Q: IF it's not democracy and/or capitalism THEN what is it?

Ditz: It Gets Worse...

Me: Yes.

(updated, 14:30 and 11Jun'13, 11:19, 13:07 )

Q: IF it's not democracy and/or capitalism THEN what is it?

A: Tyranny + Feudalism.

Proof (pocket oxford dictionary):

capitalism  n. economic and political system dependent on private capital and profit-making.

democracy  n. (pl. -ies) 1 a government by the whole population, usu. through elected representatives. b State so governed. 2 classless and tolerant society. [Greek demokratia rule of the people]

feudal system  n. medieval system of land tenure with allegiance and service due to the landowner.

tyranny  n. (pl. -ies) 1 cruel and arbitrary use of authority. 2 a rule by a tyrant. b period of this. c State ruled by a tyrant.  tyrannous adj. [Greek: related to *tyrant]

Argument: It's easy to prove democracy has been disabled = total sham:

1. Dumbed-down electors (MSM lies; "of, by, for the people" made impossible),

2. False-dichotomy 2-party system + bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic (since voters offered *zero* choice),

3. When elected, so-called 'representatives' sell-out to highest bidder = <1% = corporations + 5th columnists (latter = treason).

The economy has been captured by neoliberalism = erring ideology; proof = incredible unemployment + 47mio on food stamps - and still humongous profits, plus WallSt banksters, FIRE sector ripping the people off by created $s loaned @ % and toll-boothing both required and optional services.

What makes it feudal, is that the <1% + 5th columnists own the system + govt., whereby their puppets = our rulers are 'representative (in name only)' = tyrants.

Worse, worser, worst = murdering for spoil, Zs for soil, US for oil.

To murder requires psychopathy, those who order it = ruler-sickos + those who do it = military-sickos + those who 'support' it = apologist-sickos.

Any other questions?

update, 14:30

The "fall of the wall" (the Berlin one, not the illegal apartheid one – that delicious "Whoopee!" moment is yet to come) – introduced the 'unipolar moment,' which has been dragged out by the psychopaths controlling the US (evil!) empire – into a continuous nightmare. (Note that such nightmares are not exactly new; one began on August 29 to August 31, 1897 and another on August 6 and 9, 1945. Mentioning "9/11" is considered 'bad form' by some, but notice that WTC1,2&7 were all pre-loaded (Q: By ObL super-gofers? A: Get real; who could have had access?)) But the headline-story here is about the evil empire spying on its own people – saying "Oh, the phone- and internet-tapping is only directed at foreigners!" and "Oh, it's only to save some citizens from terr-ism™©," etc. – and other obvious lies.

One report reads: The head of national intelligence in the United States says he has asked for "… a criminal investigation into the "gut wrenching" leaking of national security tactics."

But, whoa! "Gut wrenching" is a *feeling*, and psychopaths both by definition and demonstrated behaviour *do not* have feelings, so assuming that this report is not just more of the usual MSM-PRopaganda/lies, Q: How can we understand the apparent oxymoron: "A gut wrenched psychopath?" A: Psychopaths are not (necessarily) irrational; this one realised that he and his 'associates' (recall that psychopaths cannot make friends) – have been exposed for the criminals they indubitably are, and may well end up in an isolation-cell near/like Bradley Manning's. Actually, of course, they belong in death row in San Quinton, stone-walls clammy from the low-temperature fogs rolling in, and extra rats to trim their toe-nails, while they wait for their own personal 'unipolar moments.'

update, 11Jun'13, 11:19

(As comment to:  PRISM Nine: The Implications)

The 'basic' crimes are lying, cheating, theft and murder.

It's a progression in 'severity-level;' although lies may not actually constitute physical harm, the next three certainly do, with murder obviously being the most serious.

Sooo, any criminal (especially murderers) will not shy from lying, in fact unless a criminal lies (commission/omission) then s/he may self-incriminate – but will 'naturally' deny any/all knowledge of their crime(s).

Although perhaps a bit laboured, the point is that any organisation which gets away with some crime has no bounds on repeats/extensions. I can't say exactly when the US-regime (or the Z-regime) went rogue, but it was latest when they deliberately harmed, worst killed some innocent. Rogue-regimes are integrated; typically there's an executive, a military, a bureaucracy including covert parts – but they all work together, and so the guilt is shared by all.

As part of my 'democracy = sham' proof, I have previously asserted that so-called 'representatives' sell out to (add: may be coerced by) the highest bidder, typically the <1% and/or a 5th column (latter = treason.) Along with the non-representatives, the military and associated lackeys are co-perpetrators of mass-murder (one proof = aggressive, illegal invasion of Iraq, then Afghanistan, Libya and currently Syria, all only post 9/11), and murder requires psychopathy.

Then, consider Bernays: "Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."
Q: Where would "an invisible government" hide? A: Silly question.

Next, wiki/ECHELON: "UKUSA Security Agreement (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States) … the interception of communication bearers including satellite transmission, public switched telephone networks (which once carried most Internet traffic) and microwave links."
One 'trick' here is that they don't have to spy on their own populations – the partners do it, then the data is 'exchanged.' So the 'letter of the law' may be observed, but the spirit of the law is thwarted.

PRISM&ilk are merely extensions of ECHELON.

'Security' is considered paramount, and would be if there was a genuine external enemy. In fact, the US manufactures enemies; Russia latest August 6 and 9, 1945, Muslims latest September 11, 2001; the Zs manufactured Arab/Muslims as enemies latest after Jabotinsky's Iron Wall, 1923. UK has coveted ME-oil since before WW1, and F plays catch-up. 'Security' is where the problem lies; once secrecy is allowed, all sorts of malfeasance can be – and is – hidden behind a 'covert wall.'

Lemma: Secrecy is a mortal enemy of democracy.

Next, with the US/Z rogue-regimes rampant plus F+UK/NATO, now that we can see past the corrupt&venal MSM+PFBCs' news-gatekeepers, one of the rogue-regimes' targets becomes some of us, we the people. The rogue-regimes need to know who's saying what to whom, in order to eliminate trouble-makers – like antiwar the website say, and antiwar 'agitators' – like you and me (except where 'you' are a pro-war apologist and/or 5th columnist, both traitors.)

Ditz is correct. It Gets Worse...

update, 11Jun'13, 13:07

(As comment to:  Pardon Him)

Note: My intended recipients are antiwar.com and bona fide antiwar activists; no other person or agency on this planet is extended any right to read or record this submission (and are specifically forbidden to do so); any violators instantly self-convict themselves, and may proceed directly to gaol - or preferably, go to hell.

@don nash, does "unexpected insulting tirade" have anything to do with the terminally self-insulting belief that jet-fuel fires can melt steel skyscrapers?
Re article theme, surely a petition to the White House implies some sort of functional democracy, an implication now so far from reality as to be risible?

But IF pardon for Snowden THEN kindly add Manning, plus just retribution to be visited upon his tormentors.

Apropos, three things really amaze me; a) the depth of the deceptions foist upon the entire world, b) the dearth of objections let alone c) the total lack of any effective resistance (actually a violation of Newton's 3rd law!)

Q: Where are all the decent people; have they meekly collapsed into mute acquiescence and if so why this abject surrender in the face of such horrendous evil?

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