there is no hope (US & Z extra-judicial assassination)

.. of ever stopping ...

  .. these foul murderers ...

    .. the immoral US and its illegitimate Z-state sprog


Updated, [1]

1. The warm-up.

2. The nitty-gritty.

One should read the lot; I decline to 'snip' - apart from this:

  «Seven years later, there is no longer any doubt that targeted killing has become official U.S. policy. “The things we were complaining about from Israel a few years ago we now embrace,” Solis says. Now, he notes, nobody in the government calls it assassination.» 

Comment: How convenient, that the so-called 'terrorist' targets are all in places coveted by the attackers; Palestine (Z-Lebensraum), Iraq (oil), Afghanistan (pipeline routes, opium/heroin) etc..


Q: Why doesn't 'our' AusBC carry reports like the two above?



US & Z extrajudicial killing = murder for spoil.

[1] Update:

The last bit of the Mayer article:

  «“It’s really all we’ve got to disrupt Al Qaeda. The reason the Administration continues to use it is obvious: it doesn’t really have anything else.”» 

Comment: 'Al Qaeda' didn't exist until the US(CIA) 'invented' it, to plague the Russkies. Now it, as 'Taliban,' is partly a 'catch-all' to describe any US 'enemy,' otherwise referred to as militants, insurgents or fanatic religious caliphatists; whatever (but not where-ever; all these US/Z 'enemies' are legal owner/occupants of the lands being so illegally, so brutally, invaded.) We've been through all this before with Reagan, say; one man's rebel is another's freedom fighter. It's always worth keeping in mind that the US aggressing anywhere *outside* the US is an invader, as are the Zs aggressing in Palestine. Then, it's worth recalling Nuremberg and aggressive war - and what *should* happen to all perpetrators. As well as 'not having anything else,' the US & Israel have no morality (apart from bad morality), no justification (except theft).

Q: Why can't they just buy what they covet?

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  1. rule of law? what rule of law? (Obama’s extra-judicial killers)

    .. no arrest ...

      .. no trial, no judge ...

        .. just blow 'em away (2% intended, rest innocent collaterals)


    Trigger article:

    November 18, 2009 11:38 a.m.
    Obama’s extra-judicial killers
    By Nat Hentoff
      «Again, say it plain that the United States is very much involved in the NATO air strikes — in addition to drone planes — that murder children, women and men who are not even suspected to be “militants.”
    Without any system of accountability in U.S. courts or Congress, “The U.S. military,” Whitlock writes, “and NATO officials have authorized their forces to kill or capture individuals on the list, which was drafted within the past year as part of NATO’s new strategy to combat drug operations that finance the Taliban.”»

    Quote #1:

    Pakistan an enormous risk to global stability: Kilcullen
    Broadcast: 01/06/2009
      «KERRY O'BRIEN: Well, in fact to quote you, "Using robots from the air looks both cowardly and weak," and you describe a hit rate of 2 per cent, an effective rate of hitting the actual targets of 2 per cent with 98 per cent collateral damage. That's a pretty staggering statistic?
       DAVID KILCULLEN: Yes, and those statistics are based on open source Pakistani media reporting, so let's assume for the purposes of argument that the strikes are twice as effective as those figures suggest and that only half the civilians are being killed that the Pakistani media claims. That's still 92 per cent innocent civilians being killed and 8 per cent militancy. I don't think you could describe that as precision, you know.'»

    Quote #2:

    "Careful and Discriminating"
    By Steven Poole
    October 6, 2009
      «Just three days into his presidency, Obama authorized a near-simultaneous pair of drone strikes against targets in North and South Waziristan. Since he took office, there have been a total of 16 airstrikes, or roughly one per week. Our analysis shows that these attacks have killed some 170 people, but only one has killed an important Al Qaeda or Taliban leader, presumably because many of them have decamped from the tribal areas.» 


    The US claims to be 'defending, extending' democracy. Funny, though, that Iraq has all that oil; Afghanistan pipeline routes & opium/heroin, Iran ("All options!") also has all that oil and Pakistan is right next door (and might let its nukes pass to 'terrorists' - so they say, trying to scare us, we the sheople-voters shitless). Then, one could ask "Where is my vote?" - because no one seems ever to be able to vote the warmongering bastards out (are sooo many sheople willing murderers by proxy?) And that the so-called 'terrorists' themselves (all legal native inhabitants) probably would do something entirely different - if not resisting US + NATO illegal invaders.

    Yikes! And the Pentagon wants new nukes!

    Time to take our world back yet?