Ahmadinejad un-filtered; UN, Geneva, 20Apr'09

[from the official site]
Monday 20 April 2009 - 19:10
President in the int'l Durban Review Conference:
Zionists’ advantage taking of int’l political means should end

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday called for fundamental change in the infrastructure of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and questioned the legitimacy of the right to veto.

President Ahmadinejad made the remarks at the International Durban Review Conference (Durban 2) in Geneva on Monday.

The Iranian president also called for change in the monetary and financial system of the world.

It was among the grave responsibilities of intellectuals, scientists and officials of the world to play their historical role at this sensitive juncture, he said.

Capitalism like Communism had a wrong concept of the world and its development and tries to impose its will on the world people while merely pursuing materialistic goals rather than justice, freedom, brotherhood, affinity and kindness, he said.

All should take proper lessons from such developments and this can be attained through collective contribution of governments and nations round the globe.

Ahmadinejad: UNSC had given Zionists liberty to commit crimes
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the International Durban Review Conference (Durban II) that United Nations Security Council (UNSC) had in the past 60 years supported the occupier Zionist regime and given it the liberty to commit any crime.

Addressing the participants at the international meeting on racism in Geneva, he questioned the right to veto, wondering which logic underlies such a right. "With which human value does it comply? Is it compatible with justice, equality and human dignity?" he asked.

Referring to the fact that UNSC is the top-most source regarding international peace and security, he questioned that while legal discrimination prevails and laws are based on force rather than justice, how one can expect justice and peace?

He complained that a number of western and European governments consider themselves committed to the genocide racists and support them.

Following World War II, some displaced a nation and moved a number of people from Europe, the US and other countries to their land under the pretext that the Jews were victimized, and established a totally racist regime in the occupied lands, he said.

Ahmadinejad also posed a question on the origins of the recent wars such as US invasion on Iraq and Afghanistan and asked whether the reason was other than the self-conceitedness of the then US administration to expand its domination, destroy a lofty culture, eliminate potential and actual threats to Israel from regional countries and loot the Arab country's energy resources?

Stating that hegemony and self-conceitedness are the root causes of racism, discrimination and tyranny, the president added that today most of the racists pay only lip service in condemning the phenomena.

However, when several powerful countries are allowed to take decisions for other countries based on self interests, they can easily trample on all human values and laws.

Zionists’ advantage taking of int’l political means should end
IRI President said ignorance was not the major problem related to Zionism, arguing, “In campaign against this malignant phenomenon cultural work does not suffice, since there is also need for ending Zionists’ advantage taking of international political means.”

President added in his address, “The demand of the nations should be respected, the strong will of the unified governments for uprooting the openly observed racism should be harmonized, and the brave move towards reforming the international relations and apparatus should begin.”
He reiterated, “Today the human society is faced with a type of racism whose ugly face has became big shame for the global community.”
Ahmadinejad considered Zionism as the full manifestation of racism, adding, “Zionism’s claim of being religiously inclined is a lie resorting to which it has managed to manipulate the feelings of some ignorant people and to hide its real face.”
The Iranian political leader said, “What needs to be put in the focus of attention is the main objectives of certain big powers and those that have vast interests around the globe, taking advantage of their economic and political influence and their broad scale media power in vain, relying on the comprehensive backing of the Zionist regime to decrease the ugliness of its existence.”
The president added, “Beyond doubt all of you have become well aware of the great efforts made by world power centers aimed at deviating the path of this assembly from its real mission’s pathway.”
Ahmadinejad said, “Unfortunately, the literature of supporting the Zionists that is in other words partnership and being accomplices with them in the crimes they commit, is seen clearly and this increases the responsibility of the representatives of nations at the atmosphere of this anti-human trend and appropriate reforms in relations and behaviors.”
Ahmadinejad emphasized, “We should know that keeping a broad global potential, such as the one at this assembly, away from the path of achieving it main objectives is equal to the continuation of one of the ugliest, most evident forms of racism.”
He said that the prerequisite for defending the human rights today was defending the rights of nations to enjoy their free will in major global decision makings free from the influence of certain powers, and in making efforts aimed at reforming the global relations and apparatuses.
The president said, “Therefore, this gathering is the scene of a great test and the public opinion of the world nations, both today and tomorrow, would judge about us.”
Ahmadinejad added, “The general conditions of the world moves towards the emergence of major alterations rapidly. The power relations have become very fragile and the sound of breaking of the columns of the global oppression system is heard.”
Pointing out that the major political and economic structures of the world were on the verge of collapsing, he said, “The political and security crises are deepening and the expanding global economic crisis for which no bright future is predictable reveals the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of the entire developments ahead.”
The Iranian president said, “I have many times stressed the need for returning from the wrong path that the ruling global management system has been paving and warned about the consequences of delaying such a move.”
Ahmadinejad added, “Today, too, at this cherished global gathering, addressing you and the entire managers, thinkers and world nations that are thirsty for peace, freedom, advancement and well being, I say that the unjust ruling system in the world is at the end of its (doomed) path.”
He added, “Reaching the end of this dead-end street was inevitable, because the logic behind this imposed management is oppressive, and because the logic of the collective move of the world is a goal oriented, humane and monotheist move towards perfection; a move that would oppose any move or plan that is not in line with the interests of the nations.”
Ahmadinejad said that the victory of the righteous over falsehood was the bright future of the mankind and the establishment of a just global systemwas the promise of God and the entire prophets and the shared historic hope of the entire societies and generations.
He added, “The coming true of such a future is the obvious fruit of the existence of absolute knowledge behind creation and based on the belief of the entire believers in God and the very valuable stand of the human beings.”
The IRI President reiterated, “The shape taking of the global society, practical possibility of the shape taking of a shared global system and the entry of the thinkers, managers and people of the world for dynamic and fair participation in major, fundamental decision makings is the doomed path of this great move.”
Ahmadinejad said, “Today there are great scientific, technical and information technology potentials that have provided a shared portion for the learning of the global society and an appropriate path for the manifestation of the shared global system.”
The IRI President said all that the big world powers care for was their own wealth, their own power and their own nations, while the world nations were worthless in their eyes.
Ahmadinejad added his address at the International Durban Review Conference in Geneva, “Is not the occupation of Afghanistan among the manifestations of selfishness, racism, discrimination and humiliation of nations?”
Referring to the global economic crisis, he said, “Who are the officials in charge of the emergence of the global economic crisis? Where did the crisis originate from? From Africa? From Asia? Or did it initiate in the United States followed by Europe and their allies?”
The president added, “The big powers that have for long periods of time been imposing unjust economic rules and regulations at the global scene have established the economic and monetary system of the world while the others have had no interference, neither in the processes, nor in the policy makings.”
He added, “They do not even permit their own people, or the other nations to supervise, and by abandoning the observation of ethics, have shaped the rules only in favor of the capitalists.”
Ahmadinejad said that the big powers have a special definition for the market that deprives many parties of the chance to compete and they also transfer their own problems onto the others, so that today both the crisis and tens of billion of (dollars of) deficits have returned to themselves.”
Ahmadinejad said, “Today, in order to improve the current situation they have gained no result form injecting hundreds of billion dollars into the companies and the stock exchange markets.”
The president meanwhile said that the major root for racism was not understanding the reality of man as God’s special and elite creature, adding, “Deviation from the right path of life, ignoring the objectives behind God’s creation of man, and thinking about the philosophy of existence have led to shattering the horizons of man’s view and made him act for fleeting interests.”
Ahmadinejad reiterated, “These powers by eliminating the equal opportunities broadened the range of their own development so that they became the promoters of the ugliest shape of racism.”
Our country’s president said, “We need to begin increasing public awareness about the philosophy of mankind’s existence as the means for the campaign against such manifestations, and the prerequisite for that is returning to the observation of the spiritual, and ethical values, and exalted humane merits, which is verily monotheism.”

[Try to read what he actually said - not what any allege he said!]


  1. Watch (and if possible act to stop) Zionist propagandists writing lies into the Wikipedia entry on the Durban Review Conference.

    Note particularly the edits by the Zionist propagandist using the pseudonym "Jalapenos do exist".

  2. Also note the application of adjectives to describe Ahmadinejad's Durban II speech.

    For example a common one is "tirade" which is a long, angry or violent speech.

    Use of that descriptor is a clear indicator of bias because the fact is that the English transcript of Ahmadinejad's Durban II speech is 2,709 words in length and Ahmadinejad's points about the Zionist regime in Israel totalled 533 words.

    That's just a fifth of his entire speech, and certainly not a "tirade".

    Indeed many of those words simply describe the Zionist attempt to derail Durban II.

    [Obviously, if there had been no Zionist attempt to derail Durban II, then Ahmadinejad would not have spoken about it. Similarly, if there had been no oppression of Palestinians, then no-one would need to speak out about it.]

    Also, Ahmadinejad's point about the global financial crisis and its effects on the world's suffering poor accounts for 545 words of his Durban II speech - so that's another fifth.

    Then, most importantly, about a third of Ahmadinejad's Durban II speech was focused on "getting back from the wrong path that today's absolute global management is following", i.e. ending the 'New World Order' and "moving in line with justice and human dignity" [852 words]

    An unbiased reporter would point out that at Durban II Ahmadinejad spoke for approximately equal length about two issues: (1) the effects of racist Zionism on the peoples of the Middle East; and (2) the effects of racist greed/explotation on peoples around the globe.

    An unbiased reporter would then point out that the bulk of Ahmadinejad's Durban II speech was about the "mass movement of the world" overcoming "today's absolute global management", i.e. people overthrowing the NWO.

  3. apropos NWO ...

      .. some input ...

        .. and a question


    My eyes were opened by Perkins' "Economic Hit Man."

    Until then, although I could easily see (i.e. under my alias "Blind Freddy") that things were going v.wrong, I hadn't been able to say exactly why.

    Buzz-words: World Bank, IMF (& WTO), Washington consensus (spit!); structural reforms, destroying unions, depressing wages, privatisations (i.e. flogging off the family silver, the whole bloody farm) etc. etc.

    At this point, I lapse into rage and go all emotional; they are simultaneously looting the planet, causing misery and hardship almost everywhere, all to feed their own obscene fatties who drive around to the corner-shops in their grotesque, gas-guzzling SUV/4WDs - just like the monkey-see slobs in Aus. Oh, yeah, and driving our once jewel-like planet's ecosphere over the excess-CO2 climate catastrophe cliff.

    Also at this point, agree with Ern: the criminal tail and wagged mad-dog both are cancerous (murdering to thieve!) parasites.

    1. To my input, agreeing with Perkins but on a separate track and extending:

    The Tower of Basel:
    Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency
    By Ellen Brown
    April 18, 2009
    http://informationclearinghouse.info/article22455.htmWhich refers to this - he's one of my favourites:

    2. Long story short (tempus fugit):

    Q: What's 'new' here - apart from us waking up, and finding that the waking nightmare is actually far worse that the dream?

  4. Let's face it! The U.N. Conference on Racism exposed just how racist the world is.

    It also exposed just how childish most politicians are, how easily they can be bought, how stupid they are!

    But the most worrying thing is that it showed how the West enthusiastically supports one of the most racist countries in the world (Israel) even though it could well push the world into a nuclear Armageddon.

    Should six million people decide the fate of the world?

  5. Should six million people decide the fate of the world?

    The fate of 6,706,993,152 people determined by 6,000,000 ... just 0.09%?


    But read Brown's article (thanks IDH) ... and see how our fate can be heavily influence (if not 'determined') by:

    Guillermo Ortiz Martínez, México (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank of International Settlements)
    Hans Tietmeyer, Frankfurt am Main (Vice-Chairman)
    Ben S Bernanke, Washington, DC
    Mark Carney, Ottawa
    Mario Draghi, Rome
    William C Dudley, New York
    Lord George, London
    Stefan Ingves, Stockholm
    Mervyn King, London
    Jean-Pierre Landau, Paris
    Christian Noyer, Paris
    Guy Quaden, Brussels
    Jean-Pierre Roth, Zürich
    Masaaki Shirakawa, Tokyo
    Jean-Claude Trichet, Frankfurt am Main
    Alfons Vicomte Verplaetse, Brussels
    Axel Weber, Frankfurt am Main
    Nout H E M Wellink, Amsterdam
    Zhou Xiaochuan, Beijing

    19 men.

  6. a profound lack of integrity ...

      .. from walkers-out and reporters ...

        .. but far worse: they act as if they believe


    G'day David G,

    nice to 'see' you. Normally, I avoid the word/concept 'believe' due to the 'faith' component, which can indicate irrationality.

    One of my guiding principles is that everyone, in their own way, will try to do their best. Unfortunately, if the basis from which some proceed is somehow wrong, then even if 'their best' is attained, it may fall short. In connection with this theme, a lot are falling short - and I blame faulty basis-info, on the principle of 'garbage in, garbage out.'

    We get our info via and from the media; in the 'special' case, from the publicly financed media, like the AusBC & SBS. If these people lie to us, we're effectively lost - unless we have the net, but a) not too many have it, b) how free (see this site's Google-problems), and c) for how long? Exactly because we have the net, we can see - and I have repeated Ahmadinejad's speech here for this very reason - we can see what Ahmadinejad actually said - which does not accord too well (understatement) with the H-word descriptions being 'pushed' at us.

    A real shocker is the mention by publicly financed broadcasters of the "H-word," then the word "incitement" being broadcast and finally (just before we clap our hands over our ears and shriek: "Enough!") - of an "H-tirade." Extraordinary; all, in my opinion, unjustified - but the absolute shocker was not 'just' hearing those words, but the expressions in the broadcasters' voices and/or faces.

    Grim faces, eye-contact (to camera) and grim voices; as in my headline, as if they believe


    But we know that it's the Zs who are the villains here (and other-wheres); how can publicly financed, so-called professional broadcasters believe - in lying, murdering-to-thieve criminals?

    How dare they broadcast false and misleading messages?

    I would term the actions of the publicly financed broadcasters themselves here as incitement. Boo! Hiss!

  7. And if we consider what Epstein says (as quoted by Brown) then the inner club would be:

    Hans Tietmeyer, Frankfurt am Main
    Ben S Bernanke, Washington, DC
    Mario Draghi, Rome
    William C Dudley, New York
    Lord George, London
    Mervyn King, London
    Jean-Pierre Roth, Zürich
    Masaaki Shirakawa, Tokyo
    Jean-Claude Trichet, Frankfurt am Main
    Axel Weber, Frankfurt am Main

  8. Do you think it would be nice, orana gelar (g'day), if those you mention - plus a few other mover-shakers acted responsibly - less to line their and some of their mates' pockets, more in terms of the community, saving the planet etc., i.e. more in the terms of The Enlightenment? Well, of course you think it would be nice, and me too, but those are all, presumably, already utterly and filthily rich; would never go a second hungry, let alone actually having to work for a living - Q: Why do you think they and their ilk are sooo bad? Why is it we see so much crime - with so little (visible, effective) resistance? Bummer.

  9. Why? Ummm ... I'm unsure.

    I tend to think it is the corrupting influence of greed, ... but then stop and reconsider, reflecting on whether I'm thinking along those lines as a psychologist with a keen eye on interactions between beliefs and behavioural norms, or because I was schooled (aka indoctrinated) as a Catholic and might not be shaking the silly belief in sin.

    Then I think about egotism being at the root.

    Then I ponder which of greed and egotism is the chicken and which the egg.

    I end up unsure.

  10. The above being the reply to only the "sooo bad" question.

    In response to the other? That's easier, I'm reasonably certain that it is due to ignorance.

    Plato's Allegory of the Cave comes to mind when I consider the cause.

  11. Clarification: When I wrote earlier of Ahmadinejad speaking of ending the 'New World Order' I shouldn't have capitalised the words. Apparently to capitalise those words signals something I'd not intended.

    Just to be clear, I don't think he was speaking of some kind of cryptocratic or totalitarian world government, some kind of bureaucratic collectivist "New World Order". Rather, I think he was talking about the international relations that sees Western nations dominating other nations.

  12. Tariq Al-Maeena has penned a good article for Arab News: When truth is hard to digest`

  13. Interestingly enough, yesterday I was perusing the counterpunch index, and came across this, archived by me at 20:54 my local time. I have not yet verified this source/article, but coming via counterpunch it's likely to be OK. Next cryptic remark: this can't be coincidence, but it does illustrate just how stupid some pseudo-progressives can be; the one I have in mind deliberately continues to feed lying r-wing trolls, despite multiple warnings. Bah!

  14. The one you have in mind, is it he or she?

  15. ... or both? [and the questions are merely rhetorical ... for it is clearly both he and she giving oxygen to that particular lying troll over there.]

    What really causes me concern is that the 'H-word' (false) characterisation of Ahmadinejad's speech at the Durban Review Conference has already been unthinkingly swallowed by the majority of that part of the population that does try to follow what's happening around the world (i.e. what's happening in the world other than within silly celeb circles).

  16. I'm supposing you're asking who I'm fingering as a recidivist r-wing lying troll-feeder, IF ... THEN, female. Says things like "What are you on about?" as she continually serves up new opportunities for the filthy trolls to regurgitate their lies. She's a hopeless Lakoffian-frame violator.

  17. IF there's a he as well as a she AND I didn't notice THEN it's possibly because I don't care to look all that closely. As for 'deploying' the H-word, it's part of the psychological manipulation of the (poor but largely honest) sheople. It simply cannot be, that so-called professional journalists (in the AusBC &/ SBS, say) do not know *exactly* what they are doing. IMHO, that's prima facie evidence of a *massive* c-word underway.

  18. Today Navi Pillay, the UN human rights chief, said that at the close of the Durban Review Conference, 182 countries were able to come together on an anti-racism report despite the Zionist's highly-organised campaign of disinformation. Yet where is this news on our airwaves, on our television screens, and in our newspapers?

  19. The con has been the 'right-sizing' of media organisations such that no-one is left but those who work to orders given by a few gatekeepers in each organisation. There seems to be no-one left in these organisations to say, "Hey ed, I've been looking closely at the Durban Review Conference, and its produced a valuable document that represents the consensus of a great number of nations, and it is news we should report prominantly today."

  20. Agreed that that could be *a* factor; all across neo-liberal (la-la!) land, entities have been down-sized, functions have been out-sourced, and a lot of jobs are (effectively) just gone, i.e. off-shored. Also, the workers everywhere have been intimidated (turned into sub-contractors, or part-timers, lots of mean tricks); their unions 'busted' and their incentives warped (take sub-contractors with their own 'plant,' say. If *they* don't perform, they might lose their plant - and their houses that they used as collateral for the loan to buy the plant. Think timber-workers, Tas.) But tearing around like a blue-arsed fly trying to do the work of 'disappeared' colleagues as well as their own original jobs can't be the *only* factor. They (AusBC journalists, say) must know that they are pushing propaganda; there are just too many lies, too-well integrated to go un-noticed for too long - and, one must say in their defence, that news-people are not usually the bluntest pencils in the box. Recall that O'Brien went off to the US shortly before the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 - and came back with a new-you-beaut format - that just happened to include lots of (cynical, ultra-pro-pushed paradigm propaganda) talking heads. QED

  21. Agreed. It's merely *a* factor ... so let's uncover the other factors.

    1. Risk: spread these lies or you're out!
    2. Reward: spread these lies and you keep your job and the associated compensation; spread it well and well compensated you could be.
    3. Group psych, esp. conformity: if we're all saying this, then ...


  22. PS In any case (yair; generalising from the part to the whole) - we know of one ex-high flier whose descent (was she dragged or did she jump) into the dark-side drew her whole coterie with her, to the extent now, that that coterie actively consorts with truth and justice's enemies.

    Then; how could it be done? IMHO, along the lines of a) "Let me tell you a secret," b) 'by doing this (aka propagandising, psychological manipulating) you can actually save the world' (or some-such, see the Curtis videos) so then c) by accepting this "devil's deal" they never waver and spill the beans.

  23. Over there, where the coterie of one ex-high flyer actively consorts with truth and justice's enemies, those two (he as well as she) have today just served up new opportunities for the filthy trolls to regurgitate their lies ... and spread the map meme again. No good comes of it.

  24. Re: somewhere (agree).

    But, but & but: *NO MATTER HOW GOOD*, answering any troll merely allows that troll (and possibly others) another round.

    Since the (lying, propagandistic) trolls don't care for facts, exposure *ANY, EVEN BAD* is better than none.

    Progressives who don't learn - like XX & YY *DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD*.

    sorry - but not too sorry, for shouting.

  25. looping, 2nd bite ...

    .. we all do it - looping, I mean, some more than others.

    'Over there,' they're all in a loop - otherwise known as a rut.

    It's been said - also by others, that all that happens 'over there' is interminable discussion of all the same-old same-olds.

    Interestingly enough, it was *precisely* when I said something like "Enough of this useless yacking!" - that I got brutally, invalidly attacked. And 'they' supported the lying attacker.

    Time to get something new, with some chance of being effective, to do.