proof of US+Zs' criminality + MSM & PFBCs' perfidy
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Thesis/Subtitle: 'believe' lies, get ripped-off

Concomitant: from resource-rent to

Corollary: murder for spoil


Trigger article 1:

Netanyahu’s War Crime
by Philip Giraldi, November 29, 2012
  «The Nuremberg Trials established that initiating a war of aggression is the ultimate war crime in that all other evils spring from it. ... Israel and its friends are fond of saying that there is a madman loose in the Middle East when they refer to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but in truth there is only one madman who is assiduously seeking war and more war and that is Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.» 

Comment: Apart from anything else, Iron Dome = more than 2/3 *not* intercepted = total failure, especially if big, live HE++ rockets were to arrive.


Trigger article 2:

Fake AP Graph Exposes Israeli Fraud and IAEA Credulity
November 30th, 2012
Gareth Porter
  «Nothing in that description of the alleged modeling is documented by the type of graph shown by the AP story.
The IAEA report concludes by saying, “The information also identifies models said to have been used in those studies and the results of these calculations, which the Agency has seen.”»

Comment 1: Credibility? What credibility? We we warned at the start of the current IAEA epoch; the 'top man' is in the US' pocket - he said as much himself = corrupt.

Comment 2: Odd is that AusBC does not seem to have 'stenographed' this (but see article 4).


Trigger article 3:

Assange to RT: Entire nations intercepted online, key turned to totalitarian rule
Published: 30 November, 2012, 11:34
  «JA: We have this position where as we know knowledge is power, and there’s a mass transfer as a result of literally billions of interceptions per day going from everyone, the average person, into the data vaults of state spying agencies for the big countries, and their cronies – the corporations that help build them that infrastructure... but it’s extremely dangerous once there is any sort of corruption occurring in the power. Because absolute power corrupts, and when it becomes corrupt, it can affect a lot of people very quickly.» 

Comment 1: "Any sort of corruption" - he know it's already here; rife, endemic & without effective countervailing power, terminal.

Comment 2: Brrr. Use it (the internet) before we lose it.

Trigger article 4:

Tick, Tick, Boom!
Broadcast: 23/10/2012
Reporter: Trevor Bormann
  «GENERAL DANNY YATOM: “Everybody has to understand that once Iran will have a bomb, nobody will dare to attack the Iranians because nobody, including the Americans because the fear will be and the concern will be that they will retaliate by a nuclear attack”.» 

Comment 1: What I found whilst looking for the "Fake AP Graph" story in AusBC; just the headline is already more than enough to a) confirm AusBC propaganda and b) convict the AusBC of perfidy and worse - their one and only job is to honestly inform Aus-voters and the population as a whole - total fail. Throw them all into gaol!

Comment 2: In the face of US/Z criminality and UN/IAEA corruption *plus* the CIA opinion that Iran is *not* pursuing a nuclear weapon, what the quote unambiguously implies is what should be understood by all: Any Iranian bomb would never be for 1st use, but a 100% effective preventative against *being* attacked. That the US & Zs are so keen to prevent Iran getting its own attack-protection is *100% proof* of US/Z intentions to smash Iran = yet another Nuremberg-class war crime; off to the gallows with them all!


Argument: No argument required, except to say:


Fazit: Lies, cheating, all rip-offs and murdering theft must be stopped - soonest.

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