Open letter to the Aus' people, parliament & the AusBC:

 .. we knew (in our heart-of-hearts) that it was too good to last, and it didn't. Yesterday was a day of (relative) freedom on 'unleashed' (four out of four published), then CRASH! - Down came the censorship-shutters once again.

Demolishing democratic debate is par-for-the-course for brutal tyrants.

We know who (generally speaking) they are - namely the AusBC rats = traitors.

No person of sound mind would realistically expect a free discussion on a forum (plural: forums, *not* 'fora') run by the (corrupt & venal) MSM, but expectations for a publicly-financed broadcaster are somewhat higher. (For one thing, we the taxpayers are footing the bill.)

But Oh, no; it's been obvious to me for a looong time that the AusBC are *not* so-called 'honest brokers.'

Censoring democratic debate is just as cowardly, just as criminal as the US-armed & -armoured grunts murdering basically unarmed natives (AK47s vs. tanks, F-16s, helicopter gun-ships and/or remote hellfire-drones, etc.) - in some 3rd world hell, like Afghanistan (pipelines, poppies) or Iraq (oil) (Israel 1st and continuously for the last 62+ *bloody, land-thieving* years, Iran (more oil) next?); murdering grunts sent there to make theft of the natives' national treasures possible. The propaganda-arm and the killing-arm work together, both are equally guilty = guilty as sin - so burn in Hell.

No world that tolerates murder-for-spoil is a just world; the Enlightenment might as well have never happened.

No democracy can function if the voters are fed on lies - and/or censored. Thanks, but "No, thanks!" Aunty.

Personal note: By submitting this to unleashed, you the AusBC person reading this are the censor, or you know who it is who censors my inputs and presumably others' whose interests/aims are truth and justice. So it is you - or your 'mate(s)' - to whom this is *directly* addressed. Q: What's in it for *you/him/her*? A: *Not* the squillions being ripped-off with all the scams/crimes starting with economic rents and ending with mass-murder for spoil, Oh no! All *you/s/he* can ever expect is possibly a comfortable life-of-crime and (excluding sociopaths), a guilty conscience. Again, what's in it for (traitorous) *you*?

It gets worse. By blocking any/all progress on ending the rip-offs and Nuremberg-class resource-wars, the AusBC, their lies and censorship are hindering any possible progress on saving our once jewel-like planet's eco-systems from the excess-CO2 caused climate catastrophe. Such traitors make the AusBC an accessory to our doom.

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