why is Ms Merkel being sooo stupid?
 it's collective, criminal insanity
  neoliberalism = swindle

.. perhaps not all, but ...

  .. certainly more than enough ...

    .. to condemn it & all its practitioners

Thesis/Subtitle: Erring ideology, aka 'repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.'


Preamble; consider:

Neoliberalism ...
  «is a market-driven approach to economic and social policy based on neoclassical theories of economics that emphasizes the efficiency of private enterprise, liberalized trade and relatively open markets, and therefore seeks to maximize the role of the private sector in determining the political and economic priorities of the country.» 
[wiki/Neoliberalism(archived 111203)]

Comment; Q: What could be wrong with that? A: In theory, perhaps, not too much - but in 'real-life' practice, lots. The 1st thing to notice is that there's a lot of 'coding' going on:

1. "the efficiency of private enterprise" = giving priority to 'the profit motive' = ignoring the 'public service' motive ("the Enlightenment," say), whilst encouraging greed & gouging.

2. "maximize the role of the private sector" = abandoning responsibilities, i.e. to protect *victims* of 'the private sector' - a) workers = lean&mean; sub-contract, out-source, off-shore, hire&fire, down-size; all leading to lower wages&/conditions - then b) customers = price-gouging & rent-seeking = excessive profits; leading to higher prices = less 'bang for your buck' and both a + b = spiral-down.

3. "relatively open markets" is a 'killer,' because the 'liberalized' markets have developed - as predicted by many - into *true monsters*.

Comment; warning: When 'coding' is going on, expect trouble. No worthwhile project ever needs a 'lie-screen;' indirect, over-complicated or outright obfuscatory terminology may be used to confuse - as here. The finely crafted 'weasel-words' hide dire consequences for us, we the people. Why that? A further, fine-sounding example may be quoted: "Economic rationalism;" Q: Did we the people win? How rational was that? My A: Sadly, no & not.
End preamble.


Trigger article:

G20 backs action to fix euro crisis
By chief political correspondent Simon Cullen, wires
Updated June 20, 2012 14:31:31
  «G20 leaders have made "very important advances" in dealing with the spiralling European debt crisis and have agreed to new measures to pursue economic growth, according to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.» 

Comment #1: Since Gillard is a committed neoliberal = reduce taxes (mainly off rich) = reduce government income = reduce services, in the (vain, misguided) attempt at 'balanced-budgets,' she disqualifies herself. Specifically, by touting 'more of the same,' her advice cannot save the EU, nor any of us (we the people), for that matter. Note that in this 'frame,' Abbott is equally as bad if not worse, since the Libs are even more poisonously anti-us, we the people.

Comment #2: A major flaw in the EU/EURO is that EU governments must raise their borrowings primarily through the so-called 'free market' for money = borrow from *private* banks. This has at least three major disadvantages; a) ratings agencies = setting the % + a possible source of corruption, b) as borrowings seem always to increase (neoliberal pressure on deficits), the govts have an ever-increasing % drain on their budgets = spiral-down, and c) the % disappears into the pockets of the banksters and their mostly already rich, fat-cat shareholders = economic rent = *money for nothing*.

Comment #3: What we hear very little of is *speculation,* whereby more 'already rich, fat-cat' otherwise unemployed lay-abouts take their ill-gotten gains and *gamble* (de-regulated finances, see?) Refer to another article (Pressure mounts on eurozone at G20) for more 'coding;' "settle jittery markets" and "bring some calm to the financial markets." What is meant is to stop the gamblers driving up rates - which they do for two reasons a) to rip-off ever-more economic rent, and b) to deliberately crash whole countries, currently working on Greece - with the rest of the PIIGS still to come.


Fazit: Neither Merkel nor any other mortal can save the EU while they continue with their erring ideology, the very same ideology which got them directly to where they are now. The proof is simple, if not a bit circular, and may be summed up: IF in a hole THEN stop digging.

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