no aim is honourable -
 if they have to kill
  to achieve it

.. like the US ...

  .. and Zs ...

    .. do

Thesis/Subtitle: The horrors of WW2 are back - in fact, they never left, just changed sides, from EU to US, from 'victim' to oppressor.
[update, 14:41]


Trigger article:

UN monitors arrive to gruesome scene of massacre
 Updated June 09, 2012 05:57:17
  «The people are gone and the only thing that says that they were there is pieces of brain on the floor and blood congealed in the corner. Something very terrible happened here.
 BBC reporter Paul Danahar»

Comment 1: Note the propaganda language, deliberately designed to shock and revolt. Shocked and revolted people are easy to be swayed (= manufactured consent - or at least sad resignation) with cries of "Gotta be stopped!"

Comment 2: This massacre in the Syrian village Kubeir follows another recently at Houla, after which the 'Western' MSM howled, there were calls for 'action to save the people.' Totally reminiscent of 'the Bengazi-moment' which enabled the F+UK/NATO bombardment of Libya to begin.

Comment 3: Recall the pro-war PR-campaign against Libya, and the wild stories of Viagra-boosted multiple rapes; if the black mercenaries didn't get ya, the snipers probably would. All lies, but Libya lies in ruin.

Response article:

3 June 2012 Last updated at 09:29 GMT
Syria crisis: Assad denies role in Houla massacre
  «An image grab taken from Syrian state TV shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressing parliament Mr Assad has blamed armed gangs, thugs and terrorists for the violence» 

Comment 1: Note again the propaganda language, "image grab," prejudicing the people's viewpoint.

Comment 2: Cui bono? With Mme Clinton breathing down his neck (hot to trot - to the next disgusting US war = mass-murdering to plunder), exactly *why* would Assad provide the rope with which to have himself hanged like Saddam, or lynched like Gaddafi?



WW2 ended with a "BANG!" - actually two, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki ("After six months of intense fire-bombing of 67 other Japanese cities,") the A-bomb targets were numbers 68 and 70 on the US' list of militarily significant cities; in fact IF they'd been materially contributing to the Japanese war effort THEN it would have been irresponsible to leave them in production (= contributing to the death of US service-persons), AND pristine to boot ... Some more arguments at and around here.

WW2 had hardly ended before the Zionists put into action their long (since 1897 at the latest) pre-meditated plan to steal most if not all (they still haven't stopped expanding outwards) - of Palestine from the HELO/Os = hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers. The Zionist-terrorist gangs (Irgun (The King David Hotel bombing), Lehi ("the Stern gang;" Bernadotte assassination), Deir Yassin massacre was Irgun and Lehi, Haganah and Palmach et al.) perpetrated what can only be accurately described as an aggressive, alien invasion - since before (the traitorous) Balfour, say, there was only a tiny minority of Jews in Palestine. That's Nuremberg-class war crime, for which many perpetrators were hanged. But so far, none of these invading, illegally occupying, murdering to steal Jews have been brought to justice. Israel remains an un-remedied, serious crime-scene. No nation based on such wicked crime may claim any legitimacy.

The US brought us the cold war (creating widespread fear of an atomic conflagration), and started out to smash small countries, now accelerating thanks to 9/11 (what a coincidence! Another Pearl Harbour (About 10,800,000 results); couldn’t have been made better by order!) Now we're well into the GWoT = global war *of* terrorism - *by* the US.

The Zionists dispossessed the mostly Palestinian HELO/Os = ethnic cleansing using terrorising, genocidal methods; to the US terrorists add Zs.

Both rogue-regimes are mass-murderers for spoil, US mostly for oil, Zs for soil. The US notified the world - by a leak, see Wesley Clark, that they would smash 7 countries in 5 years (About 2,870,000 results); including Iraq and Libya (done; smoking ruins), Syria (current campaign of terror, including by many external = partly US-supported alien insurgents, subversives, agents provocateurs, seditious 'activists') - and Iran being lined up as next; it's both the US and Zs who have "Gotta be stopped!"

Update, 14:41; PS The dumber people are, so the easier they fall for the propaganda; they almost 'volunteer' for being ppp-dd'd = pushed propaganda paradigm dumbed-down. The AusBC doesn't stop trying - to propagandise the voters = we, the people; basically, as they get more shrill, it *shows* that their lies are not getting the desired 'traction.' Here is the latest, not much different to my above trigger article:

UN combs deserted village after massacre
 Updated June 09, 2012 12:48:28
  «The monitors are unable to confirm the number killed or missing from the village. It has a population of about 150, but the opposition Syrian National Council has put the death toll at 78.» 

Comment 1: The "opposition Syrian National Council" is *not* an independent, 'disinterested' witness. Like far too many such *crooks*, they can *and do* lie - and as such, would be the *last* to be trusted. Note: For people engaged in mass-slaughtering innocents - here recall Albright's ½mio dead children = "worth it," lying is simply 'a snack.' In fact, it is *far* more likely that these massacres are perpetrated by 'opposition groups' (US+ supported) - again, cui bono?

Comment 2: The 'how many' or 'who' are basically 2ndary Qs; what we *really* need to know is *by whom*. This illustrates UN bias, to say the least.

Comment 3: What then, of this: "Robert Mood has said he believes foreign interests are fuelling the conflict" - When this story 'broke,' 1st seen by me at rte via ICH (archived 6Jun'12), there were about 6 results; now it's up to 72,100. You work it out.


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