of course it was the oil (stupid!)

.. we knew it all along ...

  .. but we had to battle the (lying!) trolls ...

    .. Q: Why? A: Their strategy - but worse: their dishonesty


Subtitle: This is what 'victory' in Iraq looks like.


Musing: We should have known; Q: Why didn't we? A: (Hindsight etc.); for all those prepared to murder for spoil, lying is a mere bagatelle. We should simply have confronted them: "Liars!" - Oh, well; for those paying close attention: "We won't get fooled again!" 

I have a friend who has advised me "It's not so simple," and I'm willing to go along with a certain degree of nuance - but at the same time, I'm not going to get so complicated that the plot gets lost.

The US *always* wants to make a profit (well; who doesn't?) But instead of being happy with costs + 10% (say), they want a 10* multiplier - if not *even more piggy*. That, in turn, can only ever work in an open-ended, unlimited resource environment (that we just don't now, and never did have). We also knew all along (the same 'we;' justice-via-truth seekers), that 'sustainability or bust' was the name of the game, with the pigs going for 'bust' being the thoughtless, as good as brainless, destroyers - of almost everything good. "So? Everybody does it!" - I hear some try - but (there're always *lots* of 'buts':) as soon as one party starts 'dirty tricks' (US, the Zs) then others have to 'match' them - or lose on the spot. In other words, it's a race to the bottom; it wasn't always so. Enlightenment? What eff'n enlightenment?

Those who practice *bad* morals have no morals at all.


Trigger article (very brief 'snip'):

Did Big Oil Win the War in Iraq?
By Antonia Juhasz
November 17, 2009
  «Back in 2003 Britain and the US were shut out from the oil-producing contracts Saddam Hussein's government was negotiating. The contracts BP and ExxonMobil negotiated last week reflect the extent to which British and US "big oil" companies have gained from the war.» 

Comment: As in my headline, of course it was oil. So to nuance a bit then; oil, plus. As in my musing, the US is always out for ever more $s; in this case all the other reasons 'lined up' behind the oil: that's how the whole show was to be financed; some cronies to get rich(er), as well as putting potential competitors 'under the gun' - so's to speak. And always, the power-swagger. (The article hints that "big oil" may have had prior misgivings - but they want the crooked oil law imposed on Iraq more than anyone else.)

Key article (what really happened - warning; sickening):

The US War against Iraq
The Destruction of a Civilization
By James Petras
August 21, 2009
  «A mere ‘regime change’ could not extirpate this deeply embedded and advanced secular republican culture in Iraq. The US war planners and their Israeli advisers were well aware that colonial occupation would increase Iraqi nationalist consciousness unless the secular nation was destroyed and hence, the imperial imperative to uproot and destroy the carriers of nationalist consciousness by physically eliminating the educated, the talented, the scientific, indeed the most secular elements of Iraqi society. Retrogression became the principal instrument for the US to impose its colonial puppets, with their primitive, ‘pre-national’ loyalties, in power in a culturally purged Baghdad stripped of its most sophisticated and nationalistic social strata.» 
[ICH/Petras] (previously cited)

Comment: The above article is an absolute 'shocker.' Talk about psychopaths; all that we ever feared and/or forecast, then exponentially, dreadfully worse - stupefyingly depthless depravity - and they dare deploy the term 'Evil Empire.' Whatever summary I make cannot approach the dark reality. But IF one reads it THEN one sees who the truly evil ones are. It's no overstatement to say that the identified perpetrators pose the greatest risk to our once jewel-like planet.

Read it all - then consider the question Q: Why are such hideous crooks in control? Where, exactly, is justice?


Fazit: Coming full-circle; there is a simplification; US & Zs both 'murder for spoil.' 


PS From my headline; 'lying trolls.' Who are they? *Why* are they? They know they are crooked, supporting crooks, and making our lives, we the justice via truth seekers, far more difficult than ever need be. Why do these lying trolls oppose truth and justice anyway? Are they paid? They can't have functioning consciences; as the perpetrators themselves, they're all pure evil. Then, in the discussion-space; why did/do some gatekeepers favour the filthy lying trolls / idiots / crooks?

Of course we can guess at what happened 'over there:'

  «Intimidation campaigns have long been a key tool for organized crime and for those whose undisclosed agenda can succeed only when shielded from public scrutiny. Those complicit in such “psy-ops” know their agenda could not prevail in an open debate. They also know that if their treachery is detected they face charges of treason, a capital crime.» 
[Jeff Gates]

In no small way, any/all who *do not* resist the crooks, and that with all their strength, are aiding those criminals. (Listening, Aunty AusBC?)

Any who would deny justice must either be totally ignorant or implacably evil - actually of course, both.

We can usefully paraphrase GWBush: "... those agin' us are psychopathically evil." 



[1] nuance n. subtle shade of meaning, feeling, colour, etc. [Latin nubes cloud] [POD]

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