IF Arabs/Muslims got a brain
 AND grew some balls
  THEN they'd cut 'the West' off from all oil and blockade Israel

.. there can never be ...

  .. peace without truth & justice ...

    .. all else is crime, or craven, cowardly surrender


Single message: *All* people who do not condemn Israel as an illegitimate entity, mass-murdering to steal - make themselves accessories to Nuremberg-class war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Because that's what the Zionists did and are still doing: They are ethnically cleansing Palestine by genocidal methods after an aggressive alien invasion.

I do so condemn Israel, plus most 'Western' so-called 'leaders' (from all sides; recall bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic) and most 'Western' MSM + PFBCs like the AusBC. Some effective action must be taken against Israel (and its main supporter, the US) - to stop the vicious crimes and get the world back to peace. Bastards all, the perpetrators and their cowardly craven, snivelling quisling accessories.

Note that this is the Jews' major achievement: Mass-murdering to steal almost (so far) an entire country, not to mention being the world's worst liars (hasbarah) and cheats (flouting UN + all 'just' law). A ghastly legacy the world will never forget - nor ever forgive.

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