AusBC plus Barker in the Middle East equals

.. Zionist/Jewish and/or US propaganda ...

  .. how utterly undemocratic ...

    .. how *dare* they?


Q: Why 'undemocratic?'

A: Because we the sheople, as voters *and* taxpayers, have a *perfect* moral and legal right to demand that 'our' publicly-financed AusBC fully, fairly and *honestly* informs us. Barker relays - if not actively amplifies - lying Zionist/Jewish and/or US propaganda.


Consider today's 'crop:'

1. Positive start to Iran nuclear talks
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker
Posted October 20, 2009 08:48:00
  «Western powers fear Iran is trying to develop a nuclear bomb, although Iran insists its nuclear program is entirely peaceful.» 

2. UN accuses Israel of spying
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker
Posted October 20, 2009 09:17:00
  «Israel has not responded to the allegation, but has previously accused Hezbollah of breaching the ceasefire agreement by stockpiling weapons illegally.» 


Q: Why 'lying propaganda?'

A: You must be "Joe King?" Circular definition: propaganda is deployed to disinform[1] and/or misinform[2]; *exactly* what is going on here with Barker and the AusBC. Adding 'lying' is to clarify and emphasise by tautology. I discuss Barker since she is one of the worst, but one assumes that the AusBC is complicit before the fact, conversant after the fact and probably being 'commanded' by the Aus govt., and that of both Lib *and* Lab 'stripes.'

When Barker writes "Western powers fear" she is *deliberately* misleading us. She is a university-trained journalist; in my book that *should* mean 'honest reporter,' but the agent who fears an Iran A-bomb is definitively Israel, which (via its "Israel Lobby") coerces the already overly-sympathetic US to repeatedly dragoon the US' sycophantic quisling allies to screech "All options!" at Iran in unison.

(It should be noted that to threaten an attack is itself a war crime.)

The 'hidden' Z-agenda is that Israel fears being turfed out of its originally immorally gifted, then illegally invaded and all brutally occupied territory, i.e. the land they have progressively stolen from the original and legal owner/occupiers, namely the poor, hapless and totally involuntarily dispossessed Palestinians.

The hardly 'hidden' US-agenda is a) to 'avenge' the '79 Iranian revolution which reversed the '53 filthily illegal US/UK coup which displaced the democratically elected Mossadeq, and b) to steal Iran's oil (of course! Q: What's wrong with *buying* oil?)

When Barker writes "trying to develop a nuclear bomb," she must know full-well, that a) Iran is under a continuous, intrusive IAEA micro-inspection regime, and that b) the IAEA repeatedly reports "no evidence" of any Iranian violation of the NPT.

Barker must also know full-well, that it is *Israel* who a) refuses to sign the NPT, b) is the only ME possessor of A-bombs and c) that it is Israel itself who/which is the *greatest danger* to ME peace.

When Barker writes "Hezbollah ... stockpiling weapons illegally," she must know full-well, that the poor, hapless neighbours around Israel are primitively armed with comparative pea-rifle types like the AK-47 and tiny rockets, that Israel is massively armed to the teeth with the latest grotesque US killing-machines (tanks, helis, planes, A-tipped cruise-missile subs etc.); indeed, the only thing stopping the Zs being pushed into the sea (or worse) is the continual state of war that the Zs have created.

What Barker *never* writes is that the brutal, genocidal, apartheid and ethnic-cleansing I/J/Z-plex occupation of Palestine equates perfectly to a murderingly criminal gang of terrorists carrying out the equivalent of an hostage-taking home-invasion and consequent police-siege.

With one single, glaring exception: the police (UN? US?) either never show up - and/or are utterly, corruptly complicit.

As is Barker and the AusBC both, vis-à-vis our crippled democracy.

Truth is relatively simple, lying is simply wrong. Presenting only partial, biased or outright incorrect info, or by omitting absolute key detail, a false picture is created; since the AusBC and Barker both claim professionalism, their info-sins must be deliberate.

In a world where truth was respected, journalist-Barker would have to reform or change jobs.

In a world where justice was respected, no single invading Z would have been allowed to enter Palestine at all, ever.



[1] disinformation n. false information, propaganda. [POD]

[2] misinform v. give wrong information to, mislead.  misinformation n. [from *mis-1] [ibid.]

PS My democratic demand: that the AusBC should cease transmitting lies.

1 comment:

  1. what Barker and the AusBC *actively support*

    .. cynical recycling of a "peace process" ...

      .. widely recognized to be both a fraud and a farce ...

        .. reward and perpetuate ethnic cleansing, racism and apartheid

    (Me: As well as supporting the 'original sin' of allowing the I/J/Z-plex to dispossess the Palestinians in the 1st place - then turning blind-eyes to the preceding terrorism, subsequent genocide, continual murder for land-theft etc. - the list *shockingly*, *inexcusably*, *inhumanely* looong.)


    The above 'snips' in full; as exactly what Barker and the AusBC are *actively supporting*:

      «... continued cynical recycling of a partition-based "peace process" which is now widely recognized to be both a fraud and a farce and which, even if "successful", would simply legitimise, reward and perpetuate ethnic cleansing, racism and apartheid --» 

    As opposed to what they could *and should* support:

      «Democracy and equal rights in a unitary state in the land which, until 1948, was called Palestine, coupled with freedom of choice (with attractive choices for resettlement being generously provided) for those who would prefer not to live in such a state, would offer a far greater hope for eventual peace in the Middle East than ...» 

    The above two full 'snips' are in reverse order; and conclude with:

      «-- scarcely a recipe for lasting peace, let alone for any measure of justice.» 

    See the whole thing here:

    October 19, 2009
    A Tragically Bad and Unsustainable Idea
    Zionism: an Anti-Semite's Dream?
      «If Western politicians cared more about the welfare and happiness of individual Jewish human beings than they do about the money and ability to hurt them of a few wealthy and powerful Zionists, most of whom live comfortably and safely far from the Middle East, democracy, equal rights and freedom of choice, all principles to which Western states profess devotion, might actually come to the "Holy Land".
    Politicians being what they are, civil society will have to take the lead in delegitimizing Zionism and pointing the way toward a better future for all concerned -- and, like it or not, everyone on this planet is concerned.»

    Note that the last bit means that the sheople must kick the politicians, implying that without being so kicked (hard! Right up their bums, until their noses bleed!) - politicians will *not* do right (as in correct) & responsible things.

    So much for 'leadership;' so much for their 'representing.'


    PS Another strong condemnation is the use, as above and continually by the AusBC, of the misleading and totally inappropriate expression "Holy Land". Qs: Holy to whom? What, exactly is 'holy' anyway? Vast numbers believe in *some other* g*d, or (better, best) *no* g*d at all.

    A: 'Holy' belongs only in a church or mosque perhaps, *not* in politics, and even more *not* in the sheople's AusBC. Boo! Hiss!