life spirals down
 death of decency
  'not my job, man!'

Thesis/Subtitle: Our once jewel-like planet is being plundered by criminals and poisoned by pollution, including xs-CO2-c4; decoded = excess CO2 caused climate-change catastrophe, but it's all 'business as usual' = rich getting richer and the rest being neoliberalised into serfdom and austeritied into poverty - why?


Well brought-up children learn not to lie, and certainly no cheating, theft or murder.

Even better brought-up children learn to share their toys, and not to touch things-not-theirs. Often heard in kindergarten: "Do not hit!"

Thus children are socialised and educated beyond what parents have been able to do (TV or electronics as baby-sitters); to point the children at 'polite society' = minimal aggression against their fellows (but more importantly, no aggro towards their 'betters'), oriented towards 'useful' employment (but see rich->richer below), and possibly lured into 'defence' forces, to 'serve the nation.'

So what goes wrong?

The US bombs and/or invades at the drop of a hat = murder for spoil. They cheat the world with their reserve-currency, deficits & printing = conjuring otherwise worthless fiat currency out of thin air on their computer keyboards - needed by others to buy oil (which is burnt, requiring non-US people to 'earn' ever more otherwise worthless US$s by making 'stuff' which is sold to US consumers; looping.)

The alien/invading Zs have stolen an entire country (erstwhile Palestine) at the point of guns, bombs etc. = Nuremberg-class offences by Zs & US both.

The military, charged with 'defence' actually performs the murdering-to-thieve = rapine, enabling plunder.

The (corrupt&venal) MSM conduits and *actively assists* lying propaganda; no war may be fought in the face of public disapproval, so consent (or perhaps better: Resigned acceptance) is 'manufactured' via PR campaigns, see 'lying' again (looping).

Unis, once home to intellectuals, are now partly/wholly 'privatised' = forced to 'make their own way' both by charging students and by professors&Co having to produce to order, hence neoliberal = voodoo economics, psychologists who tailor torture programs and design the manipulative propaganda ("Viagra-taking govt. paid African (= black-skinned) mercenaries raping school-girls in Libya!" - Lying propaganda *designed* to evoke emotions, switching off rational thought & invoking outrage amongst the gullible, ppp-dd'd electorate.)

Terminology: The pushed-propaganda paradigm applied to the electorate produces dumbed-down voters = ppp-dd'd.

The sheople vegetate at home watching their wide-flat TVs and often eating take-away pizza (bread&circusses); effectively frittering their lives away on trivial sport and worse, on psychologically damaging 'movies' etc. (vast amounts of violence, meanness & outright idiocy) - interspersed with 'news' that distorts if not deliberately lies about events (govt. snipers on roof-tops, say = impossible for any govt., certainly for one under threat of US-aggression (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran; all with more or less oil, all 'threats' to the illegitimate Israel squatting on improperly alienated = stolen land/property)).

No surprise, but the rich get ever filthily richer = <1% obscenely fat-cat 'movers&shakers' = true (string-pulling) rulers who control our 'representatives' = destroying democracy (assuming such ever worked properly; perhaps, even most likely never - the people can't be trusted to vote in some ruler-desired way, don't you know?)


This is 'life spiralling down;' we, the people's higher aspirations and ideals colliding with the vicious crimes of our so-called 'betters,' we have to work ever harder for ever less (= so-called 'productivity gains') while 'they' get ever richer & more extravagant = just can't spend their ill-gotten, rip-off gains, they're raking-off so much.

In addition, our democracy is destroyed, i.e. it's made a total sham; with (crooked = non-) representation, the 'leaders' make themselves into tyrants and taxation without proper representation becomes utter and outright theft. Proof is 1) the ppp-dd'd cannot make informed votes, 2) no representative can effectively implement the will of the majority because 'party-platforms' make that mathematically impossible (and the candidates don't care about that anyway - they do what they want to do = by definition non-representative), and 3) the reps sell-out to the string-pullers anyway (by far the worst and that by a long-chalk, the Z-lobby.) Then there's bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic support for US-wars, neoliberalism, war-on-drugs, say. Proof: Bipartisan = *no* choice for the voter; no choice = dead democracy.

This all leads to the 'death of decency;' on any bell-curve one has extremes around the average, here the dumbed-down on one side, the cleverer ones on the other. One can imagine the ppp-dd'd giving up then saying:

  .. "Not my job, man!"

But what of the cleverer ones? Are they all crooks? Not me, and I thought I'd find some 'friends' to form an effective opposition = countervailing movement - to imprison the crooks and save our planet - but no-one shows up. Why not?

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