Israel and an r-wing, pro-Z blog ...

  .. why does the whole world ...

    .. tolerate such awful crimes?


Preamble: I have serious problems with a certain r-wing, pro-Z blog in general (hereafter r-wb) and lying trolls in particular.

Specifically, the main problem is that they, r-wb and trolls both, a) are sometimes utterly unethical and b) they often lie (yeah; same old same old ...)

Another problem is that r-wb not only tolerates liars, trolls and propagandists (often combined as single, fake name(!!?) 'commenters'), r-wb actively encourages them[1]. One could call this 'web-whoring;' such whores appear willing to do anything (ethics? Who cares about ethics?) to solicit for blog-traffic.

A separate problem is that if one were to address some malefactor (liar, troll, propagandist), then one could draw unwarranted attention to that malefactor, and therefore extend the liar/troll/propagandist platform - basically, an altogether undesirable result.

So far, my 'best' strategy for dealing with this sort of thing is a) to point out any such nastiness and then b) to ignore it forthwith.

That gives me an opportunity for a single 'shot' ...

 .. per offence; *BLAM* - take that!


The 'modern' state of Israel was 'born' amid criminal, murdering violence, for example the King David Hotel bombing (91 people killed) and the Deir Yassin massacre (between 107 and 120 Palestinian unarmed civilian villagers killed), this IDF murdering seems never to stop; a sample 'going forward' of the Qana massacre (106 civilians killed in a UN compound; lots of massacres!) - for a fairly comprehensive list, try this Short History of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict from Stephen Lendman.

(Note: Whatever one cites, from the comfort of one's blogging-workspace, it's always going to be excessively bland - compared to the actual blood, guts and splintered bone that the thoroughly offensive IDF causes to be splattered onto mostly erstwhile Palestinian land.)

The ink on the UN resolution establishing Israel was barely dry before Israel went to war against its neighbours, and the murdering violence has hardly paused since then, see the latest grim incursions into Lebanon in 2006, 1,233+ largely innocent civilians killed and into Gaza in '08/09, 1300+ more killed. (Imagine your own outrage, if this sort of thing was going on in your neighbourhood!) One writes 'largely innocent;' basically the only crime any of the people living near Israel are remotely 'guilty' of is the fact of being born there - as if they had some sort of choice? In the meantime, Israel has steadily stolen ever more land from the hapless prior legal owners, mostly Palestinian - as is proven by direct observation. One cannot hide that single, ghastly criminal fact - yet the world 'allows' it to go on and on and on ...

Aggressively invading a country was typified by the post-WW2 Nuremberg-tribunal as the ultimate war crime: "To initiate a war of aggression ... contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

Part of the question from my headline then becomes Q: Exactly why does the world tolerate this continuing Israeli Nuremberg-class crime? Why doesn't *someone*, *anyone* stop it? It seems that all we ever hear is endless yammering about some 'ME peace process' - yeah, the brilliant "world's best practice" process that has shown no effective result these past 60+ looong and bloody years. The ugly IDF killing continues.

My suggested part-answer is A: Because we the people have been deceived, the crimes have been disguised, hushed up and generally information about them distorted, misreported or merely suppressed, by the (corrupt! Venal!) corporate MSM, some publicly financed broadcasters (boo! Hiss) and - the prime reason for this article - via liars, trolls and propagandists operating through such portals as r-wb.

A glaring problem is that throughout almost the entire unethical r-wb-saga, and especially lately, anti-Z dissenters have been censored and some even outright banned (while the pro-Zs are coddled, cuddled (urk!) and actively assisted), an example of the most utterly undemocratic, non-free speech behaviour one is ever likely to encounter (outside burning books - which could be next, r-wb depravity apparently knowing no bounds).


Intermezzo: One can see how much time and energy is 'burned' by the Jewish dilemma. It'd be absolute problem number one - except for the pillage, looting, plunder and rapine associated with mostly US-inspired capitalism - altogether too big a crime to be considered here (but see latest example Iraq, illegal invasion thereof, now morphed into brutal occupation; murder for oil). With a predominate motto/creed of "Greed is good!" - which it clearly is not, suffice it to say that the (mostly US) corporations are stuffing the world down the excess-CO2 gurgler, while a 'diversion' is run by the offensive IDF murdering for land and water. From my title, the whole world ('led' by the US, its 'illegal sprog' partner Israel, its accessories (UK & Aus), apologists (D, F, etc.) and general hangers-on (pug-ugly r-wing bloggers, say) - the whole world tolerates such awful crimes - with hardly an audible peep. Why?


Fazit - for now at least: I refuse to accept that the vast majority of we the people, with acceptable morality, usually law-abiding and most thoroughly decent to a 'T' must be dragged down, forced to live under the dictates of the current crop of criminals 'in charge.'

Especially not, when those criminals in charge are driving us over the excess-CO2 cliff.

Why should I accept this catastrophe, so some pigs can indulge their avarice?

Will you, dear reader, accept the crimes, then the coming crash?

I don't and I won't. Bury me with my boots on!



[1] Ah! Surprise ending: no names (no pack-drill) - and no undesirable attention! Ever less blog traffic for them, haw!

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