'snips' from Lateline (transcripts not yet available):

      «Rudd's approval takes a hit post-Budget
    The latest Newspoll the Australian has found a third think the Budget will leave them worse off and the Prime Minister is the one who appears to be copping the blame.»

      «Rudd unfazed by poll slump
    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd joins Lateline to discuss Opposition's Budget reply, and new figures showing a drop in the Government's popularity.»

    Note the detested US-slang: "takes a hit". This is 'baby-talk' from the AusBC, they do this all the time and it's just possible that they do it to show they are somehow 'hip' - but I think it's far worse, think of 'Lakoff framing;' it's part of the dumbing-down propagandising the AusBC is up to its filthy neck in.

    Tony Jones continued to badger Rudd until Rudd named a deficit figure. Jones might think he's being clever - IMHO *not* - I say he's being extremely, beyond the point of offensively rude and worse, far worse, Jones is running an agenda.

    But (I always find significant buts); what Tony Jones is doing here is the same as AusBC 'personalities' across the spectrum seemingly love to do (and how utterly unseemly!) - he's trying the SSS-ploy, i.e. trying to Scare the Sheople Shitless.

    Q: Why that? It's a real puzzle - unless the AusBC is running a deliberate campaign of destabilising the current government, making the people even more confused, concerned - and fearful; one *must* suspect that that's exactly what they are doing, note the distinct tinge of schadenfreude when the same AusBC announces a drop in the opinion polls for Labor.


    One hopes that the sheople are not complete fools. The world (finance) economy is in free-fall, with the so-called 'real' economy hot on its heels as both head down the tor-let. (Truly frightening figures coming out of Germany, say.) What Rudd&Co are attempting is to rescue as many jobs as possible, anything else would be entirely irresponsible. Any discussion should be on how many, which and how to rescue them, not this stupid destabilisation. The surreal alternative to saving as much as possible of the real economy and the jobs that go with it, the truly frightening possibility is the U-word:


    Q: Whose side is the AusBC really on?