angry aunty AusBC (Orthodox Jewish mob's hate)

 .. imagine her outrage if ...

   .. place: not Israel but Gaza ...

     .. attack: not spit but DU, HE & WP


[Update 090715, photo below]


Reporter feels mob's hate in the Holy City
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker
Posted July 6, 2009 09:02:00
  «Spit like rain

I found myself herded against a brick wall as they kept on spitting - on my face, my hair, my clothes, my arms.

It was like rain, coming at me from all directions - hitting my recorder, my bag, my shoes, even my glasses.

Big gobs of spit landed on me like heavy raindrops. I could even smell it as it fell on my face.»

I've noted Barker's reports recently, giving us the (lying!) pushed paradigm stacked up against the innocent but oil-rich Iranians. AusBC ME reporters are usually based in IL, they give us the standard slanted, one-eyed picture: Jewish good, all others (Arab, Muslim, Palestinian, extremist, insurgent, radical; anything but 'stalwart defenders of their own land, water and/or oil'). No-one, or none ever effectively, describes the actual situation 'on the ground,' which vis-à-vis IL is an alien invader (Zionists) murdering Palestinians in order to steal ever more Palestinian land.

61+ years of it: illegal, criminal; a whole Zionist race of crooks occupying stolen land.


Imagine Barker's discomfort, had she been in Gaza recently, when the 'Oh, so valiant, heroic and *super-moral*' IDF slaughtered around 1300 mostly innocent Palestinians. It wasn't spit raining down on the hapless Gazans, but US-donated high-explosive, possibly depleted uranium-tipped supersonic missiles, US-donated F16-delivered bombs, US-donated mortar or US-donated tank-fire, liberally sprinkled with big gobs of US-donated white-phosphorous.


You made your bed, Barker; sleep in it. And be thankful it was only hateful religious Zionist-morons' spit, not the hateful IDF's body-exploding DU tipped HE & flesh-burning WP.


PS What right does the AusBC assume, calling wherever it was "the Holy City?" Utterly outrageous.

Israeli Army T-Shirt Furore
Photo complements 'Barker bites' comment.

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  1. Barker bites ...

     .. credit offered ...

       .. where credit may be due ...

         .. but IMHO she's got a looong way to go yet


    Soldiers detail 'shoot to kill' war in Gaza
    By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker for AM
    Posted July 15, 2009 09:36:00
      «"At any obstacle, any problem, we open fire and don't ask questions."

    Testimonies show Palestinian civilians were killed because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or doing something seen as suspicious.

    Even holding binoculars or talking on a mobile phone was justification for being shot.

    One man tells of a fellow soldier who shot dead an unarmed man simply because he wanted to kill someone.

    The assumption, said one, was that everyone was a terrorist, so it was legitimate to do as they pleased.

    "Usually the commanders mention the lives of civilians and showing consideration to civilians," one man says.

    "Here, he didn't even mention this. Just the brutality; go in there brutally."

    There was one eyewitness account of soldiers shooting an old man, holding only a torch, who was spotted walking towards a house where soldiers were based.

    The usual procedure was to fire a warning shot if someone came too close.

    But when soldiers asked permission to fire, they were told to hold off.

    "Instead", said one man, "the commander ordered all snipers onto the roof and they shot the man dead."»

    My comment, 1: Barker was recently spat upon - by religious Israeli extremists. Perhaps that was a 'game-changer' - for her; we certainly hope so.

    My comment, 2: We now know (those with eyes to see), that the so-called 'modern' state of Israel was 'given' an initial portion of Palestine, by the UN, mainly (I presume) on the instigation of the US & UK. It may well have been, that the US & UK were just doing the Zionists 'a favour' - or, that they were trying to solve their own 'Jewish problem' by providing the Zionists with an off-shore 'haven' (hoping to be rid of own Jews, who would all flock (like demented sheep: Baa-aa-aa!) - to their risibly "g*d-promised land.") But - IMHO - no person, country or other authority on (or off) this planet had any right to 'gift' a single square metre of Palestinian land to the Zionists - let alone so dispossess the legal owners/inhabitants, even abandoning same legal owners/inhabitants to vicious massacres like Deir Yassin.

    That 'our' AusBC has singularly failed, in 61+ years to point out to us these *facts* is an eternal damnation - of that same 'our' AusBC. Boo! Hiss!

    There can never be peace without justice - and the only justice available is to return to the rightful owners, all the bits that simply cannot belong to invading aliens, aka the Zionists. And if the AusBC is interested in earning back a bit of credibility, they could start by telling it to us - as it actually is i.e. the truth, and not Zionist-inspired, twisted propagandistic lies, as they've been doing.

    As far as «Israel's claim to have the world's most moral army,» [AusBC/Barker, ibid.] - that's simply propagandistic bullshit; stolen anything is utterly indefensible - and the main, criminal 'business' of the (offensive!) IDF is to steal ever more Palestinian land by murdering ever more legal owners/inhabitants - continuous war crimes of the Nuremberg scale. (String 'em all up! From the 'top' so-called political/army 'leaders,' all the way down to the 'bottom,' pig-higorant 'grunts.')


    PS Has Barker turned over a new leaf? - Or is it just a "Flash in the pan?" (aka über-cunning rat with a gold tooth?)