'just war'
 = oxymoron
  pushed by morons

.. as in Iraq ...

  .. not in my name ...

    .. so-called 'leaders' have no mandate

Thesis/Subtitle 1: it's not what they say, but what they do that counts

Thesis/Subtitle 2: those who do not actively oppose evil, assume part-responsibility for the filthy crimes that then go on unchecked

Corollary: the absolute worst crime is murder, next worse is inflicting terror = writhing, suffering, living-death. The US/Zs are masters of both.
[update, 17:41]


Preamble: One only has to imagine the living-death being suffered in Syria, following the smashing of Libya, itself following Afghanistan, Iraq and Afghanistan again, as the US went as it still goes = berserk across the Middle-East after 9/11. But it didn't start with 9/11; going backwards we had the smashing of parts of the FYRs (Former Yugoslav Republics, late 90s), Iraq again (1991), Vietnam in between, Iran (1953), and innumerable other minor countries smashed. Then there's the major crime against Palestinians, 1897-1947-present, UNGA181 etc. = illegal + immoral dispossession by genocidal methods, by the US' illegitimate side-kick (OR actual masters, à la tail wags dog), the Zionists. The evil inflicted by the 3rd Reich was seamlessly carried on by US/Zs = the notional 4th Reich, only the propaganda gets ever slicker.

The living-death being suffered in Syria, as the real deaths = murders, are being inflicted on the hapless, innocent civilians, *not* mostly by Assad's forces as continually alleged (without even saying 'alleged') by the corporate-captive mainstream media incl. publicly-financed broadcasters (= corrupt&venal MSM + PFBCs), but the most damage is being done by so-called 'rebels,' some of whom may be locals with legitimate grievances, but again but, are largely externally supported and/or imported interlopers = aggressive attacker/invaders, including El Salvador-style "death squads" - see Houla massacre, say.

What 9/11 did was to enable covert fascism to go more overt - and accelerate the evil; cui bono? End preamble.


Trigger article 1:

NATO Proxies Turkey and Saudi Arabia Move to War Footing on Eve of Syrian ‘Peace Summit’
by Finian Cunningham
June 28, 2012
  «The NATO-backed covert aggression against Syria could be reaching a tipping point for all-out war involving state forces. That should be no surprise. For the past 16 months, NATO and its regional proxies have been steadily increasing the violence and turmoil inside and outside Syria, while the Western corporate-controlled media maintain the ridiculous fiction that the bloody chaos is largely due to the government forces of President Bashar Al Assad cracking down on “peaceful protesters”.
As several other commentators have pointed out, this war plan is aimed at asserting Western capitalist hegemony in the oil-rich Middle East and Central Asia regions. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria are part of an overarching bid for “full-spectrum dominance” that will eventually target, overtly, Iran, Russia and China.»
[globalresearch/Finian Cunningham]

Comment: The article describes a) what they do (they = US + NATO SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on), and b) what they say (they = corrupt&venal MSM + PFBCs), successively a) = murder for spoil and b) = lying, psyop propaganda.

Trigger article 2:

Unilateral Intervention without a UN Mandate: Propagandists Sell "Vigilante" Solution for Syria
by Tony Cartalucci
June 30, 2012
landdestroyer.blogspot.com - 2012-06-29
  «Unfortunately for Dobos and his ivory tower academia, the truth about the violence in Syria not only mires his proposal in the unpleasantries of reality, it drowns it. The "murder, torture, and rape" Dobos claims unilateral military intervention will stop, was in fact premeditated, planned, staged, funded, and the forces carrying it out entirely armed by the West in an effort not for "preventing human rights abuses," but to admittedly overthrow the government of Syria and install a compliant, pro-Western client regime, as the West has done in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and is attempting to do elsewhere from Northern Africa to Southeast Asia and beyond.
Suggesting that the West should unilaterally intervene in Syria, without a UN mandate has been on corporate-financier funded policy makers' wishlist for months. Neo-Conservative led corporate funded think tank (beginning on page 18, .pdf), the Henry Jackson Society, has openly declared NATO's plans to do just that. Of course, to do so, it must be thoroughly justified in the court of public opinion - a court Dobos just so happens to have testify before with his pedantic, fact-devoid, intelligence-insulting diatribe.»
[globalresearch/Tony Cartalucci]

Comment: The Cartalucci article refers to an article in the Aus smh by an academic, trying to lay-out = justify a path to war. Also of note are references to Clark & Hersh; follow-up recommended.


Summary: Unless stopped (by something approaching a miracle), the coming war to smash yet another ME country, to the continued agony and terror of the hapless population, is another in the series 'forecast' by Wesley Clark's disclosures. Effectively, the only 'offence' Syria has against it is a government which does not totally prostrate itself before the US/Z criminal behemoth. The US/Zs can't smash Syria alone = unsupported, so they suborn accomplices = NATO+SQSHsO, and they smother the entire operation in lies, brought to us *and amplified* by the corrupt&venal MSM+PFBCs, plus 'apologists' in academia, and *not* effectively opposed by anyone, especially not the self-claimed 'moral authorities' = Churches. It's *another* scandalous, murdering to steal crime - where are the decent people in all this?


Q1: Who is to blame:

A1: In short, the mainly US M/I/C/4a†-plex plus the I/J/Z-plex.

Individual terms; the M/I/C/4a†-plex is Eisenhower's Military-Industrial Complex, plus C (= politicians/parliaments; i.e. US Congress), 4 for the media (= the 4th estate, MSM+PFBCs), 'a' for academic (= economists (erring neoliberal ideology), psychologists (lying, psyop-propaganda), legal = lawless US; UN et al. - and no effective objections), † = the Church (outrageously does *not* effectively oppose wars, or even preach against most times), and finally, the I/J/Z-plex = self-explanatory.

A2: All those who do not actively oppose this vile evil.

Q2: Anyone/thing else?

A3: Yes, 'audio/visual' = mostly TV. Because the human animal evolved for squillions of years depending on eyes&ears both for food-acquisition & avoiding becoming food = Darwinian survival, the human audio/visual system accepts input *without* pre-processing = filtering of any sort. Thus audio/visual info goes in, and IF the input = bad (aka lies, say = propaganda), THEN too bad; it gets in anyway. So the population may be propagandised; in full: Pushed-propaganda paradigm dumbed-down = PPP-DD'd. It helps (the baddies) to have a psychologist on the propaganda-preparation job, thus 'Viagra-assisted rape' (Libya), or snipers on any ME roof (also next door to *YOU* - if you 'mess' with US/Zs! - Me = only Joe King, US/Zs not.) The psyop-propaganda comes in news but not only, and no! - It's not 'just a movie:' That's another way they smuggle US-kulcha in - to corrupt the viewers' minds.


Anecdote: 'Back then' ('70s), I once argued *against* Palestine; I was *wrong*. I was *mis*-informed, by my 99%-sole 'news' source = AusBC. In a nutshell, they lie by both commission & omission; Israel is an un-remedied crime-scene (improper alienation of approaching an entire country by genocidal methods = murder for soil). The AusBC has never effectively communicated this disastrous, criminal scenario to me - which proves their 'dishonesty,' shall we say? Since I'm neither hard of hearing nor of reading, and those from a young age; had the AusBC ever mentioned Z-criminality, you'd think I'd have noticed. Didn't, and so my embarrassment - back then, but no more.


Epilogue: It's easy to prove that our democracies[1] are sham, but the US/Zs rogue-regimes keep harping that they are correct *because* they are democratic. That's simply yet another lie, BUT: There is something to it, and it's this: IF in a democracy (however sham), the majority of people *do not object* to evil = US/Z wars, THEN those people = that same majority, are giving *tacit* approval (as the assumed default) to that evil - and therefore those people assume some responsibility - which, under such dire circumstances of ours, i.e. the rogue-regimes mass-murdering for spoil, is contributing-guilt to capital-crimes. Yes, that’s all those who do not strenuously, visibly = go out and say so, object.


Fazit: The world is getting worse; berserk = out of control US/Z-militarism on the plundering-rampage. *Must be stopped*; decent people everywhere (we vastly outnumber the crims), roll-out the tumbrels.

Update 17:41; PS Normally, I pay more attention to *what* is written (in this case, rubbish), than by *whom* (in this case, a certain Dr. Dobos), but "University of New South Wales, Canberra" sounded 'not quite right,' so I checked. Big surprise: ADFA = Australian Defence Forces Academy! So a pro-war 'opinion piece' was written by a teacher of professional killers. Sounds about right, where here 'right' = both right-wing and totally wrong.

(Note: 'Defence' = defence, not crossing borders inbound, armed and dangerous, proceeding to slaughter innocent natives - all a US/Z+Aus specialty, it seems - by actual observation.)

The smh could have saved themselves some trouble by including 'ADFA' as part of the Dr. Dobos blurb - but that they didn't speaks volumes (refer 'lying by omission.') It is not surprising that any part of the (corrupt&venal) MSM brings pro-war propaganda, just always disappointing. Further: "World powers meet to hammer out deal on Syria" - a leading 'contributor' = Annan, he of 'the US-led attack on Iraq was illegal.' What Syria needs is 'hands off,' starting with US/Z hands off, then all external trouble-makers ditto. What Syria needs is no more attacks on the govt., plus a truth& reconciliation process. Syria belongs to Syrians, and if Russia and/or China allow the US/Z rogue-regimes to continue smashing countries, then both Russia and China will end up being one of the smashed.



[1] democracy  n. (pl. -ies) 1 a government by the whole population, usu. through elected representatives. b State so governed. 2 classless and tolerant society. [Greek demokratia rule of the people] [POD]


full-spectrum dominance
 not for any democracy
  but for criminal evil

.. rogue-regimes ...

  .. murdering for spoil ...

    .. all smothered by filthy lies

Thesis/Subtitle: none so blind - as those who will not see


1. Lying is a pre- & post-requisite to crime; lies are deployed to deceive, deception is done with malice-aforethought and afterwards, the criminals have to lie to avoid self-incrimination. There is no such thing as a 'harmless' lie.

2. It is easy to prove that 'our' democracy (our = Anglo = US, UK, Aus, Judaic = IL, 'the West' adds D, F and other SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on) - is sham; of three pre-requisites (fully and honestly informed voters, sufficiently wide choice of candidates, elected representatives who implement the will of the majority while protecting minorities) - we fail all three.

3. It is easy to see that we have no 'rule of law,' since the UN whose founding purpose was to prevent war, dismally has not - in fact the opposite (from UNGA181 down to 2001+ = Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria (current), Iran (next in the US' target-queue)). Also, note that only just law may earn respect - one 'best' (= worst) example, 'war on drugs.'

End preamble.


Trigger article:

Assad says Syria in 'real state of war'
 By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker, wires
 Posted June 27, 2012 06:21:47
  «Video posted by activists showed heavy gunfire and explosions. Blood pooled on a pavement in Qudsiya suburb and a blood trail led to a building to where one casualty had been dragged. A naked man writhed, his body pierced by shrapnel.» 

Comment, note: the propaganda shock-techniques - "posted by activists", "heavy gunfire", "Blood pooled", "casualty had been dragged", "naked man writhed", "body pierced by shrapnel".

The primary intention is to cause revulsion in the reader, then, 'normal' intelligence eclipsed (switched from thinking to feeling = fogged by emotion), to ram the message down the reader's neck: we (= 'our' activists) good, them (= other = everything-Assad) bad.

'Simple,' psychologically designed = psyop propaganda.

All things being 'equal,' as the MSM+AusBC would have us believe, namely that Assad = brutal tyrant killing his own innocent, democracy-seeking citizens, THEN the US/NATO would have some right to smash the next country on the US' list = Syria - to pieces. (See Wesley Clark (4 Star General, now retd.): US will attack seven countries in five years here (~1m20s:2m50s) and here.) Of course, smashing countries for regime-change is itself a crime; what could be needed is some form of police-action.

But, of course, all things are *not* 'equal,' and a single lie is enough as proof: "It is clear, however, that Assad is desperate to hang on to power at all cost, as evidenced by his continued use of air power and Shabbiha [militia] gangs." [AusBC/Barker ibid.]

Using "air power" against foreign-armed and -supported, crossing borders inbound, violent subversives would be responsible policy, for any government protecting its own citizens - as Assad would be mad *not* to be doing.

The "Shabbiha [militia] gangs" is a reference to the Houla massacre, an outrage allegedly carried out by a) Assad-aligned thugs, or b) rebel-aligned death squads - depending on which 'side' one 'believes'. IF (b) THEN Shabbiha-assertion = lie.

The text is a quote from "White House spokesman Jay Carney" - on behalf of, effectively directly from, US president Obama. In this case it's *via* Barker, i.e. unembroidered, in contrast to other Barker reports which often are (About 1,620 results(time of writing))

The text starting "Video posted by activists" is not attributed, one can assume it's all Barker's own handiwork.


Lemma 1: 'Belief'[1] mainly occurs in the absence of evidence. It is the task of 'news' agencies to inform us = provide evidence; when they transmit and/or *amplify* lies, they fail their remit. That's delivering a defective product (a commercial crime) but worse, it's a crime against democracy (dishonestly[2] informed = deceived voters).

Lemma 2: At any crime-scene, one examines 'means, motive, and opportunity,' modus operandi (= m.o.) plus 'cui bono?' = who benefits? One examines any available facts, suspecting lies at every turn (recalling recent m.o. in Iraq, say), then drawing conclusions based on the balance of probabilities.

We have ample evidence of criminality = murder for spoil, one rogue-regime has embarked on a kill-list (Clark), not 'just' of people but whole countries (murder for oil). Another rogue-regime long ago took improper possession of almost an entire country (Zionists in Palestine, murder for soil).

Of course, for the larger rogue-regime, oil may not be the 'sole' reason, there is also hegemony, hubris & 'protection' of a certain illegitimate-sprog = the other rogue-regime.


It's not a matter of 'believe it or not;' I'm not into lying, nor do I have any motive for doing so. Indeed, me lying would be *totally* self-defeating, since my purpose is the pursuit of and agitation for truth & justice. From time to time, the rogue-regimes actually declare their intentions, see vast range between Herzl(1897+), and nyt June 21, 2012 (C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition). This report *proves* that both Assad and Syria are under attack from outside-supported forces.

So-called 'news professionals' by definition must know more than their audience, and must be able to identify lies far better than we, the people ever could. When the mainstream media (=MSM) and publicly-financed broadcasters (=PFBCs) transmit lies = aiding the criminal rogue-regimes, they make themselves criminals by the accessory-mechanism, and show themselves to be corrupt&venal.

Fazit; 2 Qs:

1: How dare the MSM plus PFBCs like the AusBC transmit lies and worse, often directly lie to us, and

2: Where are the decent people, those who could form an effective, countervailing force against these criminal-swine rogue-regimes plus their vile accomplices?



[1] belief  n. 1 firm opinion; acceptance (that is my belief). 2 religious conviction (belief in the afterlife; has no belief). 3 (usu. foll. by in) trust or confidence. [related to *believe] [POD]

[2] dishonest  adj. fraudulent or insincere.  dishonestly adv. dishonesty n. [ibid.]  


why is Ms Merkel being sooo stupid?
 it's collective, criminal insanity
  neoliberalism = swindle

.. perhaps not all, but ...

  .. certainly more than enough ...

    .. to condemn it & all its practitioners

Thesis/Subtitle: Erring ideology, aka 'repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.'


Preamble; consider:

Neoliberalism ...
  «is a market-driven approach to economic and social policy based on neoclassical theories of economics that emphasizes the efficiency of private enterprise, liberalized trade and relatively open markets, and therefore seeks to maximize the role of the private sector in determining the political and economic priorities of the country.» 
[wiki/Neoliberalism(archived 111203)]

Comment; Q: What could be wrong with that? A: In theory, perhaps, not too much - but in 'real-life' practice, lots. The 1st thing to notice is that there's a lot of 'coding' going on:

1. "the efficiency of private enterprise" = giving priority to 'the profit motive' = ignoring the 'public service' motive ("the Enlightenment," say), whilst encouraging greed & gouging.

2. "maximize the role of the private sector" = abandoning responsibilities, i.e. to protect *victims* of 'the private sector' - a) workers = lean&mean; sub-contract, out-source, off-shore, hire&fire, down-size; all leading to lower wages&/conditions - then b) customers = price-gouging & rent-seeking = excessive profits; leading to higher prices = less 'bang for your buck' and both a + b = spiral-down.

3. "relatively open markets" is a 'killer,' because the 'liberalized' markets have developed - as predicted by many - into *true monsters*.

Comment; warning: When 'coding' is going on, expect trouble. No worthwhile project ever needs a 'lie-screen;' indirect, over-complicated or outright obfuscatory terminology may be used to confuse - as here. The finely crafted 'weasel-words' hide dire consequences for us, we the people. Why that? A further, fine-sounding example may be quoted: "Economic rationalism;" Q: Did we the people win? How rational was that? My A: Sadly, no & not.
End preamble.


Trigger article:

G20 backs action to fix euro crisis
By chief political correspondent Simon Cullen, wires
Updated June 20, 2012 14:31:31
  «G20 leaders have made "very important advances" in dealing with the spiralling European debt crisis and have agreed to new measures to pursue economic growth, according to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.» 

Comment #1: Since Gillard is a committed neoliberal = reduce taxes (mainly off rich) = reduce government income = reduce services, in the (vain, misguided) attempt at 'balanced-budgets,' she disqualifies herself. Specifically, by touting 'more of the same,' her advice cannot save the EU, nor any of us (we the people), for that matter. Note that in this 'frame,' Abbott is equally as bad if not worse, since the Libs are even more poisonously anti-us, we the people.

Comment #2: A major flaw in the EU/EURO is that EU governments must raise their borrowings primarily through the so-called 'free market' for money = borrow from *private* banks. This has at least three major disadvantages; a) ratings agencies = setting the % + a possible source of corruption, b) as borrowings seem always to increase (neoliberal pressure on deficits), the govts have an ever-increasing % drain on their budgets = spiral-down, and c) the % disappears into the pockets of the banksters and their mostly already rich, fat-cat shareholders = economic rent = *money for nothing*.

Comment #3: What we hear very little of is *speculation,* whereby more 'already rich, fat-cat' otherwise unemployed lay-abouts take their ill-gotten gains and *gamble* (de-regulated finances, see?) Refer to another article (Pressure mounts on eurozone at G20) for more 'coding;' "settle jittery markets" and "bring some calm to the financial markets." What is meant is to stop the gamblers driving up rates - which they do for two reasons a) to rip-off ever-more economic rent, and b) to deliberately crash whole countries, currently working on Greece - with the rest of the PIIGS still to come.


Fazit: Neither Merkel nor any other mortal can save the EU while they continue with their erring ideology, the very same ideology which got them directly to where they are now. The proof is simple, if not a bit circular, and may be summed up: IF in a hole THEN stop digging.


the corrupt & venal MSM
 including the BBC
  *and* AusBC

.. publicly financed broadcasters ...

  .. have one responsibility ...

    .. to inform voters

Thesis/Subtitle: A rare occurrence of shocking honesty - why?

Corollary: Mass-murder most foul, for spoil, yet again.

Moral: Lies never needed for worthwhile projects.


  [update 120618, 09:29]


Preamble: We are being lied to, not 'again' but still = continuously. The so-called 'private' = 'for profit' MSM *may* have some excuse (however feeble = 'maximising shareholder value,' meaning that IF lies increase profitability THEN said lies may be considered valid corporate strategy - even though otherwise *totally immoral*), BUT: *all* service providers should deliver honest products (here 'news'), and lies are - by definition - the exact opposite of honest. The shoe is on the other foot when it comes to publicly-financed broadcasters (= PFBCs); their one and only purpose is to inform the voters who pay for them and their product - only fully and honestly informed voters are enabled to make valid electoral decisions. Lying by public broadcasters is un- & anti-democratic and thus a contemptible crime against us, we the people.


Trigger article:

BBC world news editor: Houla massacre coverage based on opposition propaganda
By Chris Marsden
15 June 2012
  «As quietly as possible, BBC world news editor Jon Williams has admitted that the coverage of last month’s Houla massacre in Syria by the world’s media and his own employers was a compendium of lies.
It must also be pointed out that the BBC has not written a word regarding the June 7 report by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that the Free Syrian Army carried out the Houla massacre, according to interviews with local residents by opposition forces opposed to the Western-backed militia.»

Comment: Well done ICH & Mr Marsden; a victory for truth & justice.

*Confirming* article: (About 304 results (time of writing))

Reporting conflict in Syria
Post categories: BBC World News
 Jon Williams | 16:23 UK time, Thursday, 7 June 2012
  «In the aftermath of the massacre at Houla last month, initial reports said some of the 49 children and 34 women killed had their throats cut. In Damascus, Western officials told me the subsequent investigation revealed none of those found dead had been killed in such a brutal manner. Moreover, while Syrian forces had shelled the area shortly before the massacre, the details of exactly who carried out the attacks, how and why were still unclear. Whatever the cause, officials fear the attack marks the beginning of the sectarian aspect of the conflict.
In such circumstances, it's more important than ever that we report what we don't know, not merely what we do. In Houla, and now in Qubair, the finger has been pointed at the shabiha, pro-government militia. But tragic death toll aside, the facts are few: it's not clear who ordered the killings - or why.»

Comment 1; note: "Western officials told me ..." - this is of special interest; see my PS below. Williams uses it as 'proof' that what he is *now* reporting has credibility - but this could be, probably is a 'perfect' example of the 'appeal to authority' fallacy.

Comment 2: The actual 'key' here; note that Williams is admitting that the bbc's coverage was not truthful = contained lies. Note also that the AusBC's coverage paralleled the bbc's within nano-metres.

Comment 3: IF it were 'only' MSM+PFBCs lies THEN things may not be so bad, BUT: Look at what happened after the *alleged* Houla massacre (where the MSM+PFBCs did not do us the courtesy of using 'alleged') - the politicians, led by (to our shame) the Aus FM = Carr, began expelling Syrian diplomats, on the way to revving-up the (covert 'Western' war) against Syria, citing the massacre as the next, Oh so cynically so-called Benghazi-moment. Which, as we know, resulted in F+UK/NATO smashing Libya & lynching Gaddafi. (Funny that Libya isn't mentioned anymore. Maybe it's because its a bloody mess (worse than ever)...?)

Comment 4: Williams' "who .. or why?" is easily answered; the evil (US/NATO + quisling sponsored) forces attacking the people and structures of Syria = so-called 'rebels' (as if you haven't twigged). It is *perfectly* in these criminals' interest to create outrages, and then trying to pin responsibility for such on Assad&Co. On the other hand, seeing Saddam & Gaddafi both being lynched, it is simply *not* in Assad's interest to join that particular Conga line. Then see this:

Syrian forces accused of 'sexual torture'
By Alison Caldwell, staff
Updated June 16, 2012 11:03:09
  «Syrian government forces have been accused of using sexual violence to torture men, women and children detained during the current conflict.
Human Rights Watch says it has interviewed 10 former detainees, including two women, who described being sexually abused or witnessing such abuse in detention.
This included "rape, penetration with objects, sexual groping, prolonged forced nudity and electroshock and beatings to genitalia," a statement said.»

Comment: The report is both outrageous and disgusting - just as designed. They (MSM+PFBCs led by our tyrannical rulers) did exactly the same as this in Libya, with the alleged 'Viagra accelerated rapes' - also fictions. They (the lying, psyop propagandists) do this deliberately = tell wicked lies to provoke outrage in the citizenry and thus 'manufacture consent' = more likely resigned acceptance. Then afterwards, after the mass-murdering for spoil is over and done with, when the lies may be exposed as such - it's just too late for the hapless victims, and the smashed countries that Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya now are, Syria rapidly becoming with Iran 'in the queue.'


Fazit: The MSM+PFBCs have *zero* credibility - except possibly with the ppp-dd'd = pushed propaganda paradigm dumbed-down citizenry, those with neither the time, desire *nor perhaps even the ability* to recognize the lies flooding out at us. Of course, those who would kill to steal have no scruples and lying is a required part of their m.o. = modus operandi. Clearly, no shame comes with no scruples, no (good) morals and certainly neither honour nor genuine intelligence - there is nothing at all smart, let alone élite about criminals. The uniformity of the MSM+PFBCs 'news' coverage and the lock-step coordination with our (non-representative, un- & anti-democratic = tyrannical) rulers is proof of a massive, criminal scam being perpetrated. For any ppp-dd'd readers, IF what our rulers were doing/planning were somehow in our interests THEN there may be some 'saving grace' (cynical pragmatism in support of horrendous crime) - but for proof of our rulers' incompetence & evil intentions, look no further than the economic system as developed (and bipartisanly = un- & anti-democratically implemented) from and since Thatcher & Reagan's voodoo economics 1st surfaced from the filthy swamps of the corrupt 'think-tanks' and academia. The US is effectively broke, its population increasingly impoverished as unemployment climbs, ditto for the EU, itself a deliberately created 'child' of US-pushed neoliberalism, all combined with crooked banksters. Aus escapes (temporarily), mostly by luck - which simply cannot = will not last forever.


PS The 'appeal to authority' fallacy = argumentum ad verecundiam. Q: Why do I cite Williams' usage as fallacious? A: Because in Syria, as in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, FYR (Former Yugoslav Republic = Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia etc.), Iraq/Kuwait, Iraq/Iran, going all the way back to Palestine 1947+ (= UNGA181 and subsequent vile Zionist = Israeli criminality, say), 'the West' has 'played' the rôle, not of knight in shining armour but that of complete *villain*. The quotes around 'played' are to indicate that murder for spoil is no 'game' - BUT the most serious of crimes, and when combined with invasion (*always* with aggressive 'expeditionary' forces) = Nuremberg-class = hang the perpetrators.


^ Update 120618, 09:29; PPS The propaganda just doesn't stop ...

Today's trigger article:

Civilians trapped as regime forces pound Homs
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker and wires
Updated June 18, 2012 09:32:18
  «A rise in violence over the last month, including two massacres that cost the lives of 200 Sunni men, women and children in villages near Homs and Hama, has prompted greater international condemnation.» 

Comment: Barker, by hook or by crook (suspect the latter) - is one of AusBC's 'key' propagandistes, is well educated and has been employed by the AusBC for 20+ years - she should, by now, know 'all there is to know' about news. Yet she propagandises us, continuously. Any report by her about Iran is most likely to contain something like 'the West suspects Iran is building an A-bomb' (About 1,630 results).

The bbc's Williams has admitted - the "rare occurrence of shocking honesty" from my headline, that the Assad govt. was most likely *not* responsible for the Houla massacre - which prompted Barker's reported "international condemnation." But by including this detail without the correcting nuance, she shows no respect for the truth = her report contains lies (omitting essential detail = to lie by omission).

IF it were a single occurrence, THEN we might say "Oh, well" and 'move on' - but it's not, and not by a long chalk:

Barker: "Activists say ..."

Me: Barker's 'Activists' are almost (99%) invariably pro-'the West' = here anti-Assad, the exception 1% being if the activists are pro-Palestinian or otherwise pro-truth & justice.

Barker: "The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says ..."

Me: This is a one-person psyop based in London, is a full-time anti-Assad propagandist and thus has *zero* credibility. Again, an example of Barker the 'news-pro.'

Barker: "Opposition campaigner Abu Imad ..."

Me: Over and over, Barker quotes anti-Assad participants.

Barker: "... whose residents were among the first to take up arms."

Me: "taking up arms" against any 'Western' govt. = subversion & capital crime; imagine such happening in the US - they (Pentagon&Co) would go berserk. Oh, they already did - against a good part of the world; death-squads "El Salvador" Syria, via Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya (About 1,060,000 results); you could try this or this.

As noted, Barker is a news-pro, and should know better. As should the AusBC itself; both *prove* their bias. That this bias is pro-war, pro-injustice etc.; UNLESS the Aus people are similarly crooked and pro-war, pro-injustice etc. biased, THEN the AusBC/Barker bias is against what we, the people wish for; their bias = untruthful, un- & anti-democratic - and viciously criminal to boot.



from B, B & H
 to C, C & H
  villains all

.. B, B & H destroyed Iraq ...

  .. C, C & H trying same ...

    .. on Syria, after Libya

Thesis/Subtitle: Why should heads of govts. have all the fun? FMs are psychopaths too!


Google: clinton transition assad
About 1,830,000 results
  Clinton outlines principles to guide post-Assad transition strategy 

Google: clinton regime-change syria
About 3,680,000 results
  Russia will not allow Libya-style regime change in Syria: Lavrov 

Google: Hague Syria military intervention
About 512,000 results
  British Foreign Secretary: UK won't rule out military intervention in Syria 

Google: external affairs carr syria
About 320,000 results
  Military intervention in Syria an option: Carr 

Comment 1: Criminals on a crusade.

Comment 2: There's nothing much wrong with Syria that getting external aggression removed wouldn't fix. The US and their running-dogs of war, here including Israeli 'components' as usual (Israel occupies the *Syrian* Golan Heights, wants to keep on doing so), destabilise and attack their targets by all means fair and foul, but especially *un*-fair and *most*-foul. Q: Who doesn't see this? A: All those who *do* have a civil, humanitarian responsibility:

The responsibility to *protest*.

All 'normal' = non-psychopaths = mostly us, we the people, must vigorously protest to/at our so-called 'leaders' until Syria is left in peace, and we, the people are told no more lies.

It's not just the Anglo-Judaic; the French are in it (F+UK/NATO smashed Libya), and the Germans supply nuke-capable submarines to the illegitimate Zionist project, that malignant cancer on the ME = Israel. Collaborators 'back then' were not well thought of, and so it still is today, all SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on who aid&abet crime are just as guilty as the prime-perpetrators. Roll out the tumbrels!


no aim is honourable -
 if they have to kill
  to achieve it

.. like the US ...

  .. and Zs ...

    .. do

Thesis/Subtitle: The horrors of WW2 are back - in fact, they never left, just changed sides, from EU to US, from 'victim' to oppressor.
[update, 14:41]


Trigger article:

UN monitors arrive to gruesome scene of massacre
 Updated June 09, 2012 05:57:17
  «The people are gone and the only thing that says that they were there is pieces of brain on the floor and blood congealed in the corner. Something very terrible happened here.
 BBC reporter Paul Danahar»

Comment 1: Note the propaganda language, deliberately designed to shock and revolt. Shocked and revolted people are easy to be swayed (= manufactured consent - or at least sad resignation) with cries of "Gotta be stopped!"

Comment 2: This massacre in the Syrian village Kubeir follows another recently at Houla, after which the 'Western' MSM howled, there were calls for 'action to save the people.' Totally reminiscent of 'the Bengazi-moment' which enabled the F+UK/NATO bombardment of Libya to begin.

Comment 3: Recall the pro-war PR-campaign against Libya, and the wild stories of Viagra-boosted multiple rapes; if the black mercenaries didn't get ya, the snipers probably would. All lies, but Libya lies in ruin.

Response article:

3 June 2012 Last updated at 09:29 GMT
Syria crisis: Assad denies role in Houla massacre
  «An image grab taken from Syrian state TV shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressing parliament Mr Assad has blamed armed gangs, thugs and terrorists for the violence» 

Comment 1: Note again the propaganda language, "image grab," prejudicing the people's viewpoint.

Comment 2: Cui bono? With Mme Clinton breathing down his neck (hot to trot - to the next disgusting US war = mass-murdering to plunder), exactly *why* would Assad provide the rope with which to have himself hanged like Saddam, or lynched like Gaddafi?



WW2 ended with a "BANG!" - actually two, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki ("After six months of intense fire-bombing of 67 other Japanese cities,") the A-bomb targets were numbers 68 and 70 on the US' list of militarily significant cities; in fact IF they'd been materially contributing to the Japanese war effort THEN it would have been irresponsible to leave them in production (= contributing to the death of US service-persons), AND pristine to boot ... Some more arguments at and around here.

WW2 had hardly ended before the Zionists put into action their long (since 1897 at the latest) pre-meditated plan to steal most if not all (they still haven't stopped expanding outwards) - of Palestine from the HELO/Os = hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers. The Zionist-terrorist gangs (Irgun (The King David Hotel bombing), Lehi ("the Stern gang;" Bernadotte assassination), Deir Yassin massacre was Irgun and Lehi, Haganah and Palmach et al.) perpetrated what can only be accurately described as an aggressive, alien invasion - since before (the traitorous) Balfour, say, there was only a tiny minority of Jews in Palestine. That's Nuremberg-class war crime, for which many perpetrators were hanged. But so far, none of these invading, illegally occupying, murdering to steal Jews have been brought to justice. Israel remains an un-remedied, serious crime-scene. No nation based on such wicked crime may claim any legitimacy.

The US brought us the cold war (creating widespread fear of an atomic conflagration), and started out to smash small countries, now accelerating thanks to 9/11 (what a coincidence! Another Pearl Harbour (About 10,800,000 results); couldn’t have been made better by order!) Now we're well into the GWoT = global war *of* terrorism - *by* the US.

The Zionists dispossessed the mostly Palestinian HELO/Os = ethnic cleansing using terrorising, genocidal methods; to the US terrorists add Zs.

Both rogue-regimes are mass-murderers for spoil, US mostly for oil, Zs for soil. The US notified the world - by a leak, see Wesley Clark, that they would smash 7 countries in 5 years (About 2,870,000 results); including Iraq and Libya (done; smoking ruins), Syria (current campaign of terror, including by many external = partly US-supported alien insurgents, subversives, agents provocateurs, seditious 'activists') - and Iran being lined up as next; it's both the US and Zs who have "Gotta be stopped!"

Update, 14:41; PS The dumber people are, so the easier they fall for the propaganda; they almost 'volunteer' for being ppp-dd'd = pushed propaganda paradigm dumbed-down. The AusBC doesn't stop trying - to propagandise the voters = we, the people; basically, as they get more shrill, it *shows* that their lies are not getting the desired 'traction.' Here is the latest, not much different to my above trigger article:

UN combs deserted village after massacre
 Updated June 09, 2012 12:48:28
  «The monitors are unable to confirm the number killed or missing from the village. It has a population of about 150, but the opposition Syrian National Council has put the death toll at 78.» 

Comment 1: The "opposition Syrian National Council" is *not* an independent, 'disinterested' witness. Like far too many such *crooks*, they can *and do* lie - and as such, would be the *last* to be trusted. Note: For people engaged in mass-slaughtering innocents - here recall Albright's ½mio dead children = "worth it," lying is simply 'a snack.' In fact, it is *far* more likely that these massacres are perpetrated by 'opposition groups' (US+ supported) - again, cui bono?

Comment 2: The 'how many' or 'who' are basically 2ndary Qs; what we *really* need to know is *by whom*. This illustrates UN bias, to say the least.

Comment 3: What then, of this: "Robert Mood has said he believes foreign interests are fuelling the conflict" - When this story 'broke,' 1st seen by me at rte via ICH (archived 6Jun'12), there were about 6 results; now it's up to 72,100. You work it out.