how to fail at diplomacy ...

  .. without even really trying ...

    .. demand the utterly impossible


We saw it happen from 2003 - before our very own eyes - GWBush to Iraq: "Disarm (gimme the oil), or we'll kill you!"

Well, Iraq had no WMDs, so the US caused the death 1mio+ Iraqis with no legal 'excuse,' obviously intending to steal (even if 'only' control of) Iraqi oil. Nuremberg-scale illegal invasion, brutal occupation; murder for spoil.

We saw it happen last month - before our very own eyes - Israel to Gaza: "Stop firing rockets (stop asking for your land back), or we'll kill you!"

Well, it seems that the Gazans - with no possible chance of escape whatsoever - would rather be killed than surrender their rightful, just claims to the land that was - and really still is - legally theirs, so the risibly named (Nuremberg-scale offensive!) IDF caused the death of 1300 mostly unarmed (AK47s vs. US-made heavy battle tanks) Gazans, a vast proportion of those killed were women and children. Again an illegal invasion, brutal indiscriminate, wholesale destruction and killing; murder for 'collective punishment.'


Before the mass-murdering hail of WP-bombs and DU-bullets fly, the criminal regimes (US, UK, Aus & Israel) soften up the sheople, by propagandising them via the corrupt and venal MSM, including the treacherous publicly-financed broadcasters:

"Saddam is the new Hitler!"

"Militant Islamists!"

"Radical Hamas!"


Now the same old sort of tired, criminal US regime, but under a new president - Obama to Iran and N.Korea: "Give up your nukes, or we'll kill you!"

Well, we can understand US vs. Iran; Iran's got something the US wants, namely oil (just like Iraq). We can understand Israel vs. Palestine (and Lebanon, etc.); Israel's neighbours have something that Israel wants, namely land and water.

But N.Korea is guilty of nothing more that defying the US - Ooops! Yep, that's enough to deserve death-threats.

That's how 'diplomacy' works, US/Israeli-style:

"Gimme your oil, land and water, even 'just' subservience; surrender the lot, or we'll kill you!"

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