the jewish dilemma


Since being impelled into action in late 2002 by the US (UK, Aus) threat to attack Iraq, now turned into the truly ghastly reality of an illegal invasion, which was then morphed into what appears to be an interminable, brutal occupation, my view of the world has changed radically.

Where once before I assumed trust in publicly financed broadcasters to relay the news to me, I have been convinced by critical observation, that not only do the corporate MSM but also some publicly financed broadcasters relay lies. Not just 'little whites' mind you, but filthy, deliberate and often propagandistic lies. There may be some room for debate on the possibility that the lies are simply passed along (whether due to ignorance or carelessness or whatever other 'excuse'), but I think that simply could not be the case. The people employed by news organizations are so-called professionals, and even if they made an occasional mistake, their 'controllers' would soon smarten them up - assuming the controllers at least were honest (sadly another insupportable assumption). My inescapable conclusion: we the people are being deliberately propagandised.

When I take a prioritised look at our world, I notice that the anticipated excess-CO2 caused climate-catastrophe is our biggest worry by far, and if that problem is not satisfactorily solved and soonest, then any other problems will be overwhelmed.

Standing in the way of combating climate change is a vast array of vested interests, prioritising these 2nd level problems, I assess the depredations of the mostly US-corporations-driven capitalism as the worst offender, also since that mainly US capitalism is accompanied by war (military, economic and/or covert, all unethical if not outright illegal) by the US on most of the rest of the world; this warfare not to defend the US but to guarantee US access primarily to resources but also to markets. Yapping at the US' heels is Israel, as I've often characterised it, the illegitimate tail desperately trying to wag the rabid US dog, and imitating the US depredations with absolutely unwarranted viciousness. Sorry - but not too sorry - for the strong language.

Closing the circle on the MSM/publicly financed broadcasters, their most egregious offence (always and of course IMHO), as well as 'carrying' lies and propaganda to disguise the US & Israeli depredations, is that for perhaps 60+ years, they have propagated the 'poor little Israeli David vs. the ugly, primitive and violent Arab/Muslim Goliath' myth, aka filthy lie.

That one miserable, long drawn-out criminal act is enough to damn them (MSM, etc.) irrevocably and forever.

The reality is totally the reverse, as anyone with truly open eyes can readily see: the rogue state of Israel, whether called a Zionist regime or a mob of mad Jews, has murdered its way into utter infamy. In a few stark words: Israel has mass-murdered in order to steal (mostly Palestinian) land and water - for 60+ looong and bloody years, no end in sight.

Now an important point: I have taken to using the word 'Jews' exclusively (as opposed to Israeli, or Zionist, or any other whatever) to refer to the regime and the people both, whether living in Israel or dispersed anywhere, but any and all organizations or people who claim to be Jewish. I have done this because I simply refuse to play any I/J/Z name-games.

Then, just as 'Some of one's best friends may be Yanks,' not all Jews are presumed to be guilty of the (abominable!) crimes perpetrated in Israel's name. At the same time a caution: any Jew not doing his/her absolute utmost to stop those crimes bears a certain personal responsibility; there are crimes of commission (IDF = offensive!) - and crimes of omission, i.e. inactivity in the face of such dreadful ignominy. I have had the unfortunate experience of encountering a particularly nasty, pug-ugly (if 'only' in spirit), arch-Zionist, who calls dissenters from the Zionist cause "self-hating Jews." How charming. In the same vein, they have a name for their murdering excesses, i.e. "disproportionate response" - more charming.

Fazit: I use the single word, Jews, to refer to the whole 'mess' - for it is a real mess, even compared to the trouble the US is causing. No offence is meant - to inoffensive people anywhere, however Israel - and hence Jews everywhere, are responsible for trouble far beyond their numbers. I can extend to 'Jews everywhere' being responsible, in the democratic sense of what the majority supports (or here perhaps, fails to stop) is what the whole must accept.

It's up to decent Jews everywhere to mount an effective, countervailing response to the crimes attributable to Israel - what's stopping them, stopping the murdering thefts?

[1] Update (17Feb'09):

There's not a lot of sense in pointing out a problem without suggesting a solution.

The real problem (IMHO, as usual and of course):

1. The legality of the establishment of Israel is arguable; 1st, Israel cannot claim the UN both as legitimising authority and at the same time defy that authority. In a wider sense, only just law is acceptable, and the only acceptable use of force is to enforce just law. The original 'law' ejecting Palestinians was not just, and is therefore not acceptable. So much for "right to exist;" that right does *not* exist.

To paraphrase in plain text: no one has the right to appropriate any property without adequate compensation.

2. The legality of the risibly named IDF's offensive operations is not 'merely' arguable, such operations are certainly immoral and most probably illegal. Proceeding from (1), stealing land (exactly what has occurred) by Israel or anyone else is not defensible, that is to say one simply cannot defend stolen land. So much for "right to defend;" stolen land is *not* defendable. Then, I don't suppose that illegal occupiers could have too many expectations vis-à-vis rights, but the real problem here is that the IDF is not 'defending' anything at all - when it invades to attack neighbours on the neighbours' own land. The proof of this is the steady, illegal expansion of Israel.

To paraphrase in plain text: aggressive invasion - what Israel has repeatedly done since its inception - is the ultimate war crime.

3. From (1) & (2), it follows that most, if not all of the land Israel occupies has been acquired by extremely questionable means, if not stolen outright. This reasoning (or similar) is behind the "Palestinian right of return" - it makes sense.

To paraphrase in plain text: any and all illegally obtained property must be returned to its rightful owners.

Sooo, to my suggested *just* solution:

1. In all cases, in all places, stop all the lying, cheating, killing and thefts.

2. Return all property to its rightful owners, and that means the owners before the disputed laws and all wars. Specifically, give back to the Palestinians everything that was not acquired perfectly legally - and yes, that does mean most of Israel. Alternatively, buy anything deemed impractical to return, see (3) next.

3. Pay full and fair reparation/compensation.

4. Say "Sorry!" - and mean it.


Moral: There can never be peace without justice.


  1. "return all property to its righhtful owners" -
    so, you mean the Jews, who were there for centuries before the Arab invasions, whose Temple Mount is being vandalised by Arabs, whose synagogies over centuries ahve been destroyed by Arab Muslims who have also terrorised Christians.

    Yes, I agree - return all property, including the Sinai desert and ALL of JUdea and Samaria, named for the fact that it is Jewish territory, back to the Jews, who have been there for thousands of years, long before Islam was born.

  2. No, Mr/Mrs PF,

    No to "the Sinai desert and ALL of JUdea and Samaria," none of that is "Jewish territory," nor is *much, if any* of pre-'47 Palestine, now referred to as so-called 'modern' Israel.


    The only bits of pre-'47 Palestine which can legitimately be regarded as anything approaching "Jewish territory" are the bits legally purchased - a vanishingly small amount, despite the Zionist efforts to do so.

    Indeed, I have heard that it was the slow process of *legal* acquisition that led directly to the current (immoral! Illegal!) Zionist practises via the (risibly!) named IDF (one cannot 'defend' stolen land) - the 61+ years long and current immoral and illegal Zionist practise of 'murder for land and water.'

    No one need refer to antiquity; the world - the honest and fair bits of it, i.e. those concerned with striving for truth and justice, can quite clearly see the utterly filthy travesty of justice which was imposed by the UN in '47/48 upon the legal owners of what is now referred by some as the 'modern' state of Israel, and the equally filthy theft of ever more mostly Palestinian land and water ever since.

    One need only refer to modern so-called 'best practice' to see that the '47/48 "Partition of Palestine" was a) totally undemocratic (most of those living near who were asked said "No," those living in were not even asked(!!?)), b) did not respect 'private property rights' in any way, shape or form and c) even after being 'given' a significant part of Palestine, the Zionists have been attempting to take ever more ever since - exactly, not 'equivalent to' but *actual* theft with murdering violence.

    One hears the AusBC refer to the so-called 'modern' state of Israel as "the holy land," and, I've heard, some presumed Jewish types claiming that some "god" promised something to them. To all such fantastic dreamers (aka immoral plotters of illegal schemes) I say show me the *evidence*. Show me the title deeds, the legal contracts etc., with this so-called "god's" signature.

    Please go away Mr/Mrs PF; not only do you have no 'good' argument, you have no argument at all.

  3. I'm wondering when PF will introduce us to any one of these supposed living *centuries old Jews* who are milling about holding a title to some land that they believe should be returned by an Arab Muslim.

    For surely a human being, whether a *Jew*, a *Gentile*, or however one might label them, who has defied the odds and gone on living century after century, tightly gripping a tatty old ancient title in their ancient hand, hoping that one day his or her land will be returned ... yeah surely that's someone we'd have all seen fêted on every flatscreen tv worldwide.

  4. Ahh ... the evidence, I'm looking forward to seeing that!

    Would Mr/s PF please produce a single human being, Jew, Gentile or otherwise, who has defied the odds and gone on living century after century, some form of title in their ancient hand, seeking a return of their realty?

    Could Mr/s PF please point us toward any living human whom "has been there for centuries" before the alleged loss of land and has since then been pressing his/her claim for many centuries thereafter?

    Or getting more realistic ... can Mr/s PF cite any legal precedent for the implied *right* in which s/he *believes* that does allow some particular people to reconquer a land they'd once stolen from some other people more than 2,500 years ago?

    Or does Mr/s PF think we all have this supposed *right* s/he claims for some people?

    If .. then: Does Mr/s PF think we should all trace back our ancestory, and then go bully whomever now lives on land that some great-great-great-etc grandad of ours once built a humpy on, say 10,000 years ago?