raison d'être ...

  .. pernicious propaganda, cynical censorship ...

    .. what ever became of "The Enlightenment" principles?


There are millions of blogs, perhaps over 100mio; it's a writhing sea of words, a boiling broth of babel. None tower much above the seething surface - or most of us would already be there, and not scattered in all directions as we currently are; the term 'atomised' has been used. Of course, it takes all kinds - and one clear purpose of libre is to be free - but the main suggested direction is simple to state:

"The ultimate priority of libre is to contribute as effectively as possible towards saving the planet, and the proposed method is to stop the flood of bullshit we've all been drowning in."

It may sound grandiose, but I have neither pretensions nor illusions: libre itself is a very small drop in the bucket; at the same time I can't just sit idly by watching our once jewel-like planet's life-supporting environment being wilfully, disgustingly degraded, possibly even irreversibly destroyed.

Our environment is endangered by current rapacious practices, obviously 'led' by the US, with Israel as close accomplice. They try to excuse themselves with "greed is good" but it's not; enlightened altruism is the only practical way forward. Apart from the shady to outright crooked business models extant, there is the repeated, criminal deployment of deadly force, aka murder for spoil. The US going after Iraq's oil, Israel after Palestine's land and water (for 60+ bloody years); latest IDF (offensive!) outrage murdering over a 1000 in Gaza. 'Modern' US and Israeli depredations date from the end WW2, when we thought evil had been conquered, even banished - but no, the centre of evil merely relocated - beginning with the A-bombing war crime.


Those who understand the full ramifications of libre's title will know, but for others this: there was a blog which seemed to champion truth and justice, but it became obvious that that was a false-front façade: that blog now harbours and encourages trolls of the nastiest sort, more and worse: that blog censors submitted comments to favour the worst sort of Zionists. In short, that blog is corrupted and utterly unconscionable; libre offers a remedy, 'in here' one may call a spade a bloody shovel - if that alternate is considered closer to the truth.

Also as many will know, we (the general population) are being lied to, by and through the so-called 'leading' politicians, themselves speaking though and actively assisted by the main-stream media (MSM), including public broadcasters - yes; shock, horror. In the run-up to the Iraq war, a novel 'excuse' was provided especially for Howard: "All politicians lie!"

Be that as it may, we are now digging up the detail; we are being deliberately and systematically propagandised, which often means being told outright lies. As no democracy can correctly function if submerged in a fug of filthy lies, I see the task of libre as being to expose those lies on a prioritised basis, the aim being to promote justice via truth; the greatest good for the most people of all sorts.


  1. I wish you well in your new endeavor, Ian, and will support you as best I can given my own work load.

    We need thinkers in our society, not sheeple. We need people with integrity and compassion not liars and fanatics who have purely selfish agendas.

    And most of all, we need truth!

  2. Here is a classic example of how the gullible have fallen into the right-wing propagandist’s deceptions and distractions at the old and rusting Webdiary. Richard Tonkin, unbelievably, has come out with this outrageous remark:

    “I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned the UN retraction today. Hamas apparently weren't firing from the school. Israel weren't firing at the school... does this info rain on too many parades?”

    Never mind that 43 innocent civilians are dead, killed by Israeli tank shells just outside of the UN school, the important thing, apparently, is that Israel weren’t firing at the school.

    The propaganda about whether or not the Israelis fired at a UN school has grown to such massive proportions that the 43 people that died just outside of it have been all but forgotten.

  3. Damian, another case of Richard Tonkin closing his eyes and thinking of Israel. Nice response over there from Marilyn.

    When questioned about apparent disparities in treatment between those critical of Israel's actions and those supporting them, the best they (in particular Fiona Reynolds) can come up with is that she might have reasons ... not that those reasons are ever revealed. Odd for a place that boasts of being accountable, etc.

    A reminder of the scale of the crimes - Chris Floyd on Iraq. Some comments worth reading as well.

  4. Eliot Ramsey, the full-time old worn-out Webdiary right-wing propagandist, liar and fraud, has told Webdiary readers that, “Meanwhile, of course, ordinary Palestinians' support for Hamas itself has all but evaporated.”

    This lie needs exposing and the truth revealed. Rather than having ‘all but evaporated’, Palestinian support for Hamas has soared according to the UKs ‘Financial Times’, while support for Fatah and the usurping Abbas has, well… all but evaporated.


    Every lie these propagandists come up with needs to be exposed until the publisher of these lies stop publishing them.

    Indeed, Graeme. Marilyn's response was most appropriate - unlike Fiona Reynolds.

    Chris Floyd's article is well worth the read. Thanks for that.

    (Could someone advise me on how to put links into these comment boxes. I must have dozed off when it was last explained to me:) Cheers.)

  5. G'day Damian, to insert a link type a left angle bracket, then a href=, then a url in brackets, then a right angle bracket, then the words you want to be displayed, then close the html with < / a > (but without the spaces between each character).

    For example:

    your link to the FT article.

    BTW, before I'd seen your comments on this thread I left a comment on the other thread saying just about the same as you. It's certainly clear that there's a Zionist agenda being promoted whenever we witness the innocent Palestinian victims of IDF attacks being erased from the page of time, wiped off the newsprint, airwaves, idiot box, etc.

  6. G'day David G,

    I see you mention the "Germany is ticking off the Pope" story in a side-bar on your dangerouscreation blog; surely the timing of that kerfuffle is entirely unrelated to the recent murdering invasion of Gaza? As in, pure coincidence? Haw!

    G'day Damian,

    it stretches credibility - far beyond breaking-point, that the so-called moderators allow themselves to make (biased!) comments of their own - while simultaneously claiming 'balanced' moderation. Haw again! We who have had comments cut or suppressed (censorship!) know differently.

    (Thanks for the mention on your "ISRAELI ‘HUMAN SHIELD’ STORIES" item.)

    G'day Graeme,

    your linked c-f item reminds us of how these murdering criminals (US and Israeli regimes) simply wait out their opprobrium. No "Haw."

    As to how quisling/collaborators (your mention of Fiona Reynolds as an example) are recruited and/or operate, we got a clue from "Fishnet-stockings" when he yelled at Latham: "Get a briefing!"

    Someone comes along and says "Here is our secret. Say/do 'such and such' on your program/blog, and we'll keep you informed. But this discussion/agreement can never be mentioned to anyone else, OK?"

    Someone else comes along (like the ugly, hate filled thug Pahoff) and threatens "Do what we want or trouble."

    My hypothesis only, natch. (Except that we have undeniable evidence of exactly how Pahoff threatens. Certainly no "Haw.")

    That place 'over there' is a worry, but they're amateurs - it's the MSM which is the real worry - they are true gate-keepers, and only tell us what they want us to know. Then, there are the public broadcasters who are - demonstrably - also equally corrupt. It's prima facie evidence that the politicians 'allow' their voters to be lied to. And that is so undemocratic that it undermines the foundations of our entire society, whether it be in the US, UK, Aus or Israeli. We the people (non-internet enabled sheople) have no chance of getting the truth or otherwise balanced view, while this filthy corruption infests our world.

    PS Damian, use this as a prototype; replace the double wedges with the 'less than' and 'greater than' characters:

    «a href="http://url"»text«/a»

    PPS I think heard on one of the German public broadcasters a mention that the Iranian President had denied the holocaust at some meeting in EU yesterday, but I haven't yet had time to check on this. Another 'map-wiping' propaganda push? Anything known? The bastards just never stop their filthy lying to us. Where are the adults?

  7. Correction. That should be:

    ... type a left angle bracket, then a href=, then a url in double-quotation marks, then a right angle bracket, then the words you want to be displayed, then close the html with < / a > (but without the spaces between each character).

  8. IDHolm, a mere 16 hours ago an Associated Press piece on a new Holocaust museum was published with that 'map-wiping' message embedded in the middle of it. I've no doubt it will be echoed in many MSM outlets next week.

    Spiegel got a headstart last week, reporting on what its editors called Iran's Space Provocation.

  9. When reading that Spiegel article notice that it mentions Süddeutsche Zeitung reported:

    "Iran is still years away from possessing a nuclear warhead, as reiterated by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohammed ElBaradei just days ago."

    Then look back over the last few days of MSM coverage in Australia, for example.

    You'll find no mentions of what ElBaradei said.

    You'll find no mentions of the IAEA's most recent assessment.

    Sydney Indymedia reported it. None of the MSM outlets did.

    Today a Fairfax paper, The Age, actually did publish a piece in which ElBaradei is mentioned, but not mentioned is what he said about the most recent assessment his IAEA experts have made on Iran's nuclear energy development program.

  10. I see that other place has made more prominent its advert calling for people to write for it. Click the advert and there's a post that includes this great lie:

    "... With very limited exceptions set out in the Editorial Policy page, we publish every comment we receive that is coherent/comprehensible and not abusive to others. If you think the balance of the comments submitted has veered away from your position to the left, right, up or down, then submit some comments on the other side: what we won't do is start censoring comments simply to 'balance the debate'. We leave that balancing up to you. Where the Editors hold a strong opinion of their own, they will normally do that by submitting a comment under their own name, rather than by altering your comment."

    Yeah, right!

  11. Thanks folks; I think I've got that now.

    Orana, I cannot understand how it is, after all the agro the world went through trying to figure out how Iraq could get invaded on the basis of what turned out be lies, that that same world is willing to go down exactly the same road again with Iran without demanding the full on-evidence - evidence one can go to the Old Bailey with! So far, absolutely nothing.

  12. G'day Damian, I cannot understand it either.

    It's something I'll mull over.

    One thought top of mind at present is: If Obama/Clinton launch a propaganda campaign to justify pre-emptive strikes against Iran, will 'the world' twig to it being just as wrong-headed as when the Bush/Cheney neocons did it.

  13. G'day Damian and Orana, a puzzler. Perhaps a lot of people find it easier to accept what the MSM feeds them ... and as long as they don't see it affecting them directly they don't bother looking behind the spin.

    An article on possibilities re Israel/Iran.

  14. A sample *censored comment* submitted over there:

    Melian dialogue

    Submitted by Ian Holm on January 25, 2009 - 6:56pm.

    Full text here, found via wiki summary here.

    Agree that the Pope's latest is unhelpful at best; the cynical timing being merely a coincidence - eh? Just as the timing of the latest brutal Israeli murdering outrage itself was merely a coincidence.

    I mentioned pointing out propaganda, then terminating the discussion. Such as "the extraordinary and courageous young men and women of the IDF" say. That's a provable lie; each and every one is an utter coward armed to the teeth with the latest US killing machines which the offensive IDF set out to use on hapless, essentially unarmed 3rd world people who the Israelis have cooped up behind barbed wire after dispossessing them if their land. Natural justice demands that each and every IDF illegal invader, their commanders and the politicians all the way to the 'top' all be sent to gaol - if not hung by the neck until dead, à la Nuremberg.

    Ian D. Holm


    If I had taken more time, I might have used "self-evident" instead of "provable" above.

    The comment disappeared without trace or pardon - as is usual when they censor something. There no way of knowing why they chose not to publish it, there is no mention of any other commenter - although the objectionable quote was made by the particularly ugly, hate filled one. That said, my comment was on what he said and is - IMHO - a valid opinion. Nevertheless, cut, gone, disappeared.

  15. Interesting ... The Australian has published today a short article from Agence France-Presse (AFP) under the headline: 'Iran won't build nuclear bombs: expert'

    It covers the news about political scientist Bruce Bueno de Mesquita making a presentation to a TED audience. In it he's said to have shared projections based on a gaming and computer model he's built.

    Two things about this article need exposure:

    First, a search of the TED website shows up no presentation by Bueno de Mesquita. It could be just a publication timing thing.

    Second, Bueno de Mesquita is said to be an adviser to the CIA and US DoD. What is not reported is that he is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, which is home to the Iran Democracy Project (IDP).

    The IDP is "part of the Hoover initiative, Diminishing Collectivism and Evolving Democratic Capitalism."

    Whether they be sinister or not, these affiliations and connections should simply have been disclosed by AFP and The Australian.

  16. propaganda ...

      .. with a (filthy!) pro-US/Israeli twist

    G'day Orana Gelar,

    thanks for the Spiegel link to "Iran's Space Provocation", and both your Aus-centric context and follow-up.

    What a headline! Almost says it all, really - but it's all too typical, the usual story being "Iran is feared to be close to getting an A-bomb ..." or "Western governments fear that Iran ..."

    I set out to try to track down what I thought I heard on one of the German state-supported network's news, namely some allegation of 'holocaust denial' by some Iranian or other (in my own defence, it was a single sentence 'thrown in' near the end of a report). I said aloud: "Hello, I think I just heard a lie."


    My 1st real find was a dreadful r-wing blog which when a quote from it was re-input to google gave pretty slim pickings; some Jewish-type blog, the r-wing blog itself but then "pay-dirt," a single MSM reference (WSJ), with what do you know, an Aussie edition:

    FEBRUARY 6, 2009, 8:36 P.M. ET
    Iranian Official Scolds U.S., Urges New Strategy

    Here's the applicable part of the report:

      «Near the end of his speech, Mr. Larijani astonished many in the audience by arguing that there could "be different perspectives on the Holocaust."»

    So much for 'holocaust denial;' it seems that such serious charges may be based on the flimsy phrase "different perspectives."

    Fazit: Publicly financed broadcasters (shame! Gaol!) - do this all the time. They slip the (propaganda!) knife in at odd moments, they often do not document themselves (especially in such cases) - but the knives they use are often filthy lies. Why? Who gives them permission to lie to us? Bastards. And the publicly financed broadcasters cannot be acting 'off their own bat,' their collusive 'partners' include the so-called 'political leadership' - on both 'sides.' Simply put, totally undemocratic.

    Then again (looping) - why all the above? We all have far more to gain from cooperation, as opposed to useless, resource-wasting confrontation.

  17. I note that on another site, a commenter called Chef Pissorf is writing comments that clearly suggest that he is completely deranged.

    Why this other site would publish such bizarre offensive, fact-free comments is beyond me but I'm pleased to see that Webdiary-libre is forging a new direction, one that is more in line with the original Webdiary objectives.


  18. A couple of reports about prisoner swaps. From Haaretz.

    Concerned voices have been heard in the Muqata in Ramallah over the past few days: Senior Palestinian Authority and Fatah officials are speaking openly of the end of an era if an agreement to free abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit is reached.

    Palestinian officials say a Shalit deal would bring about early elections in the territories, and Hamas would win again - but this time it would win the Palestinian presidential election, too. Israel would then be forced to deal with a Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip, they say

    The poll results in the above do not match the spin put about by the usual suspects.

    From Reuters.

    Orana - on the issue of what is reported:

    Israeli media reported that Olmert was trying to muzzle his ministers on any impending swap. Amnesty for Palestinians jailed over lethal attacks is a touchy matter for a Jewish state that fears bolstering factions like Hamas, which oppose peacemaking.

    On the last sentence above, who complied with the ceasefire? Who has made offers? Who has sabotaged peace efforts for years? But the same bs is disseminated over and over.

  19. In the run up to the elections in Israel it seems as though things have gone quiet. Thankfully, the Israelis aren’t even responding to a couple of rockets lobbed into Israel yesterday which means that some Palestinians at least will live another day. But one shouldn’t be fooled by the Israeli inaction in the Gaza. Yesterday Israeli jets staged mock aerial attacks and reconnaissance flights over Lebanon.

    It can only mean that there is at least consensus among all the parties that, no matter who wins the election, Hezbollah at some time in the near future, together probably with Iran, Syria and Hamas, are likely to be confronted.

  20. I spoke too soon, Apparently the Israelis have bombed a couple of 'sites' in the Gaza saying that 'direct hits' were scored. Since for the Israelis the whole of Gaza is a target, it's a bit hard to miss. Fortunately, there were no reports of any deaths.

  21. Yes, sorry to say, Damian, you spoke too soon. Unfortunately, reports of Palestinian deaths are now being published.

    Israel shells house, killing one Gazan

    Palestinians: Israeli tank shell kills Gaza man

  22. And there seems to be one more each time I refresh a news search:

    Israeli airstrike kills Palestinian near northern Gaza border

    Notice that the first two mention a farmer being killed by a shell from an Israeli tank. The third (above) reports that a Palestinian youth was killed by a missile fired by an Israeli helicopter.

    Then contrast the way the JPost spins it for propaganda purposes.

  23. One has to wonder about this report in Ha'aretz earlier today that says that the IAF couldn't repeat the successes in the Gaza if it had to fight a larger war. One hopes they can't but is this just disinformation designed to lull whoever they want to attack next into a flase sense of security?

  24. Sorry, but my miserable attempt at linking failed. The Ha'aretz report is here.

  25. And another case of "deterring" Palestinian fishermen. Seems a regular occurrence.

    I saw a claim that it couldn't be a blockade because Gaza has a sea frontier. Well ...

  26. Indeed, GW, I recall seeing that false claim and more ...

    No doubt this will not be mentioned over there: Poll: Only a quarter of the Palestinians in Gaza support Hamas

  27. Just noticed, Orana that I forgot to put the link in for the Haaretz article in an earlier post. It is this and appears now immediately above the link you posted.

    Here's another extract:

    The latest poll from the Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre conducted in the territories shows the recent war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip afforded the Islamic organization unprecedented popularity. For the first time, Hamas is leading Fatah in the polls: 28.6 percent for Hamas compared to 27.9 percent for Fatah. Despite the euphoria in Israel over the Gaza operation, on the Palestinian side at least, some 46.7 percent view the Gaza fighting as a Hamas victory and only 9.8 percent deemed Israel the victor. Some 37.4 percent thought there was no winner.

    Some variation on the Fatah figures.

    The latest JMCC poll (January) ishere.

  28. Aha! See how Avi Issacharoff spins it one way in his Haaretz article you linked (i.e. the JMCC poll "shows the recent war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip afforded the Islamic organization unprecedented popularity.") Then contrast with the Haaretz Service article I linked (i.e. a poll shows "support in the ruling Hamas government has drastically gone down following the Israel Defense Forces offensive in the coastal strip.") The report I linked doesn't mention who conducted that poll. Time to find it. If it exists, it could shine a light on JMCC bias.

  29. minor(?) quibbles

    I fail to understand why anyone refers to what the IDF does as 'war.'

    war —n. 1 a armed hostilities between esp. nations; conflict. b specific instance or period of this. c suspension of international law etc. during this. 2 hostility or contention between people, groups, etc. 3 (often foll. by on) sustained campaign against crime, poverty, etc. —v. (-rr-) 1 (as warring adj.) rival; fighting. 2 make war.  at war (often foll. by with) engaged in a war. go to war declare or begin a war. have been in the wars colloq. appear injured etc. [Anglo-French from Germanic] [POD]

    As far as I know, the Gaza is not a nation:

      «The Palestinian territories are composed of two discontiguous regions, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, whose final status has yet to be determined.»

    Then there is as good as no international laws operable, let alone being suspended. When it suits, and that's about 99.9% of the time, Isreal simply ignores the UN and international law both. The IDF, its members, its commanders and the associated political 'leadership' (bi- or multi-partisan; doesn't matter who wins elections over there, the IDF can be and is ordered by whatever the current regime to slaughter more un- or only lightly-armed neighbours at any tick of the clock) - the whole lot are outlaws.

    The arms 'imported' via hand-dug tunnels into the Gaza are, from what we can actually see, mostly penny-rockets and AK47s, hardly a match for the IDF cowards encased in US-made heavy battle-tanks, or lurking in the air at 30,000ft, or in murder-dispensing ultra-high-tech helicopters. It's not war, it's mechanised slaughter of effectively defenceless, hapless human beings imprisoned in an Hell of Israeli manufacture.

    Entering into a neighbouring land across some border, internationally recognised - or in the case of Israel mainly not, amounts to invading, which, under the Nuremberg rules, carries the death penalty for those who do it, and/or those who order it.

    What the IDF (offensively!) does is murder the prior legal owners of the land Israel then steals. The talk should be of armed robbery with actual, mass-murdering genocidal violence.

  30. It would help. Perhaps the IDF would provide the information as they seem to like that particular poll.

  31. On second thoughts, I think we've already found it. Look at the numbers and you see they're referring to the same poll.

    The Haaretz Service article mentions a figure, i.e. 28% support Hamas, and then compares that with a claimed 51% support in Nov-2008.

    Both Avi Issacharoff and the actual JMCC press release also state that the poll shows 28% support Hamas now.

    ... but only Issacharoff frames that data as "unprecedented popularity."

  32. Since only 673 Palestinians were polled for the Palestinian Centre for Public Opinion, financed by Fatah, the results can hardly be determined as properly representative (not a large enough sample size by any practical polling method) or unbiased in light of the nature of the poll and those that sponsor the pollsters.

  33. The source of jewish insanity is the Talmud (which is being gradually exposed,thanks God !)
    The content is basically a cult manual for a religious "ideology" that Rabbis,
    through centuries, have tailored to suit their goals of earthly dominion.
    The hijacking then counterfeiting of the true prophets' religion to the benefit of the jewish
    oligarchy,mainly that of the rabbinical order and its financial arm,the bankers.
    Order that is transcended by evil worship.
    Average Jews are the willing victims of this conspiracy,and are being held hostages
    under a stick-and-carrot,or pogrom-power blackmail.
    Controlled by the dominant hierarchy,the rabbis-bankers Mafia cartel
    strives for world dictatorship,while bribing and feeding their sub class idiots
    to cannon folds !!
    Talmud's poison is dripped,from infancy, into the babies' milk-bottles
    in order to turn them into "good" jews,or more precisely judaic-zombies,
    cloathed with the most damaging false conviction
    that there're God's chosen people,so to speak that they belong to a God's "Elite".
    A belief,which drowns them further into arrogance,
    contempt and finally genocidal supremacism,
    Their stealth,hidden,undeclared master's status entitles them
    the right to own the whole planet Earth and what it contains !
    Even human beings ! Who they call donkeys,animals,filth,slaves,etc...(That's in the Talmud !)
    It's a pillar of their faith they teach, secretly (from the Talmud), to priests trained
    to carry on the deceit the elders brought from Babylon .
    This is at the core of understanding the historical truth,the religious deep layer of this abomination.
    Look at the latest onslaught on Gaza,all the rabbis questioned,declared PUBLICLY/

    "A GROUP OF 14 PROMINENT RABBIS, led by Haim Druckman, who are considered authorities by the religious-Zionist public, have asked the Israeli army not to flinch from killing Palestinian civilians in the context of the ongoing military campaign against armed groups resisting the occupation. Druckman, 71, is one of the most prominent and veteran leaders of the religious Zionist movement, has been a public figure for over 50 years, since serving as a revered leader in the Bnei Avika youth movement in the early 1950s."

    As to genocides in general,CAN ANYONE CLEAR that cursed nation of Zion from
    involvement in all the large scale killings of humans through modern history starting from,
    the slave trade, the French Revolution, WW1, the Bolshevik genocide of 30-Million-Christians-Russians, WW2, the Vietnam war, Iraq invasion-destruction,you name it !
    And now,,Afghanistan,Palestine,Gaza,Gaza,Gaza,...

    A quote from "xymphora.blogspot.com".
    "Any group that can 'stand for' a moral abomination like Israel can't be good.
    It's sanity. It is the sanity of the Jews that is in question, whether their racist eliminationist supremacism has rendered them incurably insane".