from B, B & H
 to C, C & H
  villains all

.. B, B & H destroyed Iraq ...

  .. C, C & H trying same ...

    .. on Syria, after Libya

Thesis/Subtitle: Why should heads of govts. have all the fun? FMs are psychopaths too!


Google: clinton transition assad
About 1,830,000 results
  Clinton outlines principles to guide post-Assad transition strategy 

Google: clinton regime-change syria
About 3,680,000 results
  Russia will not allow Libya-style regime change in Syria: Lavrov 

Google: Hague Syria military intervention
About 512,000 results
  British Foreign Secretary: UK won't rule out military intervention in Syria 

Google: external affairs carr syria
About 320,000 results
  Military intervention in Syria an option: Carr 

Comment 1: Criminals on a crusade.

Comment 2: There's nothing much wrong with Syria that getting external aggression removed wouldn't fix. The US and their running-dogs of war, here including Israeli 'components' as usual (Israel occupies the *Syrian* Golan Heights, wants to keep on doing so), destabilise and attack their targets by all means fair and foul, but especially *un*-fair and *most*-foul. Q: Who doesn't see this? A: All those who *do* have a civil, humanitarian responsibility:

The responsibility to *protest*.

All 'normal' = non-psychopaths = mostly us, we the people, must vigorously protest to/at our so-called 'leaders' until Syria is left in peace, and we, the people are told no more lies.

It's not just the Anglo-Judaic; the French are in it (F+UK/NATO smashed Libya), and the Germans supply nuke-capable submarines to the illegitimate Zionist project, that malignant cancer on the ME = Israel. Collaborators 'back then' were not well thought of, and so it still is today, all SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on who aid&abet crime are just as guilty as the prime-perpetrators. Roll out the tumbrels!

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