not every AusBC lie (more kicks at Barker)

.. goes totally unnoticed ...

  .. not every AusBC listener ...

    .. is quite as dumb as they think


'Out there,' in the 'real world,' there's a fight going on - which has turned particularly nasty.

'Alle Menschen werden Brüder' sounds pretty good - but it just ain't so, and getting ever less. The 'top' 1% or so have vastly increased their 'grab,' so much so that they are now choking almost the entire economy. In the so-called 'world leading' US, the 'normal people' (aka we, the sheople) are being massively sacked, laid-off or generally going unemployed. It's been a long time in the making, copied also in Aus - only the latest and so far last gasp having been Serf-Choices; at least the last 30 years (basically since the political assassination of Gough), of putting downward pressure on wages and careers both, what with continuous and brutal union-bashing, then down-sizing, out-sourcing and off-shoring; an ugly and wicked neoliberal design, essentially aimed at crippling the general population. 'They' said that they were building a 'new economy' but it was all lies; 1st low and going ever lower wages & conditions, then moving to pushing borrowing to support consumption. That was always gunna be a one-way, down-hill street, and Costello in Aus aped the trend and consciously helped it along with his (undeclared-imported) halving of the CGT.

When times get tough, the borrowing must not just stop but be reversed, and they're now saying that people have started to save - a misnomer, because one can't save before one is out of debt; any so-called switch to 'saving' is people desperately trying to lower their debts. But (there's almost always a but:) people who try to pay off debt cannot be buying as much as they did; in a so-called 'consumption-driven' economy, any reduction in demand means pointing that economy down a decline, IF continued THEN ultimately over a cliff - some things just can't be changed, even by so-called 'masters of the (financial) universe' clever-dicks.

Another thing 'they' say is don't gamble unless you can afford to lose; the fact that the stock-exchange indexes are going up is an indication that there's still a lot of 'funny-money' out there to be put at risk. Q: Do you think that's from people trying to reduce their debts? A: Nope. Further, Q2: The massive $US-printing (multi-trios!!?) is mostly flowing where? A: To banksters & their floozies, that's where.


In addition to the social-contract violating economic warfare being waged against us, we the sheople, there's a different fight going on - a false one, the pseudo-political battle. I say pseudo because it's not a real, let alone fair fight; with the Lib/Lab ugly twins we do not have real options, merely more of a difference only in degree. Look at war; no matter who we vote for, we still get war, most obviously in the US & Z-rael, but UK & Aus as well; all these have recently had 'regime' changes, but the slaughter of innocents goes on: murder for oil in Iraq, murder for pipelines in Afghanistan, in Pakistan war on the people basically for the hell of it ("Yes, we can!") & not just BTW, whack a few more Muslims, then Iran next-up for more "Shockin' Whore" murder for oil. The pseudo-political battle is used as camouflage to the domination-putsch being made by the mainly US-kleptocracy; they seek to dominate the world to rip-off resources (dribbling only the tiniest returns to sovereign resource owners - that us again, we the sheople), and as if that wasn’t bad enough, the domination-putsch is now being extended to impact their own sheople. It's all pure Nietzsche - and we know whose favourite philosopher he was.

The AusBC's Ms Baker makes herself a target because as ME correspondent she's based in Z-rael, i.e. in the bosom of we, the world's people's equal number-one enemy (the other being the equally murdering-for-spoil US.) Ms Baker's reports are dreadfully biased towards the Zs, as has been the AusBC reporting down through the 61+ or so years since the '47/8 Nakba (= disaster). Any reader doubting this can see it immediately, when I ask Q: Why have the Zs been allowed to perform genocide, ethnic cleansing etc. as part of a filthy and criminal process of murdering Palestinians to steal their land - without this vicious iniquity being effectively highlighted by the people's reporters, the AusBC? A: Because the AusBC's reporting is fatally - literally for the Palestinians, more metaphorically for our so-called democracies - fatally biased.

Note that the AusBC's bias is not "left" at all; they're not just pro-Z but they're biased towards the West's 'rulers,' the pro-war, pro-theft psychopathic kleptocrats that pull the strings - and are now in full flight, ruining our once jewel-like planet's ecosphere, on their way to attempting to make themselves even more obscenely rich. I have been reading a few comments to AusBC articles, when one starts of with "Well, Lib(Lab) this or that" one knows it's some dumbed-down, propaganda bait-taking simpleton writing, but the occasional one gets it right by pointing out that the real bias is pro- 'the establishment' - which can include the Libs; they are a bit *more* in the rulers' pockets.

Fazit; Q: Just who gives the AusBC permission to lie to us?

A: It *must* be so-called 'bipartisan' - which, by *not* offering us, we the sheople-voters any proper choice at all, is *deeply* undemocratic.

Boo! Hiss!


PS The worst, of course, is the eff'n insults: how *dare* they deceive, how *dare* they try to dumb the sheople-voters down? One can't blame the voters for being down-dumb-able (perhaps it's just the way they are) - but one *can* blame the AusBC for 'taking advantage.' The really big question is Q: "What's in it for the AusBC?" Do they get 'dumbing-down' bonuses? Or do they just do it for 'fun,' to have a big laugh at us, we the poor sheople-voters?

(One thing is 'fur shure;' the AusBC are not *of* the ruling class, never were and never will be. They are the tools of the ruling psychopaths, no more than jumped-up, per diem propaganda 'lackeys.' Boo, again!)

Then the ultimate insult: 'Our' AusBC. Traitors all.


  1. More evidence that our Aunty's Barker follows Z lead: Israel, Hamas guilty of war crimes: UN Human Rights.

    Note inclusion of this throw-away-line: "Richard Goldstone himself has criticised the resolution, telling a Swiss Newspaper it only condemns Israel, but makes no mention of Hamas."

    Which matches Z line in Z J-Post (with aid from Z AP), for example: "Although the Goldstone report also accuses Hamas of war crimes, the five-page resolution explicitly mentions only Israeli violations of international law."

    Q. Why Z line?

    A. (For Z J-Post) To fling mud at 25 states because they voted in favour of the resolution.

    (For our Aunty's Barker) LaZiness.

  2. And Q. What did the resolution actually say in terms that "only condemns Israel"?

    A1. It expresses "serious concern at the lack of implementation by the Occupying Power, Israel, of previously adopted resolutions and recommendations of the Council relating to the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem." [i.e. it highlights Fact]

    A2. It codemns "the non-cooperation by the occupying power, Israel, with the independent international fact finding mission." [i.e. another Fact].

    And that's all folks.

  3. democracy; no taxation ...

    .. without representation ...

      .. no more $s for the AusBC ...

        .. if they won't stop their filthy lying


    Of course it's worse even than that; g'day orana gelar.

    We can't possibly decide how to vote if we're not fully & fairly informed, i.e. appraised of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - at home. We've seen proof in these pages that the AusBC really is biased, and not "to the left," but pro-establishment, pro-Liberal and worst of all, anti-sheople-voters. They 'allow' themselves such constructs as "Turnbull slams 'corrupt cop' Rudd in newspaper essay - ABC News." That should be 'enough' to get someone fired, if not straight into gaol.

    But what of propagating lying Z-propaganda? We can clearly see that the Zs are perpetrating an illegal project - Israel itself, and as the nukular-armed stick poking the ME bee-hive, Z-rael is a threat not just to ME/world peace, but by so distracting the world, it is a threat to the survival of the human race as a whole. This makes Z-rael an enemy of all people, including us, we the Aus-sheople-voters.

    Anyone aiding and/or abetting an enemy of the people, as the AusBC's Barker clearly and repeatedly demonstrates, are guilty of treason. One wonders why some sort of 'lawyers for justice' group doesn't attempt to bring the AusBC to justice.

    All treasonous irresponsibles in the AusBC deserve the 'usual' punishment.