how to prevent WW3


Preamble: The self-styled 'world-leader' = US accuses Arab/Muslims, if not the people themselves, but those people - of being led by vicious tyrants and/or 'mad-Mullahs.' (To the US it's all the one generic really; people not-like-them are little better than ignorant savages, to be disposed of arbitrarily.)

And so the wars since 9/11 - conquering Afghanistan (well, attempted over last 10+ years but failing, Pakistan suffering grave collateral damage), Iraq, Libya, Syria in-progress and Iran in-the-queue - are all 'sold' on a) freeing the people and so b) making the world safe for democracy and c) - most important! - Ensuring 'oil = SUV-fuel security.'

That's one view of the actions of the US, another is that all these illegal, aggressive, Nuremberg-style invasive attacks are for resources = for spoil = plundering = rapine; Afghanistan for pipeline-routes, Iraq for oil, Libya ditto + water, Syria for oil + Russia's port + one road to Tehran, continued "All options!" threatened Iran for oil + revenge, THEN add a US-hegemony overlay, also to punish recalcitrant = US-predatory-capitalism resisting regimes and finally, to 'protect' its criminal, ethnic-cleansing, genocidal, land-thieving, illegitimate side-kick = dog-wagging tail or actual master (the last two depending on how far the Z-rot has set in.)

Got all that? You decide; you probably already have - your decision may rest on how much of the pushed-propaganda paradigm you believe - or not, recalling 'belief' is mostly done in the absence of evidence. End preamble.


The in-progress attacks on Syria are more or less openly supported by the US; foreign elements (terrorists) crossing in to foment trouble and attack the Assad govt.. (Usual disclaimer: However much I deplore aggressive external subversion etc., it doesn't mean that I personally support (alleged!) vicious tyrants. Recall here 'choice between evils;' IMO, US+Zs are definitely the most evil, proof = see rapine etc. above, more below.)

I thought that since Russia already has a port in Syria = 'a foot in the door,' then they could be invited 'all the way in' to help defend Syria.

But then I went MAD; Russia + China could both 'donate' a few (ready-to-go, mobile-launched = shell-game) H-nukes to both Syria and Iran.

Another disclaimer: I'm not actually advocating *anyone* attacking *anyone else* - just saying. At the moment, there appears to be no effective countervailing force restraining the US/Zs and their vicious rapine; I'm proposing the immediate nuclear-arming of - in the US' own words - a few mad-Mullahs, who would not hesitate, not for the smallest part of a pico-sec, *in circumstances of being under actual attack*, to take action to *defend* themselves - thus *forestalling* any such attack... and so avoid WW3. Prevention most obviously here being better than cure.
Update 16:51 (from here to end) - Note also, that MAD would still be operative, since the US/Zs maintain the ability to obliterate any country on the planet, but they themselves would then be prevented from aggressive attacks on Syria and Iran = a VERY GOOD thing. Confirmation: At least one credible Israeli official has said: a nuclear-armed Iran does not necessarily pose an existential threat to the Jewish state.

See? - Easy.

PS Make no mistake; no-one should be naïve about this, nor persist in any level of ignorance - let alone believe the US/Z lies, brought to us via *and actively assisted by* the corrupt&venal MSM (sadly incl. 'our' AusBC). The US/Zs have form = murdering for spoil, one 'let itself loose' on the world latest 6Aug'45 and the other latest 29Nov'47. The Zs continue to threaten their neighbours (and the world, see "Samson option" below [*]), and US' presumed end-game is to subjugate both Russia & China - neither of which(whom?) may go down without a fight = another way to WW3.

Tip for any remaining doubters: Look carefully at what the US/Zs do, listen not to what they say. Zs, for example, claim to be as innocent as the sky is blue, yet they are squatting on land/property improperly alienated = stolen by murdering violence from the hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers = ELO/Os of Palestine.


Proof of infamy (Zs):

motive = Herzl, 1897.

opportunity 1, Balfour, 1917.

m.o. 1 = Jabotinsky, 1923. ('We will kill anyone who gets in our way')

opportunity 2, WW2 + Holocaust.

m.o. 2 = much illegal immigration by Jews into Palestine 1934-'48.

means = Meir raised $50 million in the US for arms, '48, used in:

m.o. 3 = Plan dalet/Deir Yassin and similar, sporadically but continuously down to 'current moment.'

So means, motive, opportunity + m.o. & cui bono = crime in progress = 'the alien burglar/home-invasion analogy.' Since the 'crimes of IL's creation' have not been remedied (by 'right of return' + revest & reparations; none of which anywhere in sight, ditto for peace) AND anything built on an illegitimate basis remains illegitimate until remedied, *no* legitimacy ever was IL's to lose.

[*] Not so BTW: The Zs are the world's worse terrorists, and by a looong chalk. The "Samson option" has been mentioned, and elsewhere a 'cobalt bomb.' Cobalt itself is not a nuclear-explosive (absolutely the reverse), but it can be made intensively radioactive - and sufficient thereof could quite possibly poison the entire world, if coated around a nuclear warhead - of which the Zs are reputed to have 200+. In case you *still* have doubts, two items:

1) Proof - of Samson, or some analogue; google (without the {}): {Israel "would be prepared to take the region and even the whole world down with it" golda meir}

Her response About 335 results (time of writing): "Golda replied, “Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying.“"

2) Extending the threat (About 28,700 results): "We possess several hundred atomic warheads ... Most European capitals are targets for our air force."

Those two are both proof of Z's ultimate terrorism, and of our peril.


Proof of infamy (US): Too onerous to enumerate; from Afghanistan to Libya + beyond mentioned above, then see here for a pre-'02 list. Note the source (haw), then recall it's not who says it, but what's said that counts (Which, about the US/Zs, is 'pretty ordinary.')

Another not so BTW: The fact that the UN does not stop the US/Zs' rapine = proof that the UN itself is hopelessly corrupt ( = criminal by accessory mechanism), in fact UNGA181 specifies ethnic cleansing, which Plan Dalet etc. duly carried out via genocidal methods:

"The mandatory Power shall use its best endeavours to ensure that an area situated in the territory of the Jewish State, including a seaport and hinterland adequate to provide facilities for a substantial immigration, shall be evacuated at the earliest possible date ..."

Final Q: We the people, especially the truth & justice = equity seekers, vastly outnumber both the obscenely rich <1% and our (sold-out = anti-democratic = tyrannical) so-called 'leaders;' we could peacefully take both our country (from rip-off FDI) and democracy back *anytime*. (But IF resistance THEN tumbrels - again, just saying.) All it needs is a bit of organisation (imagine "Joe Hill" playing quietly in the background, but with words clearly audible).

Well I'm ready; who will begin, and when?



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