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Thesis/Subtitle: $s; made round - to go around.



Capitalism is well-modelled by the 'game' of monopoly; the idea is to 'win' by bankrupting all competitors - that done by charging (unearned!) rents. (Recall here the as-it-should-be MRRT.) Before one may extract rents one must 'accumulate' properties, houses and (best) hotels; doing that requires cash. The game of monopoly is based on chance; all start with equal $s and throw dice to progress - or not. By chance, some acquire more or less $s and some acquire more or less desirable properties. Then it becomes a trial by exhaustion, s/he who by hook or by crook best rips off others wins.

I transitioned to adulthood in the late 60s/early 70s; with hindsight they truly were the good old days. As my peer group left school, we were advised that we could expect to buy a car approximating one year's pay, and a house approximating two and a half year's. Average wages now being around $50k, the car is still possible but the house [see update], at about six and up average year's pay is not - unless one and one's spouse both work, possibly at multiple jobs each. Jobs ain't 'old-style' jobs anymore, what with so-called neo-liberal economic rationalisation and globalisation, etc..

Back then, there were more and better functioning unions, and yes, more strikes. Apparently, workers must fight capitalists over who gets what share of the 'social bargain,' government intervention also seems required - attempting to approach 'fairness.' As part of the 'progress' since the good old days, that union/arbitration system has been compromised almost to death - latest attack called something like "Serf Choices." Back then, we had a more progressive tax structure, then we got tax-cuts (mainly for the already rich), and a regressive tax called GST aimed squarely at extracting more from the lower income brackets. Which, believe it or not, the sheople actually voted for - or so it seemed; Howard the proposer was re-elected. The same regressive-tax offer was previously made by Lab - but it didn't 'get up' that time; exposing a (fatal!) flaw in our democracy since bipartisan anything is both un- and anti-democratic. This exposes yet another fatal flaw in our democracy, with just the *one* vote, one must choose between platforms containing a great many items, a physical impossibility of being able to vote for much more than 50% of one's desires.

Long story short: Capitalism, as in operation since the good old days has led to a) a fall in conditions for the workers, and b) a vast increase in the accumulation by the already obscenely-rich fat-cats. It's statistically provable - without any jokes about lying statistics, *because* it's lying economists who've done this to us, economists who've learned their (filthy) tricks in universities, then spruiked at us, we the sheople, spruiking the lying neo-liberal economic rationalisation and globalisation rubbish, these lies being relayed and even *augmented* by the corrupt and venal MSM, *including* by publicly-financed broadcasters like 'our' AusBC. The latter being stuffed with - wait for it: *university* graduates. Q: What's in it for them, 'our' AusBC, to lie to us? A: Corruption.

We can see, with our own unaided eyes, two groups helping to do us, we the sheople in; a) university graduate economists and b) university graduate journalists. Both of these groups are *not* the actual, filthy-rich accumulators, so basically theses traitors are selling us out for a comparative pittance.

Boo! Hiss!


Fazit: Getting back to $s; accumulating great stacks may be OK in monopoly - but only as long as it stays a game. In the real-world, it does no-one any good to have most of the dollars in a tiny few ghastly over-greedy hands; for one thing, they can't possibly spend it all (made round - to go around) - and so the rest of us (sheople and governments both) get starved for cash. Hence the austerity programs; wages are cut, employment is cut, costs are cut, govt. spending is cut, services are cut - a cut-to-the-death downward spiral. We've seen that in our defective democracy, mis-educated and misinformed sheople can be convinced to vote against their own interests, partly if not wholly thanks to universities full of traitors.

The answer is obvious: tax the rich back to reality.

Oh yair; and teach the traitors some manners, morals and humanity.


Update, 6Jul'10; PS The Liberals boast of being good at 'managing the economy,' and that for a while, Costello was 'the world's greatest treasurer.' Both claims are utter bulls**t, and a 'perfect' illustration of how "All politicians lie!" Of course, the corrupt and venal MSM (including the publicly-financed AusBC) pass these lying claims on, without comment let alone contest. I've pointed out before that any bipartisan approach is both un- and anti-democratic; the application of neo-liberal (erring!) ideology by both Lib and Lab is a case in point - we, the voters, do not even get an option of voting on such bipartisan idiocies. Fraser was criticised for not beginning the neo-liberal crippling of the Aus economy, that beginning was left to Hawke/Keating. In the case of house-prices, it was Costello's halving of the capital gains tax (CGT) rate that lead *directly* to an approximate doubling of house prices. No-one need take my word for it; research it for yourselves. BUT: That particular perfidy perfectly puts the lie to both hubristic Liberal claims herein mentioned.


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