continuing to defy the world community (??! USrael vs. Iran)

 .. who and why ...

   .. are the targets ...

     .. for such *idiotic* lies?


In plain text: What message is being sent and to whom - that couldn't be better said in plain text? (Yeah. Looping, as usual.)

In fact, I'll make the loop both explicit and infinite:

1. Q: Why lies?

IF no good answer THEN go to (1).

Building on the cognitive dissonance thus invoked, I can add further ambiguities by reusing labels:


1. In the first instance, lies[1] are only ever deployed to deceive.

2. There seems little point in deploying any *discoverable* lie; all lies deployed should be *utterly* believable - otherwise the liar is likely to suffer 'blow-back.'

A recent example is the *erring* accusation made by Turnbull; it turned out that the basis for Turnbull's accusation was itself a lie - and a pretty shonky[2] one, to boot. Turnbull suffered enormous (one could hope terminal) 'blow-back;' his lies blew up Oh, so publicly, right in his lip-curling merchant-banker's face. As well as Turnbull's credibility collapsing precipitously to zero, an 'asset' was 'blown,' namely the Liberal mole Grech who was thus 'outed.'

We could consider other remarkable lies, like the recent B, B & H ones - egregious lies which led to perhaps 1.3mio Iraqi deaths, or the outright and filthily festering lie which is so-called 'modern' Israel; the whole nation of hapless Palestinians targeted from day#1 in '47/8 down to the present moment, targeted to be murdered in order for the invading alien Zionists to steal Palestinian lands, 61+ bloody years of genocide with no possible end even in sight. (Horrendous injustices; thanks, but "No, thanks!" to USrael.) But moving on (however slightly), we can consider my title: "continuing to defy the world community" being aimed at Iran - or N.Korea, almost the same difference; N.Korea actually having built an A-bomb whereas Iran is 'merely' accused of wanting one.

There is no "world community" in the sense of nations cooperating voluntarily; from GWBush's "with them or against them" rhetoric, there are the US & Israeli rogue regimes plus their amorphous cloud of coerced and cowardly quislings, and then some rest. As for "defying," consider Biden's recent "sovereign nation" gaffe; USrael does what it/they want to, there is *no* concerted world-will and *no* effective international law to defy. Another Q to no effective international law: Why the b-hell not? Why talk of laws, then violate any/all at whim? Why such horrid hypocrisy?


"All politicians lie!" - but not only. The 'all politicians' gambit was invented specifically because of Howard; it's a *proof* - if any extra were needed - of the baffling ability of the sheople to vote against their own interests, plus an attempted 'cover-up' of the embarrassment Howard caused to some of his own 'cheer-squad.' As well as politicians lying, the (corrupt & venal) MSM gets in on the act - and again, 'not only;' big bits of the AusBC lie along with the 'corporate' MSM. Still worse; the MSM + AusBC add their own lies to the mix, making themselves active accessories to the rogue regimes' crimes. I've recently documented a few occurrences of this accessory process (keyword "Barker.")

(A note on these AusBC types: In general, they're presumed not stupid. So exactly why do they lie to us? Lying is *vastly* harder than 'truthing' - and the target of AusBC lies is us, we the sheople - who actually pay the damned AusBC's bills. It is *literal* treachery! Boo! Hiss!)


The rub; long story short: Consider 3 groupings; (1) the liars (attempting to conceal criminal acts), (2) the 'real' targets (i.e. those who stand to be attacked, murdered, plundered etc.) - and (3) us, we the sheople - the 'collateral' targets.

In reverse order;

3) We the sheople - are involuntarily in the Mushroom Club; kept in the dark and fed on bullshit. In the Anglo/Judaic 'world,' it doesn't matter who we vote for, we always and only get warmongers, only the *degree* of war making can differ; "NO WAR" is simply *not* on offer.

2) The 'real' targets - currently & primarily Iran & N.Korea say, but secondarily (one supposes) Russia & China - will not be deceived for the smallest part of a pico-sec.

1) The primary lying rogue regimes, spouting rubbish on the way to committing *real* crimes; genocidal murdering to thieve. (String them all up!)


Fazit #1: The only people who can be deceived are we, the sheople - who, in our current pseudo-democracies can't influence the active criminals one iota. Howard even dared to openly show his evil contempt for us; called us "A mob!" - and then proceeded to totally ignore our no war wishes.

Fazit #2: Since we the sheople are powerless, Q: Who can stop the crims? A: Only so-called 'leaders' *with* some power.

Fazit #3: Why, then, do so-called 'leaders' like Merkel, say, apparently cooperate with the criminals? A1: No power, or A2: No guts?



Middle East
Jul 16, 2009
Behind the mind games in the Gulf
By Richard M Bennett
  «However, should an Israeli attack be a failure, a more than possible scenario, then the US may have little or no alternative but to finish the job, as a failed attack would leave Iran enraged and vengeful, and if it is not already, set it on the path to nuclear armament.» 
[atimes/Bennett, ibid.]

My comment: Looks pretty awful. Iran, as N.Korea, would *never* attack, for obvious reasons. If Iran were to have a bomb, it would be *entirely* for self-defence - *and* it would work; it would get the USraeli threat 101% "*off* the table." Iran could then relax and enjoy its universal right to live in peace. Instead, USrael keeps making these ugly, illegal threats, tending to *even more* Nuremberg-class crimes.

Then, more looping: Where are the adults??!

(...'playing' with war, while the climate-change time bomb ticks on ...)


PPS Being taught *not* to lie is in and of itself a vicious swindle!

PPPS (No, this is the last:) In the background, Ameri-voices on AusBC/RN; an absolute insult at any time. "We're at war!" - claims some Yank. Then, so called 'rogue elements.' But (and it's a HUGE but); both 'freedom' and 'energy security' could be gained - totally without corruption - through a properly free and honest market. What's so hard about that? There's just *no valid reason* for the US resource wars - apart from a) sheer greed and b) US criminality.

Once more and final (for today:) Where are the adults??!



[1] lie2 —n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. —v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English] [POD]

[2] shonky Austral./NZ informal
adjective (shonkier, shonkiest) dishonest, unreliable, or illegal, especially in a devious way: shonky political goings on. [Oxford Pop-up]

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