Aus as 'lucky country'

IF lucky THEN don't need to work.

Ooops! Can't have bludgers spending their days in the pub/Tab, so

Alternatively, Aus as 'clever country.'

Ooops! Again and ditto; IF clever THEN others do the work – lazy bludgers again, so

Next try: Aus as 'mining country' (all out into the sticks and dig, dig, dig...)

But a) 83% of the profits are going o/s, so b) Rudd-MRRT to 'claw' some $s back – instant allergy from the FDI-ists, so c) dump Rudd, d) cripple MRRT (thanks, but "No, thanks!" to Mme Gillard), and e) get rid of Labor (as alleged lefty/socialist/communist disease) anyway - as punishment.

So the (lying!) narrative, via and *actively assisted* by the (corrupt&venal), for-profit MSM, plus (shamefully, traitorously) the PFBCs.

I monitor the AusBC; hardly a day goes by lately, without a disaster story (or three): Here today's: "Thousands of engineers depart as jobs dry up (video)" Q: Is this credible? A: Whatever; it's "out there."

THEN Aus will likely get PM-Abbott, who will *viciously* implement "austerity" until and beyond many sheople lie bleeding in the streets - or on the edge of incipient starvation, anyway. Proof will come, in barrow-loads.

Also, not so BTW, proof of voters' general idiocy. On the one hand, one can hardly blame the sheople, as they are deliberately immersed in the ppp-dd-ing lie-cloud by the tyrants' PRopaganda, but on the other hand, they do tend to suck it all up, apparently unaware that what they are sucking up is mostly lies. And "No!" - It's not just a movie! - Nor is most of TV news, actually (factual) news.

Fazit: From the top to the bottom, no matter which way it is judged, 'the current system' is *shit*, from the dumbed-down voters to the corrupt, so-called 'representatives.' We *must* do better, since there is another 'incipient' bearing down upon us, namely the  XS-CO2-C*4 = excess CO2 climate-change catastrophe (one-way) cliff. Before, and as looong before as possible, the going (being pushed) over the cliff moment arrives, we must get a better system, and carry out an effective recovery - to save our once jewel-like planet's comfortable-life supporting ecosphere. Plus stop the wars for spoil, and generally recover our humanity.

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