the andromeda strain
 odourless, swift, silent
  - guaranteed effective!

.. like Mortein ...

  .. just one whiff ...

    .. and they're gone


It's a bit like Shakespearian drama,

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

*Not* feverishly slaving away but coolly, calculatingly formulating then testing each new solution; zeroing in on the final 'product' - and then, success! To be cultured, concentrated and packaged, to be released upwind of 'known concentrations;' the 'product' is universally infectious - but only proceeds to the unique and unstoppable 2nd-stage effects - if/when a certain gene is present in the 'human' host. The gene that one of the team had isolated, not so long ago - but the gene responsible for a certain pathology, namely psychopathic lying, cheating, theft and murder. At 1st, the symptoms are not unlike 'the sniffles,' itself not at all odd because the vector is based on a particularly prevalent picornavirus. Then the target's organism slips further into an irreversible 'slough of despond' - becoming listless, careless, and above all else, tired. Infinitely tired; the only possible reaction is to seek out a slightly less uncomfortable pose, to doze fitfully before finally going completely comatose. The obvious follows, 'mercifully' sooner rather than later.

"No submarine crews responding, Sir!"

"No air force crews responding, Sir!"

"No missile crews responding, Sir!"

And so the greatest scourge and threat to humankind was wiped from the pages of history. Never to be mourned, let alone missed - Oh no, not for the tiniest part of a pico-sec.

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