(filthy!) lies ...

  .. are told to deceive ...

    .. how dare the (ugly!) bastards?


Every time I hear - on a publicly-financed broadcaster, the words "ME-peace process" - or anything related or similar - I get the instant, almost irresistible urge to scream: "Lying bastards!"

How dare they? I mean, they are paid by us, accepting our tax-dough. In a democracy, the electorate *MUST* be fully and accurately informed - else how could we, the (voting) people ever decide on anything? In a democracy, we, the (voting) people are sovereign; both the politicians who solicit our vote and are then subsequently elected by us, and the public servants who take our dough to provide needed public services are working for us, paid by us - and better bloody-well perform - or else.

But some - even a lousy, single one would be one too many - some, like almost all our politicians (there must be a (vanishingly?) few honest ones) and certainly our public broadcasters - do not just do a crook job, but often (once would be one more than enough!) a criminal one. Politicians must represent us, we the people, and public servants must serve us, we the people - and in the case of publicly financed broadcasters, they must tell us the truth, the whole truth - and nothing but the truth. That is exactly why we pay them, and for bloody-well nothing else.

Try this:

April 15, 2009
Obama's Bubble of Ignorance
Solving Palestine While Israel Destroys It

  «To a greater degree than perhaps ever before, Washington today is engulfed in denial about Israel and its stupefying behavior, about its murderous policies toward the Palestinians, about the efforts of Israel and its U.S. defenders to force us to ignore its atrocities. Blinders have always been part of the attire of U.S. policymakers and politicians with regard to Israel and Israeli actions, but in the wake of the three-week Israeli assault that laid waste to the tiny territory of Gaza -- an assault ended very conveniently just before Barack Obama was inaugurated, so that he has been able to act as though it never occurred -- the perspective from which Washington operates is strikingly more blinkered than ever in the past.»

(Yair. Aus is not *exactly* the US, but on the "monkey see, monkey do" principle, Aus is close enough (far too eff'n close!) Despite the fall of Howard and his particularly filthy regime, the so-called 'alternative' government that replaced Howard is extending the Afghanistan war. Boo! Hiss! Getting back on track ...) We can see quite well what's going on in the sadly now mostly ex-Palestine. The Israeli regime, so-called 'democratically' elected - but note that whoever 'wins,' the result is always the same, i.e. 60+ bloody years long now and no (just!) end in sight, whatever 'flavour' regime, all we see is the (obscenely offensive!) IDF slaughtering ever more (hapless, innocent!) Palestinians - whose only 'crime' (such a crime!) is to have been born - in a line stretching back 100s (if not 1000s!) of years - on the land the (filthy, criminal!) Israelis covet.

Why don't some (honest!) lawyers take the lot to court?

I mean, the actual murdering Israelis, their accessory/arms-supplier the US regimes, the apologists and especially the publicly financed broadcasters who spruik such nonsense as "ME-peace process" when what is really going on is mass-murder for land and water - why aren't these lying, murdering criminal bastards brought to justice?

We demand the truth, we demand justice!

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  1. I quoted the 1st para in the headline article; as usual one should read the lot.

    Here is the concluding para:

      «The house of cards that is the “peace-process industry” that Abunimah referred to -- that house of cards that pretends Israel is not a rogue nation rampaging through its neighborhood whenever it feels like it -- must soon collapse. As Abunimah told the Capitol Hill conference, what people know in Europe and in Chicago, where he lives and works, is quite different from what people in Washington and New York think they know and, as he noted, silence about the realities on the ground in Palestine is no longer an option. When the history of this period is written, Abunimah said, “Gaza will be seen as the moment after which it became impossible for Israel to be integrated into the region as a so-called Jewish-Zionist state.”»

    The AusBC (as SBS), is an organization of Australians, for Australians. They do a job, get paid - for us, by us. They are, one supposes, if not precisely then close to the 'best of the best' (at least as far as the bipartisan, neo-liberal proscribed budget allows), selected for their applicable tangible talents, in this case journalism. In the so-called 'free world' of ugly, rip-off capitalism, one *could* (I don't) excuse some owner of directing a newspaper (Murdoch, say - it's his 'possession,' except that news is to be news, without fear or favour) - but the owners of the AusBC (as SBS) are us, we the people. If we were to be asked - and really, daaarlings, the answer is implicit - then we'd all say "We demand the truth!"

    I personally blame the AusBC for misinforming me - over my entire lifetime (up to a point) - deceiving me, of the true nature of Israel, and the Israeli criminal behaviour. As far as I'm concerned, a 'point of collapse' was reached when I realised that we the people are being propagandised, and not 'just' by privately owned (corrupt! Venal!) MSM-entities, but also - utterly, damnably and inexcusably - by the AusBC (and SBS).

    Quite literally, anyone who takes money for a service and delivers an inadequate product belongs via the dock into gaol. "Inadequate" is an inadequate description of the outright lies the AusBC (and SBS) often delivers. Often? Once would be one more than enough! Contempt! Citizen contempt, for contemptible behaviour; totally justified, deserved dissent - from pushed-paradigm propaganda!