NASTY warning!

Thesis/Subtitle: it seems that some people never learn
 [update, 16:51]

Trigger article:

Germany participates in war preparations against Syria
by Christoph Dreier
July 31, 2012
World Socialist Web Site
  «With an eye to China and Russia - two key German export markets and sources of raw materials - Germany kept its efforts to support the Syrian opposition partially secret, and officially declared it would only accept military intervention under a UN mandate.
The secrecy has yet another reason: the deep-rooted opposition to war by the German population. According to a recent survey, only 12 percent of Germans would support military intervention in Syria; while 13 percent support military and financial support for the opposition. The vast majority of the population rejects both scenarios.
To implement its aggressive foreign policy, German imperialism must fight on two fronts: against Syria and against the German working class.»

Comment 1: Secrecy is one of the deadliest enemies of democracy.

Comment 2: Politicians who operate in secret, against the electorate's wishes, can have no mandate to do so; when the 'operations' are criminal (i.e. armed intervention, aggressively crossing a border inbound) it becomes a conspiracy.

Comment 3: And here we thought NASTY adventurism had been banished, latest Nuremberg'45+, say. Shudder.


Update, 16:51; PS

Of course, one could consider that the NASTY adventurism was never really eliminated, but reappeared in proxy form, when Germany began supplying arms to Israel (the 'entity' that illegitimately squats on land/property stolen from mostly Palestinian ELO/Os); see latest D-arms exploit = supplying nuclear-weapon capable submarines to IL. Ever heard of the Samson strategy? Now that's what I call world-class terrorism.


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