the so-called 'noble' lie

.. is not noble ...

  .. a lie is a lie is a lie ...

    .. all designed only to deceive


[Updated; see PS]


IF what 'they' are doing to us was the best for us THEN they would not need to deceive us - eh?

The only possible exception could be that their so-called 'noble' lie is deployed to hide a truth so horrendous, that simply to hear it would cause insufferable damage to the listener. The immediate thought is Q: "What stops the so-called 'noble' liars from being so damaged?"

Then a conjectured answer to that is that the so-called 'noble' are so much superior to us, we the 'normal' sheople, that they are immune to the 'malevolency' of the so-called 'noble' secret. (They, the so-called 'noble liars' are saving us from a fate worse than death? Haw!)

Still another obstacle; Q: How do the so-called 'noble liars' get selected, i.e. know in advance that they can 'handle' the Oh, so formidable danger?

Seems to me, that ever more lies are piled onto the 'original' lie.


More 'seems to me,' that this is the way of the current, US-dominated world. Once a boundary is crossed, it doesn't matter any more; tell one lie then go on to tell ever more, do some crime, go on to do ever more, kill one person, go on to kill ever more.

That is exactly our situation; surrounded and drowning in filthy, propagandistic lies, with our so-called 'noble' liars ripping us, we the sheople, off (resource-rent as one example, sovereign resource-owners being paid a miserable pittance; the already obscenely rich fat-cats grabbing ever, beyond avarice, more) - as well as going 'Nuremberg' by illegally invading and murdering for spoil - the US in Afghanistan (pipeline), Iraq (oil) with Iran possibly next (more oil); Zionists 61+ bloody years long now illegally invading Palestine (genocidally mass-murdering the hapless Palestinian legal owner/occupiers to steal ever more Palestinian land and water.)


Q: What's 'noble' about any of that?

A: SFA; only criminal.


PS This is an extension to my previous credibility zero ... , which cites Who is Leo Strauss? by TheraP. Now, if there *was* such a thing as a 'noble secret,' one assumes that it would be *very* secret indeed. IMHO, there ain't no such thing - but I'm always willing to be corrected - on 'matters of fact?' Haw again!

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