outrage! [US+Z crimes; propaganda]

.. even blind Freddy can see ...

  .. daylight robbery = murder for spoil ...

    .. but by far the biggest outrage of all time is:

  - that the so-called sovereign 'owners' (aka the 'democratic' sheople) of these murdering-to-thieve rogue regimes are not outraged, nor, so it seems, even minimally concerned. One can posit that they may actually be revelling in their regimes' evil.

[update 1, update 2.]


The proof of my initial outrage-assertion, also as blind Freddy can see, is the magnitude of the vicious crimes underway, and the 'mini-tude' of any (visible) protest, let alone any effective action towards stopping those heinous crimes.

By far the worst crime on the planet (since '45), started long before WW2 and still ongoing, is the aggressive invasion and subsequent brutal and ever expanding occupation of Palestine by the alien Zionists. Deploying 'alien' is to emphasize a) the invaders' external origins and b) that those invaders had and have no valid claim on any Palestinian land or property whatsoever. (Apart, of course, from the risible 'Some g*d promised it to us!')

That worst crime could not have been initiated, nor would it endure, without the meddling support and assistance of a few 'major powers,' namely the US & UK, plus other minors - like Aus, say.

A minimal proof of the 'worst crime' assertion in summary is: Balfour (premeditation, motive), Jabotinsky (method), the ~$50mio Golda Meir raised in America (means), those $s used to buy Ben-Gurion's arms (means).

The opportunity seized upon was the holocaust, then came Plan Dalet and the Deir Yassin massacre as samples of the many and continuous Z-crimes against humanity (evidence, modus operandi.) The same m.o. has been continuously applied, see recently Lebanon '06, Gaza '08/9, flotilla attack, May'10.

The Zs violated UNGA181 even before it was to go into effect; the Zs never intended to and never have respected the rights of the ELO/Os (= erstwhile legal owner/occupants of Palestine), and apparently never will - unless forced. Incredibly, this conscious violation, coupled again to meddling 'major power' support prevents the hapless Ps getting their own state - let alone justice.

Shorter summary: premeditation, motive, method, means and evidence, modus operandi plus the invaders' alien = external origins would convict the Zs of aggressive invasion plus ethnic cleansing and genocide in any honest court.

The next-worst crimes on the planet currently ongoing are the equally illegal, equally aggressive US-led invasion/brutal occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq (with Iran being lined up as the next to be attacked/invaded/'pacified,' then to be plundered.)


To the populations so-called 'owning' the murdering-to-thieve US & Z rogue regimes can be added the sheople of the UK & Aus as 'accessory' regimes, plus those of a few others (Denmark, France, Holland, Germany and a few other renegades like Georgia) as before/after the fact 'support' regimes. In other words, mainly Anglo/Judaic plus a few from EU.

These populations can be sorted into a small minority of minimally intelligent ('thick as two planks'), the majority of middling-intelligence and lastly some super-intelligent minority. The 1st group we can dismiss outright, the last should know quite well what's going on. There's another outrage; that the super-intelligent must know and yet do nothing either visible or effective to stop the ghastly, murdering-to-thieve crimes.

That leaves the majority of middling-intelligence, apart from a few who have demo-ed down through the years (Vietnam to Iraq) they are almost silent on the US and as good as totally silent on the Zs, why?

The answer is *propaganda*; the middling-intelligent sheople are drowned in mostly lying propaganda, generously 'sold' to us as 'news' by the traitorous, sell-out, corrupt and venal main-stream media (MSM) *plus* publicly-financed broadcasters like 'our' AusBC.

And *that* propagandising, leading to and coupled with the sheople's non-outrage is the greatest outrage of the lot.


Update 1, 14:39; PS I have 'split' the population into three groups; 1) the lower 15% (more than 1 standard deviation below the intelligence-norm), i.e. the no-hope dullards, 2) the average 'wo/man in the street' and 3) the super-intelligent, the latter say 5% at the 'top.' That is *not* to imply that the upper 5% contain the fewer than 1% who both a) 'own' most of the world and b) 'run' most of the world, and politicians are in none of these groups; they being in a particular sort of (lying) sell-out group all of their own: they *purport* to represent us, we the sheople, via our so-called 'democracies' (which are *by no means* democratic) - but they do not represent us at all, except possibly cosmetically, misleadingly and/or merely 'by accident.' Note: 'purport' = a form of lying; truly intelligent people need not lie, any liars among same are betraying their intelligence.

The above generalisation (beware all generalisations, *including* this one!) - has a *glaring* exception. Whereas most of the Anglo/EU group are unwilling (and mostly unwitting, hence the art - but no excuse once internet-enabled) - most *have been* targets of lying propaganda. But there is one group, a select, in the sense of 'apart' group, which immerses itself in it, which creates & disseminates *lots* of it. They even have their own special word for it: hasbarah = explanation, mostly via vicious lies.

This particular group are not deceived (except by self); they are fully conscious of the crimes their regime commits, as are, with vanishingly few exceptions, the diaspora members who by-and-large support the filthy, criminal acts. *ALL* such supporters, in and out of the I/J/Z-plex, are undeniably, even if only by proxy, murderingly criminal.

Fazit: There's nothing at all clever about criminality or lies.



Update 2, 3Jul'10; PPS My personal proof of being propagandised is based on "Not what they say (so much), as what result they achieved." As a young naïf, my almost exclusive 'news' source was the AusBC, to which I listened 'religiously' (joke!) - it just means often & attentively. One important result was that I was 'convinced' that Israel was the (brave) 'David' facing the (ugly, Arab/Muslim) 'Goliath.' How wrong I was, and therefore I accuse the AusBC for having 'poisoned' my outlook. In a nutshell, I had no other significant news-source, so we can see quite clearly where the damage came from. And it continues; hardly do we get a news item on Iran (favourite AusBC correspondent Barker - not!) - without a sentiment like this: "The West suspects Iran of working towards an A-bomb" - suitably paraphrased. Recall:

Big Lie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  «The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, ...» 

Comment 1: Other 'big lies' were Saddam's (non-existent!) WMDs, Saddam's (non-existent!) Al-Qaeda connections – which resulted in the illegal US invasion and 100s of 1000s if not 1.3+mio dead; Iraq to all intents and purposes literally blasted back to the stone-age - and then there are the Z-lies far too numerable to even begin listing here, ditto the hapless Palestinian victims.

Comment 2: Note that the insidious A-bomb allegation against Iran is *not* supported by any available fact; it is the IAEA's task to scrutinise Iran, as far as the IAEA can see, Iran is working exclusively towards so-called 'peaceful' A-power and *nothing* else. But that does not stop the AusBC, through Barker and others, from endlessly regurgitating US/Z (lying!) propaganda.

Comment 3: On the other hand, Israel, an NPT-outlaw, reputedly has perhaps 200 A-bombs or so, some of which may be H-bombs, and we've heard claims like "European cities are targets for the Israeli airforce" - suitably paraphrased. In clear text, the Israelis are sufficiently deranged to dare *actually* threatening EU with nukular attack. Note: Some people say, one cannot blame Js as a group for what Zs do. IMHO, the entire I/J/Z-plex is a) indivisible and b) *all* are collectively at fault. Proof: "Not what they say (mostly lies, see Hasbarah), as what (filthy, murdering-to-steal) result they achieve." 62+ years long, and no justice anywhere near in sight.

This is not to say that there are no good Js, merely that (obviously!) a) they are not good enough, and/or b) there are not enough good ones, since (proof!) c) the Z-crimes continue.

Fazit: Refer to the above discussion on intelligence; by definition 50% are above average, 15% are more than 1 std. deviation more intelligent than average, then there are the 5% super-intelligent, etc. Sooo, a Q: Why are we getting such *stupid* (multiple murdering-to-thieve wars) results?


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