German butchers
 Turkish aggressors
  No 'rule of law' there

.. scalpels ...

  .. shellings ...

    .. barbarians


The German parliament is moving towards 'legalising' assault (circumcision = actual bodily harm) on babies.

Some Germans pointed out that cutting pieces off tiny penises (in the J-case, about one-week-old babies), is *actual bodily harm* = assault. In order to *appease* Js (and some others = Muslims), the German parliament will 'legalise' this assault. On whose behalf, the mutilated babies? Those who (at such a tender young age) could never give 'informed consent?'

"The Turkish parliament gave the government the green light to use military force if necessary against one-time ally Syria."

Me: The Turks are partly *responsible* for any 'border-trouble' with Syria. They *had* a policy of being friendly to their neighbours, including lots of trade with Syria. Thanks, but "No, thanks!" to (supposed, what else) US coercion, the Turks have become just another snivelling quisling sycophantic hanger-on.

Turkey has been aiding the (US/NATO, driven partly by Zs) invasion of Syria, including allowing (= encouraging) transit of al-Qaeda subversives from Libya and Iraq etc., and arms from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The UN does *nothing* to stop this Nuremberg-class war-crime.

The people involved here, Germans and Turks and the UN = Ban Ki-moon, are butchers, aggressors and outright *criminals*.


Parliaments that pass bad laws (only just law may earn respect!) - make themselves *outlaws* = un- & anti-democratic *criminals*. Such tyrants are ruining our world - tumbrels!

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