the British Army failed him

.. what facts? ...

  .. they don't 'do' facts ...

    .. all they want is to steal some resource


The only possibly 'acceptable' excuse for one person to kill another is in genuine self-defence. Note that in such a situation, one human is attacking another in a life-threatening manner; this already assumes malevolence of intent - i.e. criminal. Since we are taught in kindergarten not to attack anyone, any such attack is, as already noted, criminal - and most likely by a sicko. This story is of one such sicko:

Iraq guard's alleged killer 'a human time bomb'
By Stephanie Kennedy in London for AM
Posted August 17, 2009 07:00:00
  «The British security contractor accused of shooting Australian colleague Darren Hoare dead in Iraq's Green Zone earlier this month was a 'human time bomb' with a history of psychiatric illness, his family says.
Daniel Fitzsimons, 29, is facing the death penalty for allegedly shooting Mr Hoare and British colleague Paul McGuigan dead after a row. His lawyers want his trial to be moved from Iraq to Britan.
The former British paratrooper had seen action in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan and was discharged from the army five years ago after he was diagnosed with a stress disorder.
Questions are now being asked about whether Fitzsimons should have been hired by security firms; his family and friends believe he was suffering from severe post traumatic stress, with flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety attacks.»


Since the only 'legal killing' could ever be in self-defence, what was the British paratrooper doing in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan in the first place, now Iraq? None of the countries mentioned had attacked the UK, and clearly, any 'deployment' of the UK army to any and all of those countries must be as an invader - illegally, as Nuremberg showed.

Further, such paratroopers, as any army 'grunts,' are taught to kill - without question; they may be told it's "kill or be killed" - but that can only legally be, as always, in self defence.

Sooo, expeditionary forces (US, UK, Aus) as in the countries mentioned, the IDF anywhere in Palestine, are all illegal invaders, and any killing they do is quite plainly illegal and therefore murder, since it very definitely is a) not in self-defence and b) criminal times two, since the motive for the killing is itself criminal, namely to steal some resource; in Iraq it's the oil, in Palestine it's land and water.

The article concludes with:

  «He agrees Fitzsimons should never have been sent to Iraq: "He should have been given treatment when he was in the British Army - the British Army failed him."» 
[AusBC/justin, ibid.]
Q: What possible "treatment" could the British Army have withheld? They teach people to be illegal killers, that's what they do.

No, it wasn't the British Army who/which failed him, it is the so-called 'leaders' of the US, UK, Aus and Israel who are failing us, we the sheople, and that failing the whole world over.


PS Here we can see Anglo/Judaic hypocrisy in full flight. A few sicko professional murderers squabble amongst themselves, one ended up killing his 'mates.' The Anglos are up in arms, just as the Jewish do in Israel, when one or two of their number are killed. No one, not the relatives, nor the population as a whole, and especially not the AusBC, talks about what the alleged purpose of these killers was - which was and still is murder for spoil, nor the horrid depredations they cause, like 1.3mio+ dead Iraqis, a 61+ bloody-years long genocide in Palestine...

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