and/or corrupt
  - both and worse

.. both lies ...

  .. and secrecy ...

    .. cripple democracy

Thesis/Subtitle: A national = publicly financed broadcaster's function is to inform the electorate. Any failure to do so makes a properly functioning democracy impossible.

Corollary: A pushed-propaganda paradigm dumbed-down (ppp-dd'd) populace cannot vote in a properly informed way, thus producing the very result assumed as the basis for misinforming the electorate in the first place.

Illustration: Oh, they won't vote the way we want them to, so we'll trick them into it ... by telling them a few well-chosen 'little whites' (= lies. Note that lies are deployed to deceive).

Q: How fair is that?


Forewarned is forearmed; the following is a bit circuitous = it is not simple.


Trigger article 1:

Syrian rebels accused of human rights abuses
Updated March 21, 2012 12:59:34
  «A rights group has accused elements of Syria's opposition of carrying out serious human rights abuses, including kidnapping, torture and execution.» 
[AusBC/'news' rebels' abuses]

Comment; note the source: "A rights group has accused ..."

Trigger article 2:

Families shot dead while fleeing Syria
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker, staff
Posted March 23, 2012 08:24:22
  «Two families have been shot dead in Syria as they fled the north-western province of Idlib in a bus, trying to reach the border with Turkey.
Opposition supporters in Syria say the two families were near the town of Sermin, close to the Turkish border, when Syrian forces opened fire.»
[AusBC/'news' Families dead]

Comment; note the source: "Opposition supporters in Syria say ..."

More from article 1:

  «Reports from Syria cannot be independently verified because authorities have barred access to rights groups and journalists.» 
[AusBC/'news' rebels' abuses, ibid.]

Comment: In the absence of independent verification, the AusBC's implication is: "Trust us."

Q: Why should we? Does the AusBC have any 'form' as far as reporting truthfully?

Consider these four searches:

1) Google {Israel "right to exist" site:abc.net.au} (without the {}s):
About 1,090 results

2) Google {Israel "right to defend" site:abc.net.au} (without the {}s):
About 2,000 results

3) Google {Palestine OR Palestinian "right of return" site:abc.net.au} (without the {}s):
About 433 results

4) Google {Israel OR Palestine "peace process" "Anne Barker" site:abc.net.au} (without the {}s):
About 149 results

The searches themselves prove little, but do show the AusBC's awareness of the issues, illustrate what's wrong with the pushed-propaganda paradigm (i.e. how it differs from the just-world we *should* be living in, but obviously are not).

Q: Why? Does the AusBC have anything to do with tolerating injustice?

A: Yes, IF (= when) they misreport (= lie of commission), or fail to report (= lie of omission = promulgate some 'secret'), THEN the AusBC maintains the population in a state of false or incomplete information.

Argument: It is easy enough to prove some 'inconvenient truths' about the above four searches:

1) Israel has *no* "right to exist;"

1a) UNGA181 contains "The mandatory Power shall use its best endeavours to ensure that an area situated in the territory of the Jewish State, including a seaport and hinterland adequate to provide facilities for a substantial immigration, shall be evacuated at the earliest possible date ..."

Comment: This clearly specifies 'ethnic cleansing' = 'not on' and invalidates UNGA181 as a whole.

1b) Even if UNGA181 is regarded as 'inoperable,' the invading Zionists (most were newly immigrated) then performed just that 'ethnic cleansing' by genocidal attacks [Deir Yassin and all analogues then and since] on the mostly Palestinian ELO/Os (hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers) = even less 'on.'

Note: As recent immigrants, the war by Zionists against the ELO/Os was *not* of a civil war nature but *was* of the nature of an aggressive invasion (Nuremberg; hang perpetrators).

The 'upshot' of a & b is that Israel squats on improperly alienated land/property = no right to exist, QED.

Note 1: *All else* after this un-remedied 'establishment-crime' cannot change the fact that Israel is an illegitimate entity. Proof: Burglar/home-invaders are (under just law) prosecuted then imprisoned, *not* allowed to self-declare independence let alone occupy and live on in an enduring crime-scene.

Note 2: What *could* change (= improve) Israel's status would be remedial RoR+RaR = honour the ELO/Os' right of return plus all improperly alienated land/property to revest and with acceptable reparations where applicable. Obviously, no peace is ever possible without justice.

Note 3: Wishing/hoping for some 'peace-settlement' with ELO/Os whereby those ELO/Os surrender their rights (to their land/property or right of return to same, say) is at least doubly fallacious: a) 'agreements' signed under duress are never valid & b) the ELO/Os would be truly mad if they did.

2) Following no "right to exist," Israel has *no* "right to defend" anything (but of course, individual Israelis have rights just like any other person on the planet, just not on stolen land/property.)

3) Palestinians *do* have the "right of return," as specified in UNGA194. In addition, UNGA181 specified that Palestine be partitioned into two states, one Palestinian. UNGA273 'recognised' Israel as a state, on condition (amongst others) of Israel accepting (= honouring) 181 & 194. Nearly 63 years 'down the track,' there is still no Palestinian state, and the 'ethnically cleansed' Palestinians are still dispossessed/locked out of their land/property. Another QED on Israel as an illegitimate entity.

4) Jabotinsky: “No native population would stomach the intrusion of another nation into their territory. So the gloves have to be off [= rogue; if nothing else, this implies no respecting of law]. Unremitting force is viewed as the only answer to Arab objections to Zionist control of the territory.” [= perpetual war]

Comment 1: Jabotinsky wrote the above circa 1923. Under that long-known circumstance (or deliberately suppressed/ignored?), *no* "peace process" can ever be expected to yield any positive result [proof is continued Israeli expansion into land-not-theirs]; to write about any such peace process is sheer humbug = more deliberate and grave misinformation. QED on Barker as propagandiste.

Comment 2: Points 1-4 above are more or less the results of my own research, IF the AusBC ever reported them THEN (a) never in my recollection and (b) they have long since forgotten them, as their current 'narratives' show. QED on AusBC as propagandist.


Fazit: As Fraser may or may not have said: "Life wasn't meant to be easy" (neither was my circuitous route) and someone else is reputed to have said "The truth will set you free." With the AusBC & Barker's form = proven loss of credibility, they can't be trusted to properly inform us. So, back to Syria. You, dear reader, will no doubt make your own assessment; I merely ask: Is it credible of a state-leader like Assad, under massive pressure ("We're going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, ..." with Libya'11 as 'entrée') - to set snipers onto innocent civilians, or shoot "two families ... dead in Syria as they fled the north-western province of Idlib in a bus, trying to reach the border with Turkey?"

My tip: When dealing with rogue-regime/entities (US/Zs, run-of-the-mill terrorists, alien invaders et al., say), listen not to what they say but watch closely as to what they do.

We are still waiting for the truth, that which is supposed to set us free; how much longer, Aunty?


PS (Added as a mini-update, 3:43am): Google has stuffed-up the indexing of this blog. Just like the AusBC, they appear to be either incompetent and/or corrupt = are not 'honest brokers' ... proof = WYSIWYG.

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