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Rudd disloyal for Costello choice, says Keating
Posted November 1, 2009 16:02:00
  «Former prime minister Paul Keating has criticised Kevin Rudd's decision to appoint Peter Costello to the board of the Future Fund.
Mr Keating says the former treasurer squandered 11 years of economic growth and stood by as Australia's overseas debt sky-rocketed.
Mr Keating says Mr Rudd is a "goodie two-shoes" who has shown disloyalty to the Labor Party by not considering former MPs for the job.
He has described the former treasurer as a "policy bum of the first order" who squandered 11 years of economic opportunity.»

'Squandered 11 years of economic opportunity' is one thing, crippling the great Aussie 'own your own home' dream is another. That Aus borrows overseas proves that we have no financial independence (the clever alternative is 'sovereign credit'), but Rudd appointing Costello is pure and utter treachery. Costello's greatest blunder was halving the CGT (Capital Gains Tax), an idiotic, sell-out action aimed (unfairly!) - but fair and square *against* the sheople, because that was the 'last stone' in the doubling of house-prices (lockout) wall. Low interest rates are largely imported (but always with an added 'local' surcharge), as was the ½CGT idea. Not even original, but done either with malice aforethought - or out of ignorance. In either case, no economic or any other sort of genius 'at work.'

Rudd appointing Costello shows deplorable economic- and equity[1]- insensitivity, complete ignorance if not outright anti-sheople hostility. (And in all cases, imbeciles both.)

Mind you, Keating has nothing (= SFA) to be proud of; if Aus ever had an independent voice it was Whitlam's - until he was viciously (CIA? Murdoch? Both &/ worse?) deposed. After Whitlam came the neoliberal deluge - from *both* 'sides' - bipartisan anything is *deeply* undemocratic.

Both the social and democratic covenants[2] have been well and truly 'trashed' (detested Ameri-speak; 'deployed' by Turnbull, quoted by the AusBC - traitors all.)

Boo! Hiss!



[1] equity n. (pl. -ies) 1 fairness. 2 principles of justice used to correct or supplement the law. [POD]

[2] covenant —n. 1 agreement; contract. 2 Law sealed contract, esp. a deed of covenant. .. —v. agree, esp. by legal covenant. [French: related to *convene] [ibid.]

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