descent into despair (Israel, US vs. Iraq; next Iran?)

 .. disengaged ...

   .. because disenfranchised ...

     .. we poor and powerless passenger-sheople


In response to DL's "Before Iraq War There Were Massive Protests, But In Run Up To Attack Iran We Do Nothing. Why?"


What we didn't know 'back then' i.e. before the illegal invasion of Iraq:

a) That our so-called 'leaders' - (1) would lie and (2) wouldn't listen (to us); but worse:

b) That our so-called 'leaders' - don't give us a choice (bipartisan).

c) That our so-called 'leaders' - have gone criminal/rogue.

d) That the MSM and 'our' AusBC - would lie to us.

e) That the UN - is worthless.

f) That there's no hope -

g)  and no justice.


Q: What made the run-up to the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq 'special?'

A: The internet; for the first time we could 'see around' the corrupt and venal MSM, with their lying pushed-paradigm propaganda.

Before that there were 'tips' available; I recall being disturbed by the way the US slaughtered Saddam's fully defeated and retreating army - trapped as they were, on the Highway of Death between Kuwait and Basra. Then there was the US/NATO bombing in bits of Yugoslavia. But the strongest 'hint,' and worst and most horrible example by far, is the so-called 'modern' state of Israel - a 61+ year long 'should not occur' situation, involving, like 'Nuremberg,' all the collected war crime evils:

  «To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.» 
[wiki/Crime against peace]


That is what happened in poor hapless Palestine 61+ years ago; a force of illegal aliens invaded and ejected what remnants of the legal owner/occupants they didn't immediately slaughter (see Deir Yassin massacre, say); Israel has been a supreme international crime scene ever since. Ditto lately for Afghanistan and Iraq, beginning in Pakistan and Iran (possibly? - unavoidably?) next.

The alien Zionists morphed their illegal invasion into a brutal occupation, just as the US in Afghanistan and Iraq. The illegal invaders plan to stay; no one seems capable of ejecting them, nor bring justice to the hapless inhabitants.

The UN not only failed to prevent the aggressive US invasions, it 'green-lighted' the alien Zionists' illegal invasion all those years ago. The UN is worse than useless, it is culpable.

And all the while, the MSM fed us disgusting, lying rubbish.


Q: What else made the run-up to the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq 'special?'

(For one, we cried "Leave it to Blix!" - How silly we were.)

A: 'Back then' we had some hope.

Now *we do not*.



Q1: Why has the human race been dragged down into this horrible pit of iniquity?

Q2: Where are the adults; those concerned with justice?



[1] disengage —v. (-ging) 1 detach, loosen, release. 2 remove (troops) from battle etc. 3 become detached. 4 (as disengaged adj.) a at leisure. b uncommitted.  disengagement n. [POD]

[2] disenfranchise v. (also disfranchise) (-sing) 1 deprive of the right to vote or to be represented. 2 deprive of rights as a citizen or of a franchise held.  disenfranchisement n. [ibid.]

[3] despair —n. 1 complete loss or absence of hope. 2 cause of this. —v. (often foll. by of) lose or be without hope (despaired of ever winning). [Latin spero hope] [ibid.]

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