cognitive dissonance; thanks, but "No, thanks!" AusBC

.. paid for with our tax $s ...

  .. qualified in our universities ...

    .. but acting like ignorant and/or lying stenographers?


"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - possibly Sergei Bondarchuk, paraphrasing Edmund Burke's:

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

There is no doubt, that the US & Israeli regimes have combined to perpetrate evil; pity us, we the poor sheople.


Consider any crime; there are the actual perpetrators themselves, then any who provide substantial assistance are termed accessories (usually considered as equally guilty as the perpetrators); there are those who seek to explain/excuse - termed apologists (and lately, lying internet trolls), those who see but say nothing (worse than irresponsible), those who see and deplore/call for justice (like this blog, say) and then the rest, those who don't see, perhaps don't even look (these don't see/don't looks are often referred to 'in here' as 'the sheople').

As far as crimes go, there would be few greater than the dispossession of an entire people's country (namely Palestine), preceded by ghastly terrorist acts (like King David Hotel bombing), then followed by bloody murdering (like Deir Yassin massacre), general genocide, ethnic cleansing, apartheid and other such charming, filthily criminal outrages.

In some jurisdictions, witnessing a crime without intervening can itself be considered a crime; think here about the AusBC vis-à-vis Israel. IMHO, the AusBC are clearly beyond inactive witnessing (= irresponsible), go beyond mere rote-reporting (= apologists) into active assistance (= accessories) - to gross and truly ghastly crimes: continually, the Zs mass-murdering for land-theft; 61+ years long now, and no end in sight.

Straight-faced reporting of often lying Z-propaganda is what we are getting via the AusBC, and that's been going on for as long as I've been receiving the AusBC's so-called 'news' broadcasts. It is my 'proof' of the AusBC's perfidy; that until B, B & H's "Shockin' whore" illegal invasion of Iraq (now morphed by the US into a brutal occupation; murder for oil), it had never occured to me that in Palestine an horrible crime had been perpetrated, then deliberately allowed to endure these past 61+ bloody years. Up until B, B & H's Nuremberg-class crime, I'd accepted the poor little Israel/David vs. the ugly Arab/Muslim/Goliath lying propaganda myth. Since essentially my main & almost only news-source had been the AusBC, it's QED as to how I was so miserably misinformed. Although I had noticed their interminable mentions of the so-called 'ME peace-process,' and recognised it as a fictional non-process quite obviously going absolutely nowhere; as Australia's publicly-financed broadcaster, I'd extended them 'the benefit of the doubt,' i.e. trusted them; but sadly no more and never again. Silly me (and hell hath no fury ...[1]) The entire so-called 'modern' state of Israel is also a Nuremberg-class crime; an exceedingly ugly one on an incomprehensibly vicious scale: how, and by what monsters was it ever allowed to happen? It is simultaneously an insult to all honest people, and an utter damnation of all those who 'allow' it to exist, from its utterly unjust establishment continuously up until its equally unjust now. The AusBC, to our great shame, actively assists in its prolongation - by extending the Zs camouflaging 'cover.' One only needs ask oneself: how would one feel, being brutally driven from one's house, ejected from one's country - under threat of immediate death? IF that sounds inhuman (it does), THEN what of the perpetrators?

Here two examples of what I mean by 'straight-faced reporting' of lying Z-propaganda:

Gas masks for everyone in Israel
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker
Posted October 16, 2009 07:43:00
  «The Israeli military is preparing to distribute new gas masks to the entire civilian population in readiness for a potential chemical attack.
It estimates that Israel could face the threat of thousands of rocket warheads, some of which weigh half a tonne.»

Comment 1: This is clearly propaganda, designed to evoke sympathy for - the poor little Israel/David. Q: Why do we need to know, let alone pay for the broadcast of such obvious rubbish?

Comment 2: The entire state of so-called 'modern' Israel sits on land brutally stolen from the prior legal, mostly Palestinian owner/occupiers. One assumes that any possible attack on the Zs would be attempting to right that wrong; to return that land to its rightful prior owner/occupiers. In other words, any attack on the Zs would actually be in defence of the improperly dispossessed Palestinians, and any Z-defence is no defence at all, since stealing anything, let alone an entire people's homeland, is totally indefensible. Next:

Israel, Hamas guilty of war crimes: UN Human Rights
Anne Barker reported this story on Saturday,
October 17, 2009 08:06:00
  «ELIZABETH JACKSON: The United Nations' Human Rights Council has formally endorsed a report that accuses Israel and the militant group Hamas of war crimes in Gaza.
Israel has slammed the resolution as a diplomatic farce and says it will damage the Middle East peace process.
AHARON LESHNO YAAR: Do you support the importance of the promotion of peace between Israel and the Palestinians?
If you do, if you really would like to see the building of trust and dialogue between the sides, you must reject today's proposal.»

Comment 3: The rockets fired by Hamas are tiny primitive things, the usual result of which is a small hole in the ground somewhere; they almost never land anywhere near a person at all. The IDF, on the other hand, equipped with the latest and mightiest US killing-machines, slaughtered somewhere in excess of 1300 people in Gaza '08/9 alone, the majority of them innocent civilians (only the latest in a looong string of Z-atrocities against their neighbours). The actual ratio (Z:P) of dead from one side to the other is about 1:100, redolent of what occurred in 3rd Reich-occupied territories between '39 and '45. Note the ghastly irony - sense of proportion, anyone?

Comment 4: What utter garbage. Note the language: «Israel has slammed ...»; 'slammed' straight from the AusBC dirty-tricks playbook. More language: «Middle East peace process». Oh, yeah; 61+ years, and all that happens is that Z-rael gets ever bigger, steals ever more land. The questions here are Q1: Who (in their right mind) listens to lying Israelis? Q2: Why does the AusBC think Israeli lies are worth reporting? Answers - good answers - urgently needed. We, the people pay them; we the people should be able to sack them.


The difference between rote-reporting (= apologists) and active assistance (= accessories) is what pertinent details the AusBC leave out. As a prime example, the AusBC continuously reports on some putative (but non-existent) ME peace process, say - while as good as never clearly explaining the stolen nature of the land the criminal Zs illegally, brutally occupy.


These people, these AusBC reporters, are so-called 'professionals;' here's what they say about themselves:

  «Anne Barker joined the ABC Melbourne bureau as a cadet journalist straight out of university. Since then she has worked in Federal Parliament, in Sydney, Adelaide, and now Darwin, ...» 
[AusBC/Anne Barker]

  «Liz Jackson is a qualified lawyer and five-time Walkley Award winner who has worked as a journalist at the ABC since 1986.» 
[AusBC/Liz Jackson]

(Jackson has done some terrific work, like some honest reporting about Howard - one of her 'rewards' is the Sat AM slot.)


Fazit: They can't pretend that they don't know what they are doing.

Which is deliberately misinforming us, aka telling us lies.

Lies at home; perverting our democracy.

Lies abroad; criminal accessories.


PS There's always more; why does the whole world tolerate the obvious injustice, the outright crime, the associated murder and theft - that Z-rael actually is? That the US also is? They both murder for spoil, one specifically for land & water, the other in general for resources, notably oil. 'They' say, that we have democratic countries observing the rule of law; where is the evidence? We, of the Anglo/Judaic bloc, do not have properly functioning democracies; for example no matter who we elect, we still get war. Including the defective and degenerate publicly financed broadcasters telling us filthy lies adds-up to a world dominated by vicious criminals and their murdering, theiving criminality. How did this ever happen? How can we live in such a world; how can our so-called 'leaders' be so utterly, criminally bad? Then, to the final and real mysteries; Q1: Why does anyone, let alone 'our' AusBC support murdering, thieving criminal Zs, and what of the hapless Palestinians? Q2: What's in it for any Z-supporter (forget the AusBC as mere dishonest 'establishment' tools); more cogently, what's in it for us, we the honest sheople - who just happen to be paying the AusBC's entire cost, via our taxes?

Q3: Where are the Enlightened adults? Are there any at all (always excepting me'n you?) Q4: Where is justice; when can we - and the Palestinians - get it?



[1] "The Mourning Bride" (1697) by William Congreve. The complete quote is "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."

The AusBC scorns both the truth and us, we the sheople.

Boo! Hiss! Straight to gaol!

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