who will rid us of these meddlesome, quisling-traitors -
 meaning the US, UK, Aus & IL so-called 'leaders?'

Consider Gillard's shameful, 'illegal' treachery vis-à-vis Assange/Wikileaks. She didn't stop any wars either; see next.

Consider Rudd's continuation of Howard's foreign policy = illegal resource-wars = mass murder for spoil. Then Rudd's idiotic threats towards China.

Note: Bipartisan anything is un- and anti-democratic; when it comes to wars it would make us, we the sheople, accessories to murder - except that by lying = deceiving us (amongst other grave offences), the politicians have broken the 'democratic covenant.'

Consider Howard's many abuses, from GST via Serf-Choices to illegal invasions (etc. etc. - list faaar too long). Howard was not alone on neoliberalism; Keating wanted a GST too, he with Hawke began privatisations.

Neoliberalism was around in Fraser's time; he was accused of wasting time by not beginning. Fraser's biggest (un- and anti-democratic) crime was unseating Whitlam, although the CIA and Murdoch were co-conspirators.

I know of nothing sufficiently grave to charge Whitlam with; he may have over-reached, but his Medibank legacy survives as Medicare. Menzies was mostly 'before my time' but he got us into Vietnam.

That's enough of Aus for the current purpose; in UK Thatcher (TINA) & Blair (Iraq) primarily draw my ire. One for economics - Thatcher, but she went to war too, the other for outright Nuremberg-class war - Blair, but he continued with neoliberalism too. Both worse than the other.

In the US it's been almost continuously one bad-apple president after another; 'low'-lights starting with Wilson then Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton through to the Bush-Obama pug-ugly twins.

When it comes to un- and anti-democratic, there is no rogue-state quite like Israel; no matter who gets in it's all war, all the time.


War was supposed to have been eliminated post-WW2 by the UN, but even before the UN was chartered, the US had begun its next war with the double war crime A-bombings. Peace, basically, never got a chance. The UN permanently blotted its copybook no later than passing UNGA181.

Nevertheless, after WW2 there was a mini economic-boom roughly coinciding with the baby-boom; life looked pretty good for a while. Largely hidden from sight was the Nakba (the MSM of the time perhaps prototyping its corrupt venality), and other oddities (aka crimes) like the coups in Guatemala and against Mossadegh in '53. I wasn't paying too much attention at that time; get a fuller, looong list from Blum's "Killing Hope."


Wars have to be started by someone (evil), usually for some sort of purpose = mostly gain. There *may* be purely ideological ones (Korea, Vietnam), although one suspects that they too had a money-motive somewhere. Certainly in and around Palestine it's Lebensraum = land + water coveted by the alien invaders (aka Zs), in Afghanistan it's pipeline routes, poppies & pursuit of hegemony (hegemony itself = also to push for oil, land-theft in Palestine, threaten Iran, Russia & China), and in Iraq it's all oil, all the time as it is with the threatened attack on Iran. None of this should be news to the aware observer, but before 9/11 I was busy with other things and had only rather vague suspicions, and most sheople appear to not give a toss (busy with their wide-flat-screen amusements as they are).

On the economic side, pretty-well all positive progress was turned on its head starting some time mid-70s by neoliberalism (aspects globalisation, privatisation, deregulation, upturning progressive taxation etc. & etc.; it's not simple) - a deliberate, created disaster becoming more & more visible.


At least since Wilson's "Making the world safe for democracy," the leaders have progressively become more rogue & *less* democratic, assuming they ever were democratic, perhaps an unwarranted assumption.

But - and it's a *massive* BUT: The so-called leaders are *not* working for us, rather against us, as proven by these unwanted, aggressive wars and aggressive, rich-get-ever-richer economics at the expense of the vast majority of us, we the sheople.

Now, looks like there's one very clear reason for all this = greed, backed by wicked immorality.

But - and it's another *massive* BUT: the leaders were once more on our side, more inclined to spread it around a bit, and rhetorically they're all against wars - except as we see, when there's something in it for the rich (= most of the time).

Fazit: There *must* be many caring, clever people out there; specifically those caring and clever enough to *effectively* oppose those who currently lead us, namely our un- and anti-democratic quisling-traitor tyrants.

Q: Where (the bloody-hell!) are those caring and clever ones?

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